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Notice of Nondiscrimination

Students can not be dropped
off before 7:00 AM.
Tardy bell rings at 7:45 AM.

Must have photo ID
to check out a student.


Glade Elementary 
           "High Performing School"          


K-6 Grades

Lisa Ishee, Principal

Stephen Brown, Assistant Principal

990 Hwy 15 South, Laurel, MS 39443

Office: 601-428-4265

Fax: 601-425-5690

Catch the Positive Wave of Learning!


Hornets are: Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Caring.......I am proud to be a Glade Hornet!!!



Lunch with the Principal
Glade students used their sand dollars, earned for good behavior and academic achievement, to eat lunch with Mrs. Ishee and Mr. Brown.


Glade Star Reach Donates to S.C.A.R.

The 6th grade Star Reach class at Glade Elementary presented the Southern Cross Animal Rescue Center with the proceeds from their student-run Friendship Bracelet Company. The students learned how to start and run a company as part of their BizWorld Unit. They were excited to help such a worthy cause.


May Teacher of the Month

Katie Pittman is in her first year of teaching as a fifth grade Math teacher at Glade Elementary. She is an honor graduate of Mississippi State University with her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. In her spare time, Katie enjoys collecting antiques and spending quality time with family and friends. Katie attends Bethlehem Community Church where she participates in the children's ministry.


Doughnuts for Dads
Kindergarten dads spent time with their children while enjoying doughnuts and juice.


Kona Ice Visits GES
Glade Elementary students enjoyed refreshing, flavored snowballs during recess.


April Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Ashley Smith is in her 8th year of her teaching career, and her 1st year teaching 6th grade at Glade Elementary. She is a graduate of William Carey University with her Masters of Science in Elementary Education. She is married to Jason Smith, and she has 2 children: Katie,11; and Caroline, 6. She, along with her family, attend Journey Church of Laurel.



Glade Students Place at Special Olympics

B. Hurtt finished in 1st place for softball and 50 yard dash. C. McMullan won 2nd place in the wheelchair race and 4th in the bean bag toss.


Glade Star Reach “Taking Care of Business”

The Glade Elementary 6th Grade Star Reach students are learning how to make friendship bracelets which will be sold by their own student-run companies. The profits will be donated to an organization of their choice.


Glade Star Reach Designs Roller Coasters

The Glade Elementary 5th grade Star Reach students just completed a STEM Unit where they incorporated science, technology, engineering, and math to build the fastest roller coaster.


“Making Music” at Glade Elementary

Mrs. Priscilla Burges music students constructed fully-functioning musical instruments from materials and items found at their homes.


Glade Jr. Beta Club Receives Awards at State Convention

The Glade Junior Beta Club recently attended the State Junior Beta Convention in Biloxi, Mississippi where the students competed in several competitions.  While there, the Club received the National Beta Club School of Distinction Award.  The National Beta Club School of Distinction award was created to recognize those schools that demonstrate an increase in membership of 10% or more from the prior year.  Glade increased its size from 35 to 55 members, an increase of 57%.  The Club also placed third place in the Tower of Power competition.  The Tower of Power team includes J. Blackledge, K. Parish, S. Staples, D. Walters, and M. Smith.  The team will advance to the Tower of Power competition at the National Beta Convention in New Orleans in June.  Glade Junior Beta Club Sponsors are Angela Golobay, Ashley Smith, and Amy Walters. 


1st Grade Students Reach AR Goal

Mrs. Penny Stutts’ first grade class reached their Accelerated Reading goal for the 3rd Nine Weeks. Great job!


March Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Tonya Blackledge is in her fifth year of teaching at Glade Elementary. She is a graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science degree. She is married to Chris Blackledge, and have four children, Joshua, 24; Jared, 21; Jonathan, 16; and Julia, 11. She, with her family, attend Glade Baptist Church.


Glade PTO Shoe Drive

The Glade Elementary PT0 collected 100 bags of 25 pairs of shoes. The school will get 40 cents a pound and the shoes go to about 27 developing countries. Shoes were collected from January to the end of March.


