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History of Glade

Glade School has not always been a modern brick building offering many conveniences.  It all began about 75 years ago, when a school was born in order the educate the children of the Mount Vernon community in Jones County.  A log house with one room and a wood heater was erected.  Only reading, writing, and arithmetic were taught in the first four grades, but to this rural area, the school was a mansion.  With pride and joy the community named the school "Mount Vernon" which was located four miles south of Laurel on the west side of Highway 15.  The first principal was Dr. Harris.

   Mount Vernon grew rapidly.  There were about eighty-two boys and girls in the early years of the school.  Because of the lack of space, a new school was built across the road.  This school consolidated Antioch community with Mount Vernon.  It was named "Glade" after a little babbling brook with green banks and was made of white lumber with chocolate brown shutters.  It had four rooms, a lunchroom, and a large play area.

   In 1940 the gymnasium, the oldest in the county, was built. The lunchroom became the first government sponsored lunchroom  in 1943.  Mrs. V.H. Geddie was the manager and it served around three hundred students. The students chose green and gold as the school colors and the hornet as the mascot.

   Glade High School, as it was known before 1965, became Glade Elementary after the three county high schools located in northeast Jones County were consolidated into Northeast Jones High School in 1965.

   Glade's original structure was destroyed by fire and was replaced by a one level plain brick building.  On the fateful day of Saturday, February 28, 1987, Glade Elementary was once again destroyed by the forces of nature - this time it was a category 5 tornado. The school community was saddened by the deaths of two students and several people in the Glade community.

   The present multi-million dollar structure that now houses Glade Elementary was made possible through the federal government and the tireless efforts of many community leaders, educators, and parents.  

   Today Glade is looked upon as one of the most outstanding schools in Jones County.  The history of Glade has been a guiding light in the lives of those students who have embarked upon successful careers.

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