January Dates

January 9 -- Students return to school

January 11-- Report Cards

January 15-- Student Holiday

January 23-- Lower Grades-- Encouragement Awards

January 23--Beco the Magician-- $2.50

January 25-- Upper Grades-- Encourageagement Awards

January 26-- Fire Drill

Clip Art of the word Science
Students discovering

Students in Mrs. Knight’s 3rd grade science class are learning about the process of the scientific method.  Here students are doing the procedures to be about to collect and analyze data.  This experiment test the growth of gummy bears within different solutions.  Students had to use their measurement skills to create their solutions and track the growth of their gummy bears.


Congratulation to our November Students of the Month

Nov. Students of the Month

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

4th - 6th Grade


Thank you to the Rotary Club for the dictionaries that they donated to our third graders!

Rotary club member

Thank you to the Kiwanis Club for the flashcards that they donated to our third graders!

Kiwanis and Key club members


Attendance Prize Winners

Students winning prizes/ Details to follow

These students won the prizes for attendance. They were at school everyday from September 12 through December 8.

Sept. Citizens of the Month Oct. Students of the Month

September-- Citizens of the Month

October-- Citizens of the Month

Beta Students putting out straw Beta Students volunteering Beta doing community service

Thanks to our Beta Club for making our campus look beautiful!



October Students of the Month

Photo of Oct SOM K-3

Pictured left to right: Top Row-- K. Davis, S. Rosado Soriano, B. Holifield, K. Ducksworth, K. Womack, M. McCoy, J. Zapol, L. Fitzgerald

Middle Row: K.Lewis, C. Harvey, A. Messersmith, J. Knotts, C. Lopez, J. Miranda, J. Zuniga, M. Nix

Front Row :J. Smith, E. Ngo,D. Rodriguez Lopez, E. Pack, K. Hancock, H. Hopkins, E. Collins, S. Juarez Perez

Not Pictured: G. Smith, G. James, B. Beech, A. Weber, S. Evans, E. Davis

Photo of SOM 4-6 for Oct

Pictured Left to Right: Top Row--K. Boutwell, J. Thompson, E. McGinnis, A. Estrada, J. Rayborn, C. Trevino

Middle Row: E. Kitchens, J. Land, K. Smith, R. Graham, G. Fowler, J. Mendoza, D. Piper

Bottom Row: K. Spradley, M. Rayborn, E. Shoemake, E. Nguyen

Not Pictured: M. Cervantes

New Sign Coming

photo of new sign construction

Thanks to our PTO!!!!


Reading Fair Winners

Picture of Nofiction winner Picture of reading fair winner
WJE's B. Merchant placed 1st in the District Reading Fair in the Informational Nonfiction Category. Great Job!!!!
3rd Place Winner
WJE's A. Davis placed 3rd in the District Reading Fair in the Literary Fiction Category. Great Job!!!

WJE Bus Poster Winners

WJE bus Poster Winners
These K-3rd grade students won our school Bus Poster Safety Contest. The Jones County Bus Barn celebrated Bus Safety Week October 16-20. Students in kindergarten - third grade were given the chance to be a part of the contest.

Mrs. Buckley's 2nd grade welcomes a special guest!

Special Guest in 2nd Grade2nd picture of Special Guest in 2nd grade  
Mr. Kyle Tice spoke with Mrs. Buckley's 2nd grade class about his travels to China. Mrs. Buckley's class is learning about Early Asian Civilization and will continue the study by having lessons on The Great Wall of China. The students listened as Mr. Tice spoke about his many experiences and pictures.
Clip art of students running

Health Week

students walking Limbo Champs students walking
Students at WJE paticipated in Health Week October 16-20. Students completed different excercise stations, limbo contest, and a walk. The P.E. coaches had a great week of fun activities planned.


Clip art with congratulations

September Students of the Month

Sept. Student of the Month k-3
Sept. Student of the Month 4-6

Clip art stating PTO News

Fall Festival Nov. 2

5:00 - 7:00



Yearbook Cover Contest

3 girls with yearbook covers, details to follow

The 6th grade students were given the chance to design a possible cover for the school's yearbook. After completing the project, the 6th grade students were allowed to vote for the cover of the yearbook! Great job!!!!

West Jones Elementary's Vision Statement

The vision of West Jones Elementary is to promote excellence in education by developing life-long learners

and productive citizens who are valued as unique individuals. 

Mission Statement

Jones County School District is a community partnership that empowers and inspires students to reach their maximum potential and become productive citizens by providing challenging educational experiences through effective teaching strategies in environments conducive to learning.


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