Miss Mississippi Visits GES
Hannah Roberts, Miss Mississippi 2015, recently visited with Glade Elementary students. She discussed with students the dangers and harm caused by tobacco and cigarette use.


Glade Students Finish 2nd Place in Regional Reading Fair
Glade Elementary students, M. Hancock (6th Grade) and C. Hancock (3rd grade), recently competed in the Regional Reading Fair. Their project on the book, "Night Song," finished second place in their category.


Up And At 'Em
Waking up with Move to Learn!!! Mrs. Lyons' 1st grade students love to start their day with exercises!!!


The Plot Thickens

The 6th grade Reading classes participated in a fishbowl discussion about how the hatchet led to the development of the plot and Brian's character in the book Hatchet. After the discussion, the students had to answer questions and support their answers with evidence from the text.


Glade Kindergarten Learns about Lady Liberty
Mrs. Sharla Hodge's kindergarten class learned about the history and the measurements of the Statue of Liberty. Students are pictured in front of the "foot" of the statue.


Masonite Tree Program
Foresters from the Masonite Company talked to Glade Elementary fourth grade students about the tools and equipment necessary to harvest and replenish tree populations.


Arbor Day at Glade

Glade Elementary third grade students were presented with information on the important uses of trees. Students were instructed on how to conserve tree resources and were given the opportunity to plant a tree on the school campus.


Dental Care Program

Glade Elementary students were presented with a program on how to brush their teeth, eat the right foods, and overall best practices in preventing tooth decay.


Too Good for Drugs

JCJC Nursing students talked to Glade Elementary students about healthy living, exercise, and the harmful effects of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs on the human body.


Using Seuss to Learn

Chloe Lyons, a sixth grader at Glade Elementary, came to read to Mrs. Lyons' first graders during Dr. Seuss week. Students are using Dr. Seuss books to compare and contrast and to work with rhyming words.


Reading & Creating at Glade

Third grade students in Mrs. Green's class are shown with the "lapbooks" they completed with their recent book unit, My Father's Dragon. This was a great activity, and all the students said that this is what they will remember the most about third grade.


Glade Elementary Ranked Nationally in JogNog Tower Challenge
Glade Elementary 5th Grade now has over 1000 towers completed in the JogNog Tower Challenge. GES is ranked 27th nationally in the number of towers completed. 


District Reading Fair 1st Place Winners from GES

The following Glade Elementary students finished in first place in their respective divisions (in no particular order): L. Holifield, C. Hancock, M. Hancock, and K. Busby. These students will be given the opportunity to compete in the regional reading fair.


District Reading Fair 3rd Place Winners from GES

The following Glade Elementary students finished in third place in their respective divisions (in no particular order): E. Johnson, E. Johnson, J. Belding, and Mrs. Sharla Hodge’s class.


February Teacher of the Month

Michele Landrum has been at Glade Elementary as a Special Education teacher for three years. Ms. Landrum received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and Master’s degree from William Carey University. She is married to Bo Landrum. They have two sons Justin, 19 and Conner, 16. Ms. Landrum is also a Scoutmaster of Ellisville Boy Scouts Troop 10.


December & January Bus Students of the Month

In no particular order: A. West, K. Spencer, L. Hall, A. Dobbs, E. Russell, J. Creel, B. Boreman, C. Brown, and J. Hernandez.


December & January Students of the Month

In no particular order: M. Wade, J. Garcia, A. Pierce, Z. Breland, L. Rogers, K. McCree, S. Staples, M. Tullos, J. Morgan, A. Pitts, C. Harris, C. Bourg, B. Castro, K. Long, A. Rayner, C. Parker, E. Dearman, B. Byrd, N. Brabham, C. Ishee, K. West, A. Strickland, L. Jones, A. Ingram, H. Nichols, B. Beech, N. Graves, S. Staples, C. Ingram, D. East, C. Tisdale, K. Veasley, B. Welch, J. Posey, H. Tisdale, K. Taylor, M. Guardado, H. Ladner, D. Poore, A. Green, L. Holifield, G. Hodges, D. Nichols, J. West, D. Pitts, C. Wilson, I. Eastwood, P. Hall, and C. Weaver.


