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Welcome to North Jones Elementary...


Positive Behavioral
Support Program
"High 5"


Our school-wide behavior management approach here at North Jones is "High 5".
It is a school-wide system of supports that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors in our school environment.  Throughout this system, a continuum of positive behavior support for all our students is implemented in areas including the classroom and non-classroom settings (hallways, cafeteria, bus, restrooms, and playground).

The school focus is to shift the emphasis from being reactive in addressing behaviors and social skills to being proactive in prevention.  We, as a building and community, emphasize the teaching of appropriate behaviors through modeling, teaching, activities, and positive rewards.  Our building's High Five rules for all students to recognize in school are as follows:

         High Five           

Respect Myself
Respect Others
Respect the Environment
Be Safe
Be Ready to Learn

See You at the Pole

December 11-December 19...Scholastic Book Fair @ Your Library

December 19...60% Student Day

December 22-January 5, 2015...Christmas Holidays


Adrienne Mobley was selected to participate in a weeklong summer workshop for educators at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Cortez, Colorado.

Mrs. Mobley teaches third grade at North Jones Elementary School. 

She was one of more than 300 teachers from across the United States who applied for 80 scholar positions in two sessions of the workshop, Mesa Verde National Park: Convergences and Crossroads in the American Southwest.
The workshop is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) as part of its Landmarks of American History and Culture program.

Mrs. Mobley worked with educators, archaeologists, and American Indian scholars to learn about archaeology, history,and culture at Mesa Verde National Park, an archaeological and historical landmark that is one of the world’s greatest archaeological preserves.  

She also took part in Crow Canyon’s current excavation of a Basketmaker III archaeological site that was inhabited by the ancestral Pueblo Indians during a time that included rapid population growth and change.

“I am extremely grateful that NEH and Crow Canyon provided this learning experience. This opportunity provided me with an amazing hands-on learning experience.  I have been able to share my knowledge about the culture of this region with my students.  We recently completed a unit on archaeology. My students were given the opportunity to explore and categorize artifacts from this region through The Bureau of Land Management and Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colorado.  We borrowed a general survey kit, including pottery shards, bone, stone, and vegetal artifacts, that represent aspects of the Ancestral Puebloean culture.”


Mrs. Mobley's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Mobley

Just Have a Ball

Partnership for Healthy MS

Buster...the talking bus

Dying to Live Coloring Contest

Sponsored by Jones County Sheriff's Department in conjunction

with Red Ribbon Week


The students and teachers were treated to a day of fun for being a HIGH PERFORMING School. The students enjoyed jumps!

Everyone was welcome to wear school colors or dress as a literary character.


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

We are so thankful for Mr. & Mrs. Howard who have graciously donated to North Jones Elementary.

This donation will provide student incentives including Student of the Month and Perfect Attendance.


Student of the Month

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

4th Grade- 6th Grade

Perfect Attendance Bike Winner


Bus of the Month

Wallace Beasley


Art Winners from the Fair



North Jones is having a Can Food Drive for the Salvation Army.

Please bring any non perishable food items to fill our BIG RED BARRELS!

Thanks in advance for your help with this project.

North Jones Elementary fifth grade Star Reach classes participated in a Biz World Unit.  Through this unit of study students learned about entrepreneurship, formed their own businesses, applied for various jobs, created a presentation for a venture capitalist, and kept up with the finances.  Students developed and produced a product---friendship bracelets.  They also created posters and skits as advertisement.  Through this unit the students learned lessons that they will carry with them throughout their life.  With the support of the whole school, Star Reach sold their bracelets and earned $780.00 for “Relay For Life”!          



               We are excited to recognize Cole Tolbert, a current 6th grader, for scoring a perfect score on his 5th Grade Math MCT2 Test.  Cole is not only an outstanding student academically, but he also stands out as a leader at NJE.  He is a member of The Junior Beta Club and The Student Council.  North Jones is very proud of Cole Tolbert's outstanding accomplishment on his 5th Grade Math MCT2 Test.  Cole is the son of Ronnie and Melissa Tolbert.






            New Employee @ North Jones      

                 Cari Lindsey, Pre-K




Relay For Life 2014


                         It's a Party with Ubie!  


Congratulations to the following classrooms for making Model and Master through Renaissance!

Great Job!

    2nd Grade, Mrs. Stell

 1st Grade, Mrs. Ishee 

  1st Grade, Mrs. Hilton

 2nd Grade, Mrs. Stewart 

  3rd Grade, Mrs. Allgood

2nd Grade, Mrs. Grayson

3rd Grade, Mrs. Mobley

3rd Grade, Mrs. Coccaro  

  1st Grade, Mrs. Nichols

  1st Grade, Mrs. Hodges

   2nd Grade, Mrs. Key

4th Grade, Mrs. Lightsey 

  1st Grade, Mrs. Sims

  5th Grade, Mrs. Rogers  


Fifth grade students at North Jones Elementary chose to participate once again in the National Bicycling Poster Contest sponsored by MDOT. The contest helps to promote students to ride their bicycles in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The winner chosen to represent North Jones Elementary in the state contest was Ahleeona Richardson. Richardson's poster will proceed to the state contest to compete against other fifth grade students from across the state of Mississippi. The winner for Mississippi will then proceed to the national competition for the chance to win a trip to Washington, D.C.

