Glade Elementary 
           "High Performing School"          


K-6 Grades

Lisa Ishee, Principal

Stephen Brown, Assistant Principal

990 Hwy 15 South, Laurel, MS 39443

Office: 601-428-4265

Fax: 601-425-5690


Hornets are: Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Caring.......I am proud to be a Glade Hornet!!!



Solar Eclipse

Due to the potential for eye damage, students in the Jones County School District will not be allowed to view Monday’s solar eclipse outdoors.
On August 21, a total solar eclipse will touch the U.S. mainland for the first time since 1979. Mississippi is in the path of a partial solar eclipse beginning at 11:54, with a maximum eclipse time at 1:28.  From 11:50 until the dismissal of school, students will remain indoors or in protected areas unless checked out by a parent or guardian.  All outdoor activities during these times are cancelled for all grades and all schools in the Jones County School District.
Teachers are encouraged to allow students to watch the online streaming of the event.  Parents who want their children to view the eclipse outdoors may check them out of school and receive an excused absence.


Glade Elementary Welcomes New Faculty and Staff for the 2017-2018 School Year

Pictured (L-R): Lisa Ishee (Supervising Principal), Amber Cochran (K-3 Inclusion Teacher), Brandi Sullivan (5th Gr. Teacher), Regina Rogers (Pre-K Assistant), Amber Flynt (1st Gr. Teacher), Tiffany Moss (5th Gr. Teacher), Jennifer Allred (Secretary), Stephanie McDonald (Kindergarten Teacher), and Stephen Brown (Assistant Principal)

Student Teachers @ GES
Glade Elementary welcomes student teachers for the 2017-2018 school year. Pictured (L-R): Ashley Kennedy, Courtney Shepherd, and Chelsea Evans. (not pictured: Taylor Sanders)


Kindergarten Supply List

3 plastic folders w/ pocket on bottom
1 regular size backpack (without wheels)
1 coloring book
1 box of jumbo or large crayons 8 count Crayola Crayons
1 pack of 9 inch paper plates
1 box of colored pencils
Thin, plastic rest mat (no blankets, pillow, or cloth mats)
8 boxes (2 per 9 weeks) 24 ct. Crayola (true colors – not off brand) crayons
20 Elmer’s washable school glue sticks & 1 bottle of glue
1 pair of scissors – Fiskars (rounded tip metal blade)
24 - #2 pencils (Ticonderoga)
1 box of washable markers (primary colors)
4  lined primary writing tablets (5/8 “ ruling – Pacon or Mead)
1 box each Ziploc bags (quart & gallon)
2 canvas pouches with zippers (no plastic)
1 pack cap erasers
1 pack of construction paper
Extra set of seasonal clothes for emergencies (put in Ziploc bag with child’s name on bag)
2 pack thin dry erase markers  (for student use)

1st Grade Supply List

1 heavy duty pencil bag (not a box)
3 packs of #2 wooden pencils (24 ct.)
3 packs of Crayola crayons (24 ct.)
4 packs of Elmer’s glue sticks
1 pack of Crayola markers
1 pair of Fiskar scissors
2 packs of pencil top erasers & 2 big flat erasers
2 marble composition notebooks/K-2 primary journals (not spiral)
3 primary tablets
2 packs of wide-rule notebook paper
3 pocket folders with brads
1 pack of construction paper
1 pack of index cards
1 box of Ziploc bags (quart or gallon)
1 wide-ruled spiral notebook

2nd Grade Supply List

1 large pencil box
2 packs of Crayola markers
4 packs of Crayola crayons
2 packs of 3x5 index cards
1 bottle of liquid glue
4 packs of Elmer’s glue sticks
2 pair of Fiskar’s scissors (blunt 5”)
5 packs of #2 wooden pencils (24 ct.)
3 packs of pencil top erasers
2 packs of wide rule notebook paper
6 pocket folders with brads (red, blue, green, yellow, 2 any color)
1 pack of construction paper
1 box of Ziploc bags (boys – gallon, girls- quart)
1 black marble composition notebook
1 pack of highlighters
2 - 70 pg. or more spiral notebooks