GES 5th Graders Earn JogNog Badge


Glade Elementary 5th Graders have completed over 900 towers on the JogNog Tower Challenge. A second badge is soon to follow.


Glade Students Take JogNog Challenge

Glade Elementary 5th graders are competing this nine weeks to see whose Nog can climb the highest on or Jog Tower.   Students may earn towers in ELA, Math, Science, and History.  Pictured with the tower are Reyna Vasquez and Fischer Parish.


Glade 6th Grade Visualizing Through "Cite"

Last week, the 6th ELA classes worked on a visualization group project. The students cited text evidence to illustrate the setting found in the book, "Hatchet." The students had to use an in-text citation or a paraphrase for each piece of setting that was illustrated.


MDE Schedules Regional Literacy Meetings for Parents of K-3 Students

JACKSON, Miss. –The Mississippi Department of Education will hold five meetings throughout the state for parents of Kindergarten through 3rd grade students to share information on how they can help their child become better readers.  The meetings will provide an overview of the Literacy-Based Promotion Act and teach strategies that parents can use at home to help their children improve their reading. 
“Parents are their child’s first teacher, and reading with children is a proven way to promote early literacy,” said Dr. Kymyona Burk, state literacy director. “Helping to make sure children are reading on grade level by 3rd grade is one of the most important things a parent can do to prepare their children for the future.”
The Literacy-Based Promotion Act focuses on prevention and intervention to help children develop the reading skills required for 4th grade.  The legislation requires that 3rd grade students who do not meet reading standards by the end of the school year will not be promoted to 4th grade, unless they meet standards for exemption.
The Literacy-Based Promotion Act has made reading instruction a major focus of Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Throughout the school year, teachers have been providing intensive reading instruction to students reading below grade level. Parent involvement is also critical to students’ success. 
“By reading with their child for 20 minutes per day and making a few simple strategies a part of their daily routine, parents can make a positive impact on their child’s success in school,” Burk said. 
Parent meeting dates and locations:
All meetings will be held at 6 p.m. 

Thursday, February 11


Oxford Convention Center

Monday, February 22


North Jackson Elementary School

Tuesday, February 23


Bates Elementary School

Wednesday, February 24


N. R. Burger Middle School (Transploreum)

Thursday, March 3


Delta State University
Jacob Center (Ewing Hall)


January Teacher of the Month

Sharla Hodge has been teaching kindergarten for 23 years.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a Master’s degree from William Carey University.  Currently, she is working toward a Specialist degree in Educational Leadership.  Sharla is married to Alex Hodge, and they have two sons:  Brayden, 19 and Bryson, 15.


Using Technology for Research at Glade

In Mrs. Renee Wade’s fourth grade class, students are using new Kindle Fires to research information needed to publish a nonfiction book about our state.


GES Anatomy & Physiology

During Mr. Padgett’s 6th grader Science class,  Glade Elementary students studied the external and internal anatomy of frogs. By dissecting frogs, students had a hands-on experience with body systems and their functions. Students used aprons, gloves, and dissection kits during this exciting Science lab.


Glade Star Reach Getting "Wired"

Third graders figured out how to make a closed circuit and investigated the differences between insulators and conductors.


Glade Star Reach Learns About Industry

Fourth graders learned about the pros and cons of the assembly lines during the Industrial Revolution. They tried making 30 complete products in 10 minutes. Products were totaled with fractions being reduced to simplest terms.


Glade Reading & Math Gains

Recently the 5th grade students at Glade Elementary were rewarded for their hard work.  The students who met their Accelerated Reader Goal were rewarded a coke using the "My Coke Rewards" chart. Students who made gains in Star Reading were rewarded with a McDonald's hamburger, and those who made gains in Star Math were rewarded with McDonald's French fries. Over 75% of the 5th grade class met all three goals!


