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Notice of Nondiscrimination

Students can not be dropped
off before 7:20 AM.
Tardy bell rings at 7:45 AM.

Must have photo ID
to check out a student.

Welcome to North Jones Elementary...


School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Program"High 5"


High Five

Respect Myself
Respect Others
Respect the Environment
Be Safe
Be Ready to Learn


Our school-wide behavior management approach here at North Jones is "High 5". It is a school-wide system of supports that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors in our school environment. Throughout this system, a continuum of positive behavior support for all our students is implemented in areas including the classroom and non-classroom settings (hallways, cafeteria, bus, restrooms, and playground).

The school focus is to shift the emphasis from being reactive in addressing behaviors and social skills to being proactive in prevention.  We, as a building and community, emphasize the teaching of appropriate behaviors through modeling, teaching, activities, and positive rewards.        

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November 9th...1st grade Field Trip

November 11th...Veteran's Day 4th Grade Program

November 14th... Beta Induction/PTO Meeting @ 6:00 p.m.

Family Reading Night @ 6:30 p.m.


Ms. Boone’s sixth grade students read the book Hoot.  One of the major themes of the book was “Protecting the Environment”.   In Ms. Williams’s science class, the students took an endangered species quiz online and discovered their inner animal.   Then they researched their endangered species and did a project.  The 6th grade students presented their information to their classmates.

Mrs. Sims’s 2nd grade star reach class was doing a unit on endangered species.  The 6th grade students presented their endangered animals to the star reach students.   The 6th grade students learned so much from their research about the environment and endangered species, and in turn they were able to teach and share the information to the 2nd grade gifted students.




Fourth grade Star Reach students at NJE have been involved in a unit on immigration.

After listening to a story, Everybody Cooks Rice, students practiced the art of Chinese writing on

rice paper and practiced the use of chopsticks in eating food.

Students in Mrs. Merritt's  and Mrs. Davis's 5th grade science classes dissect Lima beans

while learning about reproduction in living organisms.

3rd Grade Field Trip Fun

Second Grade Star Reach students have been studying and researching Endangered Species. Students completed a booklet

including information of each animal's habitat, diet, physical description, lifespan, size, where they live,

what part of the world they live and reason for endangerment.

Students also completed a mask of each researched endangered animal.


1st Grade studies about BATS!


Student Council and Beta Club will be hosting a Food Drive the month of October. We will also be having a friendly competition

between the upper grades and lower grades to see who can bring the most for the food drive. Thanks for all your help!

Third grade STAR REACH students from North Jones Elementary enjoyed visiting the Exploreum Children's Museum and IMAX Theater in Mobile!


North Jones recently took up school supply donations for the flood areas in LA.

Here's a few of the Thank You's we have received.

A BIG thank you to all that helped!

The fourth grade Star Reach students are involved in a unit on immigration. They recently read the book, The Keeping Quilt, and created quilt squares of various animals using fabric markers. Then, the squares were sewn together to make an original "keeping quilt." 

Fifth grade Star Reach students used creative problem solving skills and cooperative learning to construct marble roller coasters in class. The students discovered the activity was much more challenging than it appeared at first glance!

The 5th grade Star Reach students are working on a STEM unit on Roller Coaster. As part of the unit the students participated in the Penny Drop Challenge. This activity taught the students more about inertia and gravity.


The 4th grade Star Reach students are completing a unit on Experimental Science. As part of the unit the students brought in pond water. The students observed the organisms that were found in the pond water.

Mrs. Heather Davis, 5th Grade Science Teacher, was recently awarded a $1000 Community Grant from Walmart. Mrs. Davis is excited about using the grant funds to purchase equipment for her science lab. Congratulations, Mrs. Davis!

Second grade Star Reach at North Jones visited "Sam's Sweet Shop" to learn and practice principles of money.

The sixth grade students recently took a field trip to Bar T Adventures.  The field trip was a reward field trip for those students that reached their Accelerated Reader goal with and 85% or higher average each 9 weeks during this school year.  The students completed various ropes courses and team building activities that challenged them both mentally and physically.