3rd Grade Supply List

2 pks. of Ziploc bags (quart)
2 pair of  student scissors (blunt tip)
2 packs of crayons (24 ct.)
1 pack of markers
2 packs of 3x5 index cards
4 1-subject spiral notebooks (with wire)
4 pocket folders w/prongs
4 packs of notebook paper
4 large packs of wooden #2 pencils
1 pack (4 ct.) dry erase markers
4 packs of pencil top erasers
1 pack of sheet dividers
10 glue sticks
1 small pack sheet protectors & 3-ring binder (2”)

4th Grade Supply List

1 pack of pencil top erasers
Scissors (Fiskar blunt tip)
6 packs of wide ruled notebook paper
4 (24 pk.) No. 2 pencils
Crayola crayons (24 pk.)
1 pack of colored pencils
1 pack of Ziploc bags (quart )
Heavy duty pencil bag
2 pocket folder with brads
2 glue sticks
2 inch binder (not necessarily zip)
1 pack of dividers
2 composition books
Ruled index cards

5th Grade Supply List

2 composition journals
3 packs of wide rule notebook paper
4 (24 pk.) of #2 pencils
1 pk Crayola markers
4 glue sticks
2 packs of colored pencils
Scissors (Fiskars -5” blunt tip
1 pack of small dry erase markers
2 pks highlighters
1 Spiral bound index card set
3 pack of Graph Paper
6 pks wide-ruled loose leaf notebook
1 pk of dividers
1 pk of green writing pens
1-2” binder (NOT a Trapper Keeper)
1 box Ziploc bags (gallon)
2- 3 Subject Notebooks
1 Folder with Prongs 

6th Grade Supply List

flash drive                                                            highlighter
(7) 1 subject notebooks                                       2017-2018 calendar
(6) vinyl folders with prongs and pockets
(pack of 25) sheet protectors
glue sticks
retractable color pencils
Crayola markers
index cards
pencil pouch
handheld pencil sharpener w/ case
dividers w/ pockets
2” binder   
red pen


Chinese Culture
The Glade Elementary 6th grade world history students had an art infused lesson on ancient China and on the Legend of the Chinese Dragon. The students made a  "flower" using the color wheel as the base of their flower. Then, the students created petals out of recycled tissue paper and paper plates. The students even wrote in calligraphy using Chinese characters to decorate their flower. After the flower was finished, each flower was pieced together to create a huge dragon.


2nd Grade Star Reach Visits MS Museum of Natural Science

The second grade Star Reach students of Glade Elementary were "wild" about their field trip to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science.

Care and Wear Bracelet Company

The 6th grade Star Reach class is gearing up for their company bracelet sale.


April Teacher of the Month

Missy Beech is a special education teacher at Glade Elementary School. She has been a teacher for 20 years, and 10 of those years have been at Glade Elementary. Mrs. Beech is a graduate of South Jones High School, Jones County Junior College, and the University of Southern Mississippi where she obtained B.S. and M.Ed degrees. She lives in Ellisville with her husband, Dwayne, and daughters, Sydney and Darcy. Mrs. Beech and her family are active members of West Ellisville Baptist Church where she is the church pianist.


Glade Elementary Earns 5000 Towers on JogNog Challenge
Congratulations to Glade 5th and 6th grade students for earning over 5000 towers on JogNog.


Thank you Bobcat Jr.!

Thank you so much for supplying our first grade at Glade Elementary with Bobcat Jr. The students enjoy reading the many informative articles and working on the activities that are provided with each edition. Your hard work and dedication to providing an excellent reference source for our students is to be commended! 
Thank you, 
Mrs. Blackledge's first grade class


Students in Mrs. Dickerson's first grade class at Glade Elementary appreciate the free publication of the Bobcat Junior Newspaper. Students recently used the newspapers while working together to locate proper nouns, and they enjoyed completing the Easter activities found inside.  Mrs. Dickerson's class would like to say thank you for all of the hard work and dedication put forth in creating this newspaper for children in our community.

Glade Elementary would like to thank Bobcat Jr. newspaper. Our students have used the newspaper for reading comprehension, exploration, and critical-thinking skills. We appreciate the service you provide for our students (Pictured above is Mrs. Britta Smith's 2nd grade class).


Learning About China

Our 6th grade students had an amazing experience. Mrs. Jean Byrd brought her personal artifacts that she has collected from China. She entertained and taught the children about her many world travels and about the differences in the cultures that she visited. Mrs. Ashley Smith, 6th grade teacher, is thankful to have her to get students excited about their new world history unit on ancient China. The children were mesmerized with her stories about the animals, the geography, and the sculptures. She even taught them several words in Chinese.