The Sweet Truth

Students in Mrs. Wilkerson's fourth grade ELA classes at Glade Elementary school spent a couple of days tasting various kinds of chocolate as part of their chocolate unit on the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  While reading informational articles and viewing videos about the history of chocolate, the students tried the various flavors of chocolate.  They created graphic organizers for each type before writing an essay comparing and contrasting the variations in taste, color, texture, etc.  The students agree that choosing a favorite is a matter of personal preference.  However, we all love CHOCOLATE!


Glade Elementary Hall of Fame & Presidential List

Glade Elementary School is proud to announce its Hall of Fame students for the 2015-2016 school year.

Front Row (left to right);
Danielle Hollinghead, Brittany Spradley, Lynda Hall, Lexi Waldrup, and  Julia Blackeldge

Back Row (left to right):
Chloe Lyons, Dustin Walters, Kennedy Parish, Solomon Staples, and  Madison Hancock

All students are GES Hall of Fame inductees with the exception of Lynda Hall and Solomon Staples who were selected as Presidential Award winners.


Laurel Mayor Visits GES
Johnny Magee, Mayor of Laurel, visited the Glade Elementary School campus recently. Fourth grade students conducted interviews with Mr. Magee and asked the Mayor about his position, his experiences, and how municipal government operates. Students gained a unique perspective on how local government is conducted.
Around the World at Glade Elementary

The second graders at Glade are back hard at work after taking an exciting trip to several countries in our Christmas Around the World unit. We traveled to Mexico, Australia, England, and Italy. Along the way, we researched some of their traditions during the Christmas season, what they called their Santa, and how they said Merry Christmas.  Their favorite part of the unit was sampling drinks and foods from the different countries.


Breakfast with Santa
Santa Claus stopped by Glade Elementary to visit with students. After telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas, students enjoyed food and refreshments while making reindeer food for Santa's co-pilots.


Thank you JCSD School Board

Glade Elementary administration, faculty, and staff would like to thank the Jones County School District School Board for delivering a Christmas cake to the school campus. Merry Christmas!

Polar Express Learning at GES

The Glade Elementary Kindergarten and 1st grade conducted a Polar Express “Learning Train.” Students rotated between classes punching their tickets at each stop. At each location, students experienced a different lesson from each teacher. Students enjoyed their round trip of learning through the Kindergarten and 1st grade pods.


GES Students & Bus Driver Honored for JCSD Bus Safety
Mrs. Raquel Clark, Glade Elementary Bus Driver, was honored for following bus safety procedures in a recent traffic incident this school year. As a result of her actions, all students on her bus were spared injury and harm. Also, Jayden West, a Glade Kindergarten student, was awarded $100 for finishing overall 3rd place in the Jones County Bus Safety Poster Contest.


Lunch with the Principal

Eleven Glade students ate pizza with Mrs. Ishee and Mr. Brown. Students used their sand dollars, earned for positive behavior, for the right to attend the luncheon.


2015-2016 Glade Reading Fair 1st Place Winners

The winners include: K. Busby (Kindergarten), J. Belding (1st Grade), L. Holifield (2nd Grade), J. McAndrew (3rd Grade), A. Walters (4th & 5th Grades), A. Fulgham (6th Grade), Mrs. Hodges Class (Family, K-2nd Grade), E. & E. Johnson (Family, 3rd-5th Grade), and M. and K. Hancock (Family, 6th Grade).


2015-2016 Glade Reading Fair 2nd Place Winners

The winners include: B. Byrd (Kindergarten), B. Dungin (1st Grade), C. Bourg (2nd Grade), M. Williamson (3rd Grade), K. Taylor (4th & 5th Grade), C. Bustin (6th Grade), Mrs. Baucum’s Class (Family, K-2nd Grade), Mrs. Beech’s Class (Family, 3rd-5th Grade), and J. and C. Walters (Family, 6th Grade).