The Sixth Grade Star Reach classes of Melissa Kissinger, Angie Sims, and Susan Anderson have recently been learning about business and entrepreneurship through the Biz World unit.  These students created their own bracelet business, manufactured their product, marketed it, and sold it to raise funds for “Relay for Life”.  Thanks to the entire North Jones student body, teachers, cafeteria workers, substitute teachers, and staff who wholeheartedly supported this fund-raising effort, the Star Reach students were able to generate over $900.00 for “Relay for Life”!

The 3rd graders have been participating in the Bonnie Cabbage Program. These students have written paragraphs and used charts to track the care of their cabbage. If the student is interested in submitting their cabbage for the competition, they must submit it no later than September 20, 2016. These are a few of our prize growers so far...

Click the link below to read more on the Bonnie Cabbage Program.

Student of the Month

1st Nine Weeks




2nd Nine Weeks


3rd Nine Weeks


To finish up their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory literary unit, fourth graders in Mrs. Lightsey's, Mrs. Stringer's, and Ms. William's classes at North Jones Elementary enjoyed creating coat hanger mobiles. Students completed performance based tasks on summarization, theme, character analysis, descriptive writing, and opinion writing. They then practiced their speaking and listening skills as they took turns presenting their mobiles to the class.


4th Grade Star Reach is doing a STEM project on Buoyancy

Floating Boats

Kindergarten Celebrated 100 Days of School

We're 100 days SMARTER....



Reading Fair Winners 2015

Division B

Division C

Division D

Division E

Division F

Division H

Divison K

Division L

Division M


Blair Batson donation from NJE's Beta Club

North Jones Elementary is proud to announce Mrs. Adrienne Mobley as NJE’s 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year. She is married to Luke Mobley and has two sons, Trip and Gage. Mrs. Mobley is a native of Madison, MS, and graduated from Madison Central High School. She continued her education at Mississippi College where she earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree. She obtained her Master of Elementary Education degree from The University of Southern Mississippi. She became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2013. Recently, she became a National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar. She currently teaches third grade Math, Social Studies, and Science at NJE.


Kindergarten gets a visitor!


Thankful for all our veterans...for all you do!

Fourth graders dissected owl pellets in science today. They enjoyed discovering and identifying the bones found inside!

CHARACTER DAY@North Jones is sure to make you smile!

North Jones has a "Minion" Reasons

to Say "NO" to drugs!


North Jones sixth grade Star Reach students are busy creating polymers and testing them.  During the “Polymer Science” unit the students must perform various tests on the polymers to discover their specific characteristics. Students are also learning that not all polymers are man-made but that some polymers are part of nature.


In Star Reach the 5th graders are working on a Roller Coaster STEM unit.  The students made marshmallow shooters to learn about force.  The students took their shooters outside and had competitions to see who could shoot their marshmallows the farthest.

Thank you to the Laurel Rotary Club for giving every 3rd Grader a new dictionary.

Click here to see school calendar

The Salvation Army Food Drive is going on now.

Please send any can food items to show your support!

Sammy Soil visits 1st Grade



See You At The Pole

1st Grade had a Special Visitor!

Students in Mrs. Mobley's third grade Math class worked

in the hallway to find the area of plane figures.

Students used tiling, repeated addition, and multiplication to find each figure's area.

The students in Miss Chandler's 6th grade Social Studies class spent Friday, September 11, 2015, learning about the events of 9/11 and how they impacted our nation.  The students read an article that gave a quote from President Obama that stated, "Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost-a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11."  In honor of those that died on 9/11, the students in Miss Chandler's class spent time cleaning the school as their 9/11 service project.

Thank you for your contribution!

We appreciate your support.



The fourth grade classes have started the year off learning about plants.  The students in Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Pierce’s classes dissected plants to identify all the parts of a plant.  The students enjoyed brushing the loose dirt away to find the roots. They were also able to identify the stem, leaves, and flowers.  Some students were surprised to find other things hiding in the dirt like caterpillars and worms.  This hands-on activity was a fun learning experience for the children.





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