Learning About Being a Fireman

Mrs. Landrum and Mrs. Beech’s classes have been studying about community helpers. One of those community helpers is the community fireman. In order to learn more and have a hands on experience, Glade Fire Department graciously brought their firetruck to the school and firefighter Jason Crane demonstrated the tools and equipment used by firefighters. Thank you to the Glade Fire Department and to Fireman Jason Crane. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it.


6th Grade Olympic Games
After finishing our Ancient Greece Unit in World History, the students at Glade Elementary were to recreate their own version of the Greek Games. The students were to research one of the 12 Olympian gods of ancient Greece, work in groups to create a team name, mascot, banner, as well as create a game for their classmates to play. All components of this task had to have something to do with the Greek god's realm, symbol, and character traits. After creating the game, the students were to do a functional writing task to explain the procedures and expectations of the game. These 6th graders rose to the occasion and showed amazing creativity, sportsmanship, as well as encouragement.


March Teacher of the Month

Penny Stutts teaches first grade at Glade Elementary. Prior to coming to Glade, she held the position of Parent Liaison for the Jones County School District for 14 years. She has been in education for 28 years and is a graduate of Nicholls State University in Louisiana. Following working on her Masters at the University of New Orleans, she taught first grade, kindergarten, and Title I reading. Mrs. Stutts also worked as a Parent Educator for Parents As Teachers in the Petal School District. She lives in Petal with her husband Keith and daughters Kate and Krissy. They are an active tennis family and attend Carterville Baptist Church in Petal.


Vicki Verb

The third grade classes at Glade Elementary recently studied and reviewed action and helping verbs. They created a “Vicki Verb” anchor chart to help them visualize the 23 helping verbs! Everyone agreed that creating the anchor charts helped them remember this skill.


Mr. and Miss Glade
D. Price and A. Walters


Young Authors
In Mrs. Renee Wade’s classroom, students are working hard to get their class book published.  After hard work, the students are finally typing the final draft of their fictional story.  They are excited and can't wait to see our published book.


Properties of Light

In Mrs. Renee Wade’s classroom, students are learning how light travels with this investigation.  Students also explored reflection and refraction in this unit.

Hall of Fame

J. Golobay and A. Walters are the 2016-2017 Glade Elementary School "Hall of Fame" inductees.


February Students of the Month
B. Shays, D. Boyd, D. Nichols, T. Reid, I. Donald, R. Henderson, L. Tuttle, D. Rowell, B. Byrd, N. Carter, B. Long, A. West, B. Maxey, D. Ratcliff, J. Mayes, K. Taylor, J. McAndrews, C. Alexander, J. Stokes, S. McNeil, A. Ewing, C. Walters, and A. Tucker


January Students of the Month
N. Corley, B. Hurtt, D. Moss, C. Anderson, A. Sims, C. Phillips, B. Harrison, B. Moody, J. Pitts, K. Trevino, E. Dearman, K. Long, H. Walters, H. Ladner, N. Tucker, J. Morgan, L. Holland, Z. Cooley, M. Walker, G. Smith, A. Dobbs, C. Amerson, and J. Hinton


December Students of the Month

M. Heathcock, J. Roberts, P. Hendry, B. Parker, J. Keyes, A. DeLeo, B. Toombs, C. Pittman, K. Alexander, J. Roberts, T. Jordan, C. Parker, M. Carroll, E. Street, M. Williamson, E. Gainey, P. Hicks, D. Forest, W. Rayner, A. Belding, Z. Koenigsberger, M. Hernandez, and M. Harrison


December, January, and February Bus Students of the Month

I. Gray, K. Trevino, E. McElhenney, B. Taylor, T. Walker, M. Walker, E. Moore, J. Overstreet, L. Holland, E. Wilson, A. Hodges, K. Trevino, A. Jackson, S. King, and K. Siggers


February Teacher of the Month

Acie Hamilton is the 5th grade ELA teacher at Glade Elementary. She is in her second year of teaching. Acie is a graduate of South Jones High School and Mississippi State University.  Acie will begin working on her Master's Degree at William Carey University in the Spring. She lives in the Glade community with her husband, Chandler, and dog Daisy.