2015-2016 Glade Reading Fair 3rd Place Winners

The winners include: C. Fountain (1st Grade), C. Morales (2nd Grade), C. Norwood (3rd Grade), A. Belding (4th & 5th Grade), S. Staples (6th Grade), Mrs. Landrum’s Class (Family, K-2nd Grade), N. & N. Brabham (Family, 3rd-5th Grade), and A. & A. Rice (Family, 6th Grade).


2015-2016 Glade Reading Fair Honorable Mentions

The winners include: A. Jackson and C. Bond (1st Grade); E. Mammano, H. Ladner, and J. Hicks (2nd Grade); W. Busby, B. Henley, D. Ellard, D. Boyd, and G. Irvin (3rd Grade); B. Hearn, B. Byrd, V. Williamson, A. Myrick, and A. Ewing (3rd Grade); J. Blackledge, L. Williamson, K. Lovett, B. Fenton, A. Holmes, R. Walters, M. Metz, P. Wiliams, D. Davis, E. Johnson, A. Huff, and A. Welborn (6th Grade); Mrs. Blackledge’s Class, Mrs. Powell’s Class, and Mrs. Brooks’ Class (Family, K-2nd Grade); J. & V. Hinton, E. Jones (Family, 3rd-5th Grade); and K. & L. Henderson (Family, 6th Grade).


December Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Patricia Pope was selected as the Glade Elementary December Teacher of the Month. Mrs. Pope is a sixth grade math teacher and this is her first year at GES. Congratulations Mrs. Pope!


Glade Star Reach Completes "Hour of Code" Challenge

Glade Elementary Star Reach Gifted students are proud to announce they have each completed The Hour of Code tm challenge.  The Hour of Codetm is a nationwide initiative by and Computer Science Education Week that introduces millions of students across the world to one hour of computer science and computer programming. “My students spent an exciting hour using critical and creative thinking skills, math, geometry, and logic to program the computer while writing code,” explains their teacher, Mrs. Jimmie Williams. “They learned so much and loved every minute of it! The programs start out relatively easy and progressively become harder and more complex. Students help each other and actually cheer for one another as they finish. Computer programing is one of the fastest growing fields of our time and the demand for computer experts is very high.  I hope to inspire girls and boys to learn as much as they can about career opportunities at a young age so hopefully, they will begin to plan ahead with a goal in mind and make smart choices in school.  My students are able to use the Code.Org website in my classroom or on their personal computer to continue learning and advancing their computer programing skills. I would encourage teachers and parents to give it try, it is a worthwhile endeavor!”


Out of this World Writing at Glade

In Mrs. Renee Wade’s fourth grade classroom, students conducted research on the planets in our solar system and wrote expository text about the planets.


Trimming the Tree
Each classroom made ornaments and hung them on the Christmas trees located in the GES Rotunda.


GES Beta Club Receives National “School of Distinction” Award

The Glade Elementary Beta Club was recently selected by the National Beta Club as a School of Distinction. The National Beta School of Distinction award was created to recognize those schools that demonstrate an increase in membership. To be considered for this award. Beta chapters must increase membership 10+% by October 31, 2015. Growth is evaluated based on student membership from the close of the 2014–2015 school year to student membership as of October 31, 2015. The Glade Elementary Beta Club increased its student membership by nearly 60%.


October & November Students of the Month
In no particular order: D. Price, A. Ewing, W. Moore, A. Frazier, C. Hancock, C. Rayner, B. Hurtt, D. Parker, D. Walters, D. Davis, V. Williamson, T. Morgan, C. Tisdale, E. Cooley, A. Frazier, B. Byrd, W. Lott, I. Cruz-Rodriguez, K. Spencer, D. Brewer, K. Trevino, E. Hogg, M. Walley, C. Smith, B. Guerrero, V. Hinton, M. Williams, B. Conn, D. Patin, A. Myrick, K. Parish, H. O'Neal, A. Nash, A. Welborn, K. Boyd, A. Belding, Erik Gainey, D. East, T. East, E. McElhenney, E. Johnson, N. McLain, Z. Metz, K. O'Neal, A. Jackson, J. Johnson, R. Willis, G. Norton, L. Ishee, and B. Welch.