Top sellers from the fundraiser were treated to a limo ride and lunch at Eatza Pizza!



Perfect Attendance Winners


Fourth Graders at North Jones Elementary recently participated in the Laurel Junior Auxiliary’s “Character Counts” Essay Contest. Students were asked to choose one character trait and write a 5-paragraph essay on what that trait meant to them. Winners were chosen from each participating school.   NJE’s winners were 1st Place-Madelyn Harris, 2nd Place-Sydney Bryan, 3rd Place-Bailey Hutchinson, and Honorable Mention-Avery Whigham.  Also pictured is Principal Robert Hill and fourth grade Language teacher, Brandy Lightsey.  Each winner received a gift certificate to the Sawmill Square Cinema. Winners from participating schools were honored at a reception sponsored by the Laurel Junior Auxiliary at First Presbyterian Church in Laurel.

Beta Blood Drive 2014

Thanks for all who came and made it a success!

Trim the Tree 2013




North Jones had a Special visitor




Free Dictionaries for Third graders


Choctaw Days were held at the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art for fourth graders all of the state.  They were expected to have over a 1000 students participating. The students were given an indoor tour of the Native American baskets and a "hands-on" demonstration of various weaving techniques.  The students were also allowed to visit several outdoor stations such as bead stringing, yarn printing, paper weaving, etc. They really enjoyed tasting the fry bread and participating in the Native American dances on the front lawn.




Owl pellet lab was a culmination to a science unit on animals. The unit included vocabulary such as herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores, as well as producers, consumers, predators, and prey.  The students enjoyed dissecting owl pellets and discovering the skeletal remains of its prey. Students found and identified the bones of rodents and made inferences about their particular owl's diet. What a fun way to end such an interesting unit of study!



 Fourth Grade Students at North Jones Elementary presented "This Is America" on Veteran's Day to honor the Veterans in our families and community.  The students sang about their love for our country and our flag.  The songs and spoken parts gave facts about our country and it's fight for freedom.  The ending to the program was an acappella arrangement of "The Star Spangled Banner" which was sung by Tyra Page.  After the program, the students were able to meet several Veteran's and give them a small flag as a gesture of appreciation.



2013 Reading Fair Winners

Thanks to all the students who participated in the recent Reading Fair and Congratulations to the winners! Great Job everyone!

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

South MS Fair Art Winners


Jump Rope for Heart

Any student that participated in Jump Rope for Heart was able to see Coach Johnson KISS A PIG!!!

Hilltop Swine Farms donated the pig to use for this event (Pictured Jeremy Satcher)


North Jones Celebrates Success

North Jones Elementary recognized their teachers and students on Friday, September 27, with a huge celebration! NJE had a tremendous gain of
fourteen QDI points on the MCT2 for the 2012-2013 school year.  Students were given the opportunity to enjoy jumps, movies, and popsicles for an entire day, while teachers enjoyed a much deserved break.  Administrators manned the cafeteria, allowing teachers to have a time of fellowship, and the opportunity to enjoy and savor the lunch provided for them.  North Jones Elementary is proud to move from "Successful" school to one that is now "High Performing".  The day of celebration served to motivate both teachers and students to strive for even higher achievement in the coming school year.


Constitution Day Fun
Miss Chesser and Mrs. Blackledge's kindergarten classes wrote sentences that stated:
"The Preamble of the Constitution says we will be kept safe and taken care of."

The second grade classes just completed a unit on community helpers.  During the unit, the students learned about various community helpers in their neighborhood.  The students chose what they wanted to be when they grow up and researched information to create a booklet explaining what the job consists of.  During the unit, Mrs. Cindy Shoemake from the Sharon Volunteer Fire Department brought a fire truck and equipment to explain to the students what a fireman does.  The students really enjoyed getting to see the fire gear and equipment on the fire truck.  The teachers and students really appreciate Mrs. Cindy for taking time to explain to the students the job of a fireman as well as fire safety since October is fire safety month.


Mrs. Cynthia Welborn read the Johnny Appleseed story to the first grade classes at North Jones Elementary. Pictured with Ms. Cynthia/Johnny Appleseed is Angela Sims' first grade class.

Second Grade had a visitor...

New Teachers 2013-2014


The District and School Report Cards for 2011-2012 are now available for viewing..

District Report Card            School Report Card

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