Arbor Day
Officials from Masonite Corporation spoke to Glade Elementary 3rd grade students about the importance of tree conservation and usage. A live oak was planted in front of the school in honor of "Arbor Day."


Glade Beta Club Donates to Petal Tornado Victims
Beta Club donates to Petal disaster relief.
The Glade Elementary Junior Beta Club collected school supplies for Petal tornado victims. School supplies were delivered to Petal Upper Elementary School as part of the tornado disaster relief effort.


Donuts for Dads
Dads visited with their kindergarten student and teacher while enjoying donuts and refreshments.


Wal-Mart Awards Grant to Glade Music Program
Wal-Mart awarded a $2500 grant to Glade Elementary to help with the school music program's needs. Mrs. Lisa Ishee, GES Supervising Principal, and Mrs. Alex Arnold, GES Music Teacher, accepted the check on behalf of the school.


District Reading Fair Winners
Glade Elementary will be represented by D. Ratcliff (pictured above) in the Regional Reading Fair for winning 1st place in his division. Second place winners: M. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Stutts Class. Third place winners: L. Doggett, B. Moss, S. Staples, and Mrs. Pittman's Class. Honorable Mention: Mrs. Beech's Class.


Kindergarten Learns about Winter
Ms. Baucum’s class had a lot of fun this month studying about winter.  I think our favorite part was playing in the snow!


Inquiring Minds

The 5th grade Star Reach at Glade Elementary was excited for the opportunity to meet and interview Officer Gibson and K-9 Officer, Flash, as part of their Pick-A-Passion unit of study. In the unit, each student is becoming an “expert” on a topic that they are passionate about. They conduct research and create a product which answers a real-world challenge. This interview helped a student answer his real-world challenge question of “How do dogs help people?”


Magnifying Learning
Fourth grade Star Reach students learned about the history, magnification, and care of microscopes.


Reject All Tobacco Program
The Terrance the Rat Dance Troupe conducted a program for students by warning them of the dangers of tobacco use.


January Teacher of the Month

Alex Gieger Arnold is Glade Elementary's January Teacher of the Month.  This is Alex's first year as the music teacher at Glade, but she has been been teaching four years overall. She is a native of the Jones County School District; she graduated from West Jones High School. She is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and will begin pursuing her Master's Degree at Southern Miss this spring semester. She lives in Ellisville with her husband, Todd, and their two dogs.  She and her husband attend Crosspointe Community Church.

As a "Matter" of Fact

Learning about Science is fun!  Mrs. Renee Wade’s fourth graders are learning about matter this week.  In this photo, they were using data found in their investigation that air takes up space.  They will be using several investigations to learn how heat affects matter.  They say that they are excited and can't wait!


Glade Elementary 1st Place Reading Fair Winners
In no particular order: L. Doggett, M. Fitzgerald, D. Ratcliff, S. Staples, B. Moss, Pittman’s Home Room, Stutts Homeroom, and Missy Beech’s Class


Glade Elementary 2nd Place Reading Fair Winners

In no particular order: C. Brown, E. McElhenny, N. McLain, W. Busby, J. Hinton, Hamilton’s Home Room, Blackledge Homeroom, N., N., and N. Brabham


Glade Elementary 3rd Place Reading Fair Winners
In no particular order: B. Byrd, F. Reid, K. Bustin, C. Norwood, F. Parish, Z. and C. Koenigsberger, A. and G. Hodges, K. Busby


2nd Nine Weeks Principal's List

1st Grade: A. Barber, L. Burge, K. Busby, K. Alexander, B. Cochran, K. Driver, M. Herrington, L. Jackson, J. Johnson, J. McAndrew, B. Moody, A. Poore, S. Decker, B. Guerrero, G. Norton, P. Pickering, A. Portis, T. Purvis, J. Rowland, and C. Wilson
2nd Grade: B. Conn, E. Johnson, R. Knight, E. Neal, F. Reid, J. Roberts, K. Fountain, A. Rayner, L. Holifield, S. Rogers, and K. Trevino
3rd Grade: C. Bourg, K. Bustin, M. Wally,M. Carroll, and M. Warren
4th Grade: C. Hancock
5th Grade: S. Staples, J. Stokes, K. Smith, A. Belding, B. Hearn, and M. Tullos
6th Grade: J. Golobay, A. Walters, P. Hall, and J. Hernandez