October & November Bus Students of the Month
In no particular order: T. Lott, A. James, K. Boyd, D. Davis, T. Singley, J. Overstreet, D. Boyd, K. Ulmer, B. Harrison, J. Hinton, J. Walters, and D. Jones.


November Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Renee Wade was selected by her peers as the Glade Elementary November Teacher of the Month.


Glade Gives A Hoot
At Glade Elementary, Mr. Padgett's sixth grade class dissected owl pellets to examine what type of food each owl digested. Students categorized each individual animal bone to identify their owl's food supply.


Wal-Mart Selects GES for Teacher Gift Cards

Wal-Mart gave 20 Glade Elementary School teachers and assistant teachers each a gift card worth $50. Teachers are to use the gift cards to buy classroom supplies or food for their classrooms. Thank you, Wal-Mart!


Veterans Day Program
The Glade Elementary 3rd and 4th grade which was led by Mrs. Priscilla Burges, GES music teacher, presented the music program "This Is America." Veterans were invited to attend the program and were honored for their service.


Former Student Helps 1st Graders to Read

Jaylin Paola, a former Glade student came to visit Mrs. Lyons' first grade class last week. The students loved reading to her and begged her to come back. We love our Glade volunteers.


On Fire for Writing at Glade

Fourth grade students at Glade Elementary showcase their writing skills as they create wildfires brochures to inform others of the facts they have learned through their reading informational text and articles and listening to and watching videos in Mrs. Wilkerson's ELA classes.


Glade Elementary 1st Nine Weeks Principal's List

1st Grade: N. Carter, I. Everette, G. Hodges, E. Neal, J. Overstreet, C. Branch, B. Conn,
                B. Dungan, K. Fountain, R. Knight, A. Rayner, T. Walters, M. Williams, J. O’Neal,
                S. Rogers, C. Rowell, and J. Smith

2nd Grade: H. Pool, M. Walley, C. Lyons, C. Bourg, K. Bustin, and L. Holifield

3rd Grade: J. Browning, B. Hurtt, D. Ishee, G. Conrad, D. Ellard, B. Henley, S. Ingram,
                J. McAndrew, J. Morgan, C. Norwood, C. Rayner, K. Van Orden, T. Arrington,
                A. Cruz-Rodriguez, S. Durr, A. Frazier, M. Guardado, C. Guerrero, A. Hodges,
                B. Boreman, and C. Hancock

4th Grade: M. Tullos

5th Grade: P. Hall, C. Holifield, M. Harrison, N. Bradham, L. Rogers, C. Sasser, J. Golobay,  
                F. Parish, A. Walters, A. Tucker, J. Hernandez, and B. Moss

6th Grade: K. Boyd, B. Beech, D. Flynt, K. Henderson, B. Riley, B. Spradley, D. Gutierez,
                L. Hall, M. Hancock, C. Lyons, H. O’Neal, S. Staples, G. Wade, L. Waldrup,
                D. Walters, and D. Hollinghead


Glade Elementary 1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll

1st Grade: J. Belding, E. Johnson, J. Pitts, L. Tucker, C. Wade, B. Brownin, A. Corley,
                 B. Mozingo, F. Reid, L. Terry, B. Van Orden, C. Weaver, B. Williams, C. Bond,
                 E. Dearman, L. Golobay, L. Holifield, J. Smith, J. Thomas, K. Trevino, R. Walley,
                 And S. Weaver


2nd Grade: D. Brewer, C. Landa, Z. Metz, A. Vasquez, A. West, H. Walters,
                 H. Ladner, D. Moody, A. Odom, D. Ratcliff, I. Maxey, K. O’Neal, E. Mammano,
                 N. Cochran, I. Cruz-Rodriguez, B. Ekes, N. McLain, A. Meadows, and E. Street


