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Giving our Best



Jones Elementary

Our Mission Statement:

Collaborating with parents, teachers, students, and community, West Jones Elementary strives to be positive, progressive and caring. While striving for excellence, we promote an atmosphere of individualized educational goals which prepare our students to be leaders and equip them to be productive citizens.

Our Goal:

"A School"

Working hard is the key at WJE, and this year's test scores reflected our

Parents, Students & Teachers hard work.

West Jones Elementary's goal is to be an "A" school by 2016-2017.

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"Aim for Success"


Common Core

The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them. The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy.

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Common Core State Standards Initiative | The Standards

Great Site for Informatin on Standards for Language & Mathematical Practices:

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires each state to use a
unified accountability model. School, district, and state report cards that
contain the following accountability information are now avalaible.

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Parent's Right to Know


     New Attendance Law    

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    New Attendance Law


WJE Star Reach

It is the mission of the Jones County School's Star Reach program to ensure that gifted children, who

demonstrate unusually high potential, are provided with an appropriate education that is based on their

exceptional abilities.

WJE is privileged to have wonderful parents, students, staff, and community leaders to collaborate with to provide

excellent educational opportunities for all of our students.

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Parental Needs Assessment Survey Results    Community Needs Assessment Survey Results

Teacher Needs Assessment Survey Results   Student Needs Assessment Survey Results

Survey Result Summary Report

Mighty Multipliers

Making the grade.....Third graders at W.J.E. recently received “Mighty Multipliers” tee-shirts for making a perfect score on their Multiplication Test.  Each year John David Jefcoat, at W.J.E. adopter, buys tee shirts for W.J.E. Mighty Multipliers.

WJE Mighty Multipliers are:  

Dominique Barajas, Anna Grace Boliva, Jessie Bostick,Joshua Brady,Keely Brashier,

Brice Brooks, Annalea Bryant, Emma Cotten, Jon Lowry French, Timothy Garrett, Zac Hayes,

Destiny Heidelberg, Jenna Holifield, Kelton Hosey, Ella Jefcoat, Carter Jones, Lily Jones,

Mallorie Jones, Kallie Jordan, Kiaya Kee, Karla Keys, Wendy Mendoza,Yoselin Mendoza, Emma Miller, Houston Moss, Arely Osorio, Landon Pool, Jaime Ramirez, Alexis Ramos, Samah Ratcliff,

Brady Richards, Estrella Rosas-Ruiz, Emma Grace Rustin, Elijah Shafer, Tai Shows, Kyllee Sumrall,

Dalton Sullivan, Oliscia Thornton, Breanna Tolbert, Carlos Tuyub, Donna Watkins, Mattie Yelverton


Mrs. Arender’s third grade students got a special treat on April 9th as Mrs. Priscilla Herrington, from The First bank spoke to her class.  Students learned valuable lessons on budgeting, and why it is important to save money.  They were also encouraged to make wise choices when spending their money.  Not only did Mrs. Priscilla do many activities with the students to show them the value of money, she treated the students with a money bag, crayons, money coloring sheets, and cookies!  West Jones Elementary is blessed to have great business partners who invest in our students and we send a

 big “thank you” to Mrs. Herrington and “The First”.


Model Classroom at WJE

Mrs. Windham’s class achieved “Model Classroom” certification through the Accelerated Reader Program. Back row: Mrs. Jennifer Windham, Charley Wells, Jaxon Rayborn, Lizzie Ducksworth, Uriel Clemente, JaZaylin Hilton, Varche Clayton, Elizabeth Little, Codie Graham, Erique Brando, Mr. Mark Reddoch, Principal. Front Row: Caleb Walters, Holden Brabham, Destiny Bush, Alex Matthews, RaMiyah Price, Emily Kitchens, Autumn Walters, Tristian Touchstone and Guillermo Santizo. Students not pictured are Ace Lunsford, Alyssa Gray, Yosuar Gonzalez, JaMariah Hilton and Chaz Welborn. To obtain a “Model Classroom”, students had to maintain an average of 85% or higher on their AR tests with an engaged reading time of 20 or more minutes a day.

This is Mrs. Windham’s first year to teach at WJE; she has taught several years at other districts.


First Grade Dental Program

Dental Hygienist Mrs. Teresa Powell, from Ellis & Walters Dental Care, visited with first grade students at West Jones Elementary on February 10.  She shared important dental health information with the students and surprised them with goodie bags containing dental hygiene products donated by

 Dr. Ellis and Dr. Walters.  After the special visit, the students are excited about keeping their teeth healthy and look forward to visiting their

 dentist for regular check-ups.

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West Jones Elementary Students recently participating in Arbor Day festivities. Plum Creek and The Masonite Corporation gave an informational talk along with providing a Ginkgo Tree for the students of WJE.

West Jones Elementary appreciates both Plum Creek and The Masonite Corporation for their dedication in helping to educate our students in the importance of Arbor Day and

the role it plays in helping our economy and environment.

Jones County School District

2014 Reading Fair Winners


The Jones County School District Reading Fair was held at the Magnolia Center on Friday, January 24, 2014.  The winners will compete on March 20, 2014 at the Lake Terrace Convention Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi at the Regional Reading Fair.  The Jones County faculty and staff are very proud of the hard work and expertise extended by each student.

Front row (left to right):  Jack Buckhaults, East Jones Elementary; Ridge Jones, North Jones Elementary; Pierce Prince, Moselle Elementary; Sumer Boyette, Moselle Elementary; Macy Kate Malone, West Jones Elementary; Bradyn Hosey, North Jones Elementary.


Back row (left to right):  Tony Barns, East Jones Elementary; Olivia Burchfield, East Jones Elementary; Garrett Walley, East Jones Elementary; Creed Broom, West Jones Elementary; Noah Hosey, North Jones Elementary.

Way to go Macy Kate & creed


  West Jones Elementary third grader, Madayn Robinson, recently won the perfect attendance bike for the month of November. Madayn had no absences, tardies, or early withdrawals during the month. WJE P.T.O. sponsors a bike each month which is given to a student who meets the criteria for perfect attendance. Way to go Madalyn!!!

 Cool Treats to Eat



Mrs. Daness Perkins third grade students incorporated

language and  math skills to create and write about Christmas Trees. Yum Yum

West Jones Elementary Students didn’t know what a special treat awaited them as they were dropped off for school this Friday. Coach Scott Pierson, head football coach at WJH, and Senior Football players greeted and helped unload students as they were dropped off for school.

Pictured are Coach Scott Pierson, Miles Huff,  D.J Sanders, Austin Herrington, Mason Cook, Hayden Tew, and Jacob Manning


Citizen of the Month


West Jones Elementary prides itself in the calibar of students who attend our school,

and would like to congratulate the following students for being

selected as

Citizen of the Month:

Please Click here for more Citizen of the Month pictures


Scrubby, Scrub, Scrub


    Scrubby Bear  

W.J.E. kindergarten and first grade students received the heads up on staying healthy and getting rid of germs by West Jones High School Peer Council members. Each year the W.J.H. Peer Council does an amazing job of presenting the "Scrubby Bear" program to K & 1st grade students. Not only did the students learn valuable information, they also enjoyed getting to interact with students from W.J.H.

W.J.E. 4th & 5th grade students received helpful information on the hazards of tobacco products by West Jones High School Peer Council members. Each year the W.J.H. Peer Council presents the Tar Wars program to WJE 4th & 5th graders. WJE extends a big "Thank You" to the WJH Peer Council for providing us with information to keep us healthy!


Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Saying no to drugs is a high priority at W.J.E. and this year's Red Ribbon Week was a huge success!

West Jones Elementary celebrated Red Ribbon Week with daily themes, a pep rally, and hat day!

We would like to thank Mrs. Teresa Harrison for all of her hard work and dedication to the students of Jones County


the West Jones High Cheerleaders, Band and Football Players for a Great Pep Rally!

Click here for more Red Ribbon Pep Rally pictures

  WJE Red Ribbon Week Coloring Contest Winners

Back Row from left:  Chase Beasley, Brenna Clark, Natalie Dewitt, Kaitlyn James, Kaden Stevison
Front Row from left:  Marlee Hayes, Zimarion Chaney, Hannah Sherman

Bus Safety Week

Students from each elementary school participated in the Jones County Schools bus safety poster contest. Winners from WJE are pictured with Mr. Mark Reddoch (WJE Principal), Mr. Tommy Parker (JCS Superintendent), Mr. Greg Burroughs(Burrough's Diesel), and Mr. Ken Blackledge(Ellisville Auto). WJE winners are from left to right Abby Marroquin, Addison Wilson and Emma Malone . Abby received 300.00, Addison and Emma Got 100.00. Also, pictued in picture 6602 is Kadin Stevenson who received a ribbon for HM.




WJE 6th grade students help Mrs. Shandra Benson's  kindergarten class measure their pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. WJE kindergarten students went on a field trip to the Pumkin Patch where they enjoyed a fun filled day!

Treating Others with Respect


First Grade Student's watched a puppet show presented by the Laurel Junior Auxiliary.

Each year the LJA presents an informative play to students on treating people with respect.

Kindergarten Parent Workshop

West Jones Elementary Kindergarten Teachers and Title 1 hosted a parent workshop where parents were informed about common core curriculum, grading, and tips on helping their child succeed in school.


WJE Health Council Members 2013-2014

     Each year, the PE coaches at WJE select students based on attitude, leadership, sportsmanship, and ability to be a member of the Health Council.  The members are as follows:  (back) Kelton Keen, Baily James, Abby Harper, Ariel Loper, Anna Harper and Tanner Bullock.  (Front) Coach Marie Coleman, Richard Sims, Emmy Fiala, Braden Barksdale and Coach Kelly Key.


Mustangs Play Hard at WJE



Students at WJE are excited about healthy attitudes and healthy lifestyles. “It is important for the students to start learning about healthy choices early. Little changes will make a BIG DIFFERENCE when they become adults,” stated Marie Coleman, PE coach. Pictured are the students wearing their “Play Hard” shirts, which is this year’s health shirt.

 The PE coaches are Marie Coleman and Kelly Key.