2nd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

1st Grade: N. Brabham, S. Clark, C. Smith, T. Walker, B. Byrd, C. Hollinghead, C. Jones, E. Maxey, E. Russell, A. Wade, J. Garcia, K. Parker, L. Doggett, V. Hinton, and B. Toombs
2nd Grade: C. Branch, M. Fitzgerald, L. Golobay, J. Guillory, A. Jackson, E. McElhenney, J. Pitts, J. Smith, B. Van Orden, R. Walley, E. Dearman, B. Dungan, K. Forbes, I. Gray, D. Nichols, B. Oakes, L. Terry, T. Walters, C. Weaver, M. Williams, J. Overstreet, I. Everett, S. Weaver, G. Hodges, J. Garcia, B. Williams, J. Belding, C. Rowell, J. O’Neal, and E. Driver
3rd Grade: A. Meadows, A. Vasquez, A. West, D. Moody, G. Rayner, K. West, H. Pool, N. Cochran, I. Rodriguez, A. Green, L. Holifield, H. Ladner, M. Cooley, D. Ratcliff, N. Rowland, E. Street, C. Wigington, C. Boutwell, B. Castro, B. Ekes, B. Maxey, P. McCurley, A. Odom, K. McCree and H. Walters
4th Grade: K. Bolton, A. Frazier, G. Irvin, J. McAndrew, C. Rayner, M. Guardado, N. Tucker, K. Van Orden, M. Williamson, E. Gainey, M. Heathcock, B. Henley, A. Hodges, J. Johnson, J. Morgan, C. Norwood, D. Boyd, B. Hurtt, and K. Trevino
5th Grade: N. Carroll, C. Ingram, A. Jordan, A. Harper, E. Moore, C. Rose, B. Stevens, K. Taylor, D. Forest, P. Lopez, V. Williamson, M. Womack, N. Brabham, R. Branch, B. Byrd, E. Johnson, W. Lott, S. McNeil, A. McQueen, J. Roberts, and G. Smith
6th Grade: J. Anderson, N. Brabham, C. Sasser, C. Walters, M. Harrison, J. Hicks, J. Hinton, C. Holifield, C. Koenigsberger, K. McCree, A. Tucker, L. Arrington, B. Boutwell, J. Hosey, Z. Koenigsberger, B. Moss, K. Smith, B. Tolbert, and M. Barnes

Glade Elementary Ranked #1 Nationally in JogNog Challenge

JogNog is a national standards based website design where students take quizzes to earn towers.  Each week, a new leader is named.  Glade Elementary 5th and 6th grade students topped the national leaders board for the second week of January.  This is a result of the students’ hard work and dedication to the task at hand.


Inside the Human Body

Glade Elementary 4th graders learned about the body systems and the importance of taking care of them.  They finished the unit with an informative report and model of the system.


Learning About Native Americans

Glade Elementary 4th graders built Native American home replicas as they finished their unit.  These were presented while they shared research and information that they learned as they studied about Native Americans. 


Thanking our Troops

Mrs. Dickerson's first grade class decided to spread the holiday cheer by creating and sending Christmas cards to United States soldiers across the world.  The students wanted to thank the soldiers for their service and wish them a Merry Christmas. With help from Mrs. Stutts' and Mrs. Blackledge's first grade students, Mrs. Dickerson's class sent over 140 Christmas cards to soldiers stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan.


Polar Express Learning

The first graders at Glade Elementary took a train trip around the school.  After reading The Polar Express, the students participated in various learning centers.   They enjoyed fun activities that included reading Christmas poems, counting syllables with a bell, and making Christmas crafts.  The Polar Express unit ended with the students watching the movie while they wore their pajamas and drank hot chocolate.


The Magic of Teaching

Mrs. Christl Touchstone, Early Childhood Special Educator at Glade Elementary, offered her students a month long adventure with a thematic unit entitled:  Fairytales (Tea Parties, Castles, and Magical Magic).  The outside of the classroom was wrapped in a castle wall and adorned with rose bushes, Lemon Cypress trees, European Cypress trees, and Norfolk Pine trees.  As the children stepped inside, balloons of silver (magic) and purple (loyalty) hung from the ceiling and tablecloths decorated the tables.  Each week of the month offered multi-sensory experiences, language/reading/math centers, art/science exploration activities, and creative snacks - based upon the weekly theme within the scope of the unit.  The children created everything from glittered hand print canvas arts, fairies in a jar, sandpaper castles, and magical carpets.  What a great time had at Glade!!!