3rd Grade: J. Cooley, T. East, L. Henderson, B. Holifield, J. Johnson, A. Russell, H. Tisdale,
                 G. Allen, E. Cooley, J. Gonzales, M. Heathcock, J. Jordan, A. Pacley, A. Pitts,
                 E. Gainey, C. Harris, G. Irvin, K. Taylor, N. Tucker, W. Walker, and M. Williamson


4th Grade: B. Byrd, S. Dement, D. East, B. Hearn, A. McQueen, K. Smith, R. Branch, C. Ingram,
                 E. Johnson, A. Jordan, W. Lott, C. Smith, S. Staples, K. Taylor, A. Belding,
                 N. Bradham, K. May, S. McNeil, C. Rose, and V. Williamson

5th Grade: K. Smith, A. Myrick, C. Koenigsberger, R. Vasquez, J. Posey, C. Walters, K. McCree,
                 A. Dobbs, D. Price, L. Arrington, J. Anderson, Z. Koenigsberger, J. Hicks,
                 M. Lunsford, and A. Nash

6th Grade: A. Huff, T. Pacley, S. Swinney, M. Wade, R. Ashford, C. Ellis, T. Lott, M. Metz,
                 B.Moore, E. Olivares, A. Pierce, G. Williford, N. Graves, J. Garcia, M. Taylor,
                 L. Nicholas, J. Blackledge, C. Bustin, A. Rice, C. Seawright, J. Creel, D. Parker,
                 B. Boykin, K. Henderson, A. Strickland, L. Williams, and K. Parish


At My Stop-You Stop!
Glade Elementary students pictured above won for best school bus safety poster for his or her respective grade at GES. Pictured (L-R): Lisa Ishee (Supervising Principal), J. West (Kindergarten), K. Fountain (1st grade), C. Landa (2nd grade), K. Van Orden (3rd grade), and Stephen Brown (Assistant Principal)


Kids Carnival
Glade students enjoyed games, food, and refreshment during the annual GES "Kids Carnival." All carnival games were designed and built by Glade sixth grade students.


GES Student Council Field Trip
The Glade Elementary Student Council (STUCO) recently went on a field trip to build teamwork and leadership skills.


Glade Students Visit Mississippi Capital
Fourth grade GES students recently visited the Mississippi State Capital in Jackson.


Minion Day
Glade Elementary students dressed like a minion for one day in honor of Red Ribbon Spirit Week.


Glade Elementary Teacher of the Year

Amy Walters is a third grade Math and Social Studies teacher at Glade Elementary. She has been teaching in the Jones County School System for 15 ½ years. Fifteen of those years have been spent at Glade Elementary in 2nd and 3rd grades.


Red Ribbon Pep Rally
NEJ band, cheerleaders, mascots, and football players conducted a pep rally at Glade Elementary. Students were encouraged to "Just Say No" to drugs.


Super Hero Day


Sand Dollar Store
Students are given an opportunity to shop for items with their sand dollars at the end of each nine week period. Students earn sand dollars for positive behavior and good deeds.


Top Accelerated Reading and Math Students for 1st Nine Weeks

Pictured above are the top 5 AR students in the 6th grade and the students who mastered the most accelerate math objectives for the first nine weeks.


Muffins for Moms

Glade Elementary Kindergarten classes honored their students’ moms by serving muffins and refreshments for breakfast. Pictured are Mrs. Sharla Hodge, Mrs. Natalie Baucum, and Mrs. Lynette Fulton’s classes.


"Food for Thought" at GES

In Renee Wade’s 4th grade class, students learned about the layers of the Earth, fault lines, and the causes of earthquakes. Students used an apple to examine the layers of the Earth and also used cracks in eggs to learn about fault lines and earthquakes.


NEJ Football Players Welcome Glade Students

Former Glade Students, now Northeast Jones High School student athletes, welcomed GES students to school! Go Tigers!


GES Homecoming Court


Homecoming Pep Rally
Let's Go Hornets!


"Exploring" Christopher Columbus
In Mrs. Jimmie Williams 3rd grade Star Reach class, students researched the history of Christopher Columbus and his explorations. Students created books illustrating specific facts and time periods of his life.


Dress Up Day at Glade Elementary
In preparation for Homecoming, students "dressed up" to show school spirit.


2015-2016 GES Title I Committee
Glade Elementary School is proud to announce members serving on its Title I committee for this school year. Pictured (L-R): Stephen Brown, James Walters, Bethany Johnson, Latonya Breland, Stan Norwood, Leah Parker, Miki Street, Sharla Hodge, Russie Ashford, Debbie Buckhaults, and Lisa Ishee. Not pictured: Josh Johnson


September Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Debbie Buckhaults was selected by her peers as the Glade Elementary September Teacher of the Month. Mrs. Buckhaults is pictured above next to her "Teacher of the Month" parking space. Congratulations Mrs. Buckhaults!


Laurel Rotary Club Donates Dictionaries to GES
Victor Jones of the Laurel Rotary Club handed out dictionaries to every 3rd grade student at Glade Elementary School.


Fire Safety & Prevention
The Glade Volunteer Fire Department conducted a fire safety program at Glade Elementary School. Firefighters discussed with students how they could prevent fires and the proper safety steps in dealing with a fire if it was to occur in their household.


Dissecting & Learning

In Mrs. Buckhault’s 5th grade classes, students dissected chicken legs and breasts. Students learned about basic anatomy through examining bone, cartilage, joints, muscle, veins, arteries, and other structures.


A Bug's Life

Mrs. Missy Beech and Ms. Carrie Beech's class have studied Cicadas this week.  The students learned where they can be found in the world, the life cycle of a Cicada and how they make their loud singing noises.

Young Authors at Glade
Last year, fourth grade students in Renee Wade's classroom wrote and illustrated a book. Linda Christian, GES librarian, was presented with a copy of the book.


Pecan Festival Coloring Contest Winners

Glade Elementary students, John O'Neal (1st grade) and Sebastian Vasquez (Kindergarten) were winners for their artwork judged at the Pecan Festival. Also, pictured are their teachers: Betsy Powell and Natalie Baucum.


September Students of the Month
Thank you Adopters of GES!


September Bus Students of the Month


"See You at the Pole"

Students, faculty, and administration honored the Jones County Sheriffs Department and Glade Fire Department with a breakfast and then joined officers in the national "See You at the Pole" ceremony on the Glade Elementary School campus.


Good Morning Glade Students!
Teachers surprised students by greeting them as they got off their buses and entered the school.


2015-2016 Glade Jr. Beta Club Induction Ceremony

     Glade Jr. Beta Club recently inducted 35 new members to the National Junior Beta Club for 2015-2016.  On September 1, 2015, a candlelight service was held to honor these students with high academic achievement.  Students must maintain Honor Roll and have high marks in citizenship in order to be invited to this distinguished organization.  This is one of the largest Beta Club groups that Glade has had in several years. 
     The new inductees are as follows:  6th grade-Brooklyn Beech, Trey Bond, Bindie Boykin, Danielle Flynt, Lynda Hall, Kaden L. Henderson, Kaden R. Henderson, Tyler Lott, Madison Metz, Hunter Nichols, Haidyn O’Neal, Destan Parker, Ardajah Pierce, Aaliyah Rice, Josh Stevenson, Matt Smith, Shea Swinney, Matt Taylor, and Gavin Wade. 5th grade-Jayleigh Anderson, Nathan Brabham, Jasmine Hicks, Jasmine Hinton, Jacob Golobay, Marcie Harrison, Jair Hernandez, Carley Holifield, Cole Koenigsberger, Zach Koenigsberger, Brinna Moss, Fischer Parish, Christopher Sasser, Katie Smith, Alexis Tