Solar Eclipse

Due to the potential for eye damage, students in the Jones County School District will not be allowed to view Monday’s solar eclipse outdoors.
On August 21, a total solar eclipse will touch the U.S. mainland for the first time since 1979. Mississippi is in the path of a partial solar eclipse beginning at 11:54, with a maximum eclipse time at 1:28.  From 11:50 until the dismissal of school, students will remain indoors or in protected areas unless checked out by a parent or guardian.  All outdoor activities during these times are cancelled for all grades and all schools in the Jones County School District.
Teachers are encouraged to allow students to watch the online streaming of the event.  Parents who want their children to view the eclipse outdoors may check them out of school and receive an excused absence.

WJE Relay For Life

1st Grade Teachers
Relay for Life banner
WJE had a great time supporting Relay For Life. We would like to send out a thank you for all of the teachers, parents, and students that participated in fundraisers and the relay! A special thanks to our 1st grade teachers for being our banner carriers this year.
Move to Learn
Coach Calhoun Teachers
kids moving to learn Kindergarten students

Coach Calhoun came to WJE to teach students how to Move To Learn. Students and teachers were encouraged to move throughout the day to keep their minds alert and




Relay for Life t-shirts will be on sale April 5th through April 21st. The cost of the shirt is $15.00 for sizes youth small through adult 3X. Buy a shirt and support Relay for Life. If you purchase a shirt, please wear it on the day of Relay for Life which is Friday, April 28th. We will also have a site at the relay. Come by and show your support.

Fastest Kid in the West

starting line

The students at WJE participated in a school wide Fastest Kid race. Each homeroom had a girl and boy winner.

The classroom winners raced to become the "Fastest Kid in the West."

Congratulations to R. Keyes and A. Ross for being the school winners.






Star Reach Roman Roads

A. Cockrell. Article to follow. I. Edwards. Article to follow
M. Todd. Article to follow Roman Road. Article to follow

Third grade Star Reach students have been studying Roman Culture. The students researched and created diagrams of Roman Roads. As a reward, for their hard work they enjoyed edible Roman Roads. Oat Blenders represented the Pavimentum (compacted sand and dry Earth). Cocoa Puffs represented the Statumen (base layer of large stones). Cocoa Pebbles represented the Rudus (crushed stones and pebbles). Cinnamon Toast Crunch represented the Nucleus (cemented sand and gravel). Nilla Wafers represented the Summum Dorsum (stone slabs). Maybe all "roads really do lead to Rome"

Perfect Scores

Perfect score students.  Article to follow.

Congratulations to E. Nguyen and S. Fletcher for achieving perfect scores on the 2015-2016 state tests!


WJE Congratulates Beta Club Winners


West Jones Elementary Junior Beta recently attended the State Junior Beta Convention in Biloxi where they brought home several top honors.

Book Battle. Article to followEssay Winner  
  K. Brashier, A. Long, and O. Thornton placed 2nd in Book Battle. E. Kinsey placed 1st in the Essay Competition.  
  K. Green P. Hyatt  
K. Green placed 3rd in the talent competition. P. Hyatt won 4th place in sketching.
E. Cash won 3rd place for her painting.

Congratulations to WJE Beta Club


Beta Students. Article following.

The entire club participated in the Songfest Competition and were named Songfest Champions!

December's Citizens of the Month


November's Citizens of the Month


Jones County Schools will be closed Monday, February 20, in observance of President's Day. Offices will reopen Tuesday, February 21, for an employee in service day / student holiday. Students will return Wednesday, February 22.

Mrs. Walters'class wrote and published a great classbook. Congratulations on a job well done!


6th Grade Reading Fair

WJE congratulates our students on a job well done at our school Reading Fair. Good luck to our 1st place winners as they participate in the District Reading Fair.

Honorable Mentions

West Jones Elementary's New School Vision

The Vision of West Jones Elementary is to promote excellence in education by developing

life-long learners and productive citizens who are valued as unique individuals.

Congratulations to September's Citizens of the Month

Thank you to our Student Health Council for the help throughout Health Week!


WJE Sixth Grade Student Council and Beta Club collected school supplies for flood victims in Louisiana. These supplies were distributed to many needy school children and brought smiles to their faces. Thank you to our school family for donating so many supplies.


6th grade Star Reach students participated in a Bobbing for Apples STEM project. Each student was given two straws, two pipe cleaners, one popsicle stick, some tape, two paper clips (one large and one small), and a piece of yarn. The students were to engineer a device to collect as many apples out of a tub of water. They could only use the supplies that were given. The students were given a minute to grab the apples.

6th Grade Star Reach students of West Jones Elementary

celebrated the service of

Mrs. Rachel Pitts and Mr. Arthur Crosby.

We are thankful for their service to our country.

The 4th Grade Class of WJE would like to invite all of our Jones County Veterans to a celebration of your service. Our Veterans Day program will be presented on November 1st at 6:00 PM at the West Jones High School PAC. This program is free to the public, and we look forward to seeing you!

WJE thanks the Kiwanis Club of Laurel for providing math flashcards for our 3rd graders!



Health Week

October 17-21

All Classes will go to P.E. each day!!



Oct. 17-21-- Bus Saftey Week


Mrs. Yeager's class at WJE made paintings for Angel Eaton. Angel is a young lady at Children's Hospital of Alabama. She is fighting her 2nd battle with cancer. Mrs. Yeager's class wanted to encourage Angel and help decorate her hospital room.

Fundraiser Pickup

Oct. 13

3:30 - 6:30

WJE Multi Purpose Building

Fall Festival

October 6th 5:00 - 8:00




September Box Top Winners

Congratulations to Mrs. Dubose's homeroom for bringing the most Box Tops for Education for the month of September. They were rewarded with a Box Top Trophy full of candy!


Mission Statement

Jones County School District is a community partnership that empowers and inspires students to reach their maximum potential and become productive citizens by providing challenging educational experiences through effective teaching strategies in environments conducive to learning.


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