October & November Students of the Month

M. Maples, J. Johnson, A. Barber, L. Jones, M. Barnes, A. Turner, Z. Turner, A. Rayner, B. Conn, E. Driver, C. Boutwell, A. Vasquez, M. Walley, C. Hancock, T. East, A. Frazier, C. Smith, A. McQueen, N. McLain, J. Golobay, S. Lovett, K. McCree, K. Driver, P. Chandler, J. Rowland, J. Thornhill, A. Meadows, L. Evans, D. Cooley, K. Ducksworth, F. Reid, J. Garcia, T. Walters, K. West, H. Hillman, N. Cochran, J. Gonzales, A. Burge, S. Ingram, C. Ingram, K. Smith, W. Lott, N. Brabham, F. Parish, B. Tolbert, and T. Morgan



Smith’s 6th Grade Class Wins November JogNog Points Challenge

All Glade Students have won 2,114 towers so far in JogNog.  Each time a student completes a challenge with 80% or above, the student earns a tower.  The more correct answers the first time  and mini quizzes will earn the most points.  Mrs. Ashley Smith’s 6th grade class won the points challenge in November with 2406 points. 


GES Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Debbie Buckhaults was selected as the 2016-2017 Glade Elementary School Teacher of the Year. She has taught for over 28 years and is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and Scarritt College. She is married to James Buckhaults of Ellisville. She and her husband attend Fairfield United Methodist Church where she teaches Sunday School and serves as Lay Leader.


September Students of the Month


B. Shays, R. Lovett, D. Jones, D. Price, K. Smith, D. East, K. Taylor, B. Hearn, M. Guardado, C. Rayner, C. Norwood, C. Bourg, A. Odom, N. Mclain, C. Weaver, E. McElhenney, S. Weaver, V. Hinton, C. Smith, B. Cochran, K. Stewart, B. Yarbrough, and T. Singley



August Students of the Month

E. Hogg, L. Meadows, N. Walters, K. McCree, J. Anderson, J. Hicks, J. Hernandez, S. Staples, E. Jones, N. Butler, K. Van Orden, J. Johnson, A. Russell, Z. Metz, B. Ekes, K. Bustin, J. Overstreet, M. Willams, C. Branch, E. Busby, J. Garcia, C. Wilson, M. Coats, M. Lee, and R.Robinson


College Game Day
Students wore their favorite team shirt to school.


Thanksgiving Lunch
Kindergarten students put on a Thanksgiving program for their parents. Students (K-6) ate Thanksgiving lunch with their parents in the school cafeteria.


Glade Students Place in Jones County Schools "Bus Safety Poster Contest"

T. Reid (Kindergarten) received 2nd place in his grade-level. C. Smith (1st Grade) and F. Reid (2nd Grade) received 3rd place in their respective grade-levels. D. Ratcliff (3rd Grade) received 4th place in his grade level.


Veteran's Day Program

The 3rd and 4th graders at Glade Elementary put on the Veteran's Day program, "Americans We," on Wednesday, November 9th. The students wrote their own speaking parts and sang joyfully about their gratitude for the veterans. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to all the men and women who sacrifice so much for our great country!


November Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Megan Geddie is in her 6th year of her teaching career. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Southern Mississippi and Master’s degree from William Carey University. She lives in Ellisville and is married to Jesse Geddie.  She, along with her family, attends West Ellisville Baptist Church.


Learning About Marine Life

The Fourth Grade Star Reach students from Glade and Moselle Elementary learned about Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, marine mammals, and conservation at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.


"Saving Dolphins" at Glade Elementary

Fourth Grade Star Reach students worked hard as a team to save a mock “dummy” dolphin at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.


1st Nine Weeks Faculty & Staff Perfect Attendance

Melinda Anderson, Debbie Buckhaults, Marissa Dickerson, Vicki Green, Acie Hamilton, Sharla Hodge, Michele Landrum, Marleigh McAlpin, Katie Pittman, Britta Smith, Stephanie Spradley, and Amy Walters


Glade Star Reach Measures Acidity

4th Grade Star Reach students had a sweet time measuring the acidity of different types of candies.


Glade Star Reach Calculates Density

5th Grade Star Reach students calculated the density of several candy bars. They formed a hypothesis as to which candy bars would float in water and created an experiment to test their hypothesis.


1st Nine Weeks Principal's List and Honor Roll

Honor Roll – C. Everett, K. Landrum, B. Parker, T. Reid, and A. Turner

1st Grade: 
Principal’s List – A. Barber, L. Burge, B. Guerrero, G. Norton, J. Rowland, C. Wilson, K. Alexander, B. Cochran, K. Driver, J. Garcia, M. Herrington, L. Jackson, J. Johnson, J. McAndrew, B. Moody, A. Poore, and E. Russell
Honor Roll -  B. Byrd, R. Elkins, C. Hollinghead, E. Maxey, K. Parker, A. Wade, V. Hinton, B. Toombs, N. Brabham, E. Busby, S. Clark, and B. Harrison

2nd Grade:
Principal’s List – B. Conn, J. Guillory, E. Johnson, E. Neal, K. Forbes, K. Fountain, T. Walters, C. Myers, S. Rogers, and G. Hodges.
Honor Roll – N. Carter, I. Everett, L. Holifield, T. Jordan, J. O’Neal, J. Overstreet, C. Rowell, K. Trevino, S. Weaver, B. Williams, E. Driver, D. Brumfield, B. Dungan, I. Gray, B. Long, A. Rayner, C. Wade, C. Weaver, M. Williams, C. Bond, C. Branch, C. Brown, M. Fitzgerald, L. Golobay, A. Jackson, R. Knight, E. McElhenney, J. Pitts, F. Reid, J. Roberts, J. Smith, and R. Walley.

3rd Grade:
Principal’s List – Z. Metz, C. Bourg, K. Bustin, K. McCree and M. Walley
Honor Roll – N. Cochran, I. Rodriguez, B. Hilburn, L. Holifield, H. Ladner, E. Street, C. Wiginton, D. Ratcliff, A. Meadows, D. Moody, H. Pool, G. Rayner, A. Vasquez, A. West, K. West, C. Boutwell, B. Ekes, I. Maxey, A. Odom, M. Thagard, H. Walters, M. Warren, and M. Carroll

4th Grade:
Principal’s List – C. Hancock, K. Van Orden, M. Williamson, J. Morgan, C. Norwood, B. Hurtt, and J. McAndrew
Honor Roll – K. Bolton, A. Cruz-Rodriguez, G. Dykes, A. Frazier, S. Ingram, G. Irvin, J. Lowery, C. Rayner, D. Ellard, E. Gainey, J. Gonzales, B. Henley, A. Hodges, J. Johnson, A. Burge, M. Guardado, A. Pitts, and N. Tucker

5th Grade:
Principal’s List – K. Smith, B. Hearn, A. Belding, and M. Tullos,
Honor Roll – R. Branch, B. Byrd, E. Johnson, W. Lott, S. Mack, S. McNeil, D. Forest, P. Lopez, V. Williamson, N. Carroll, C. Ingram, A. Jordan, K. May, E. Moore, W. Rayner, S. Staples, K. Taylor, J. Roberts, and C. Rose

6th Grade:
Principal’s List – J. Golobay, P. Hall, and A. Walters
Honor Roll – L. Arrington, J. Hernandez, J. Hosey, Z. Koenigsberger, B. Moss, K. Smith, J. Hicks, J. Hinton, C. Holifield, A Jordan, C. Koenigsberger, K. McCree, F. Parish, A. Tucker, J. Anderson, N. Brabham, L. Rogers, and C. Sasser



Glade Science Teacher Gives Presentation at MSTA Conference

Glade Elementary 5th Grade teacher Debbie Buckhaults presented a program on JogNog and Quizlet Live to fellow teachers during the Mississippi Science Teachers Association held on October 23-25 in Biloxi, MS.


Glade Title I Meeting
Glade Elementary recently held its first Title I meeting for the 2016-17 school year. Thank you to all Title I members serving this year!


Pirate Day


NEJ Players Welcome Glade Students
Former Glade Students, now Northeast Jones football players, welcomed Glade students to school.


Glade Elementary School | 990 Highway 15 South, | Laurel, MS 39443 | Phone: (601) 428-4265 | Fax: (601) 425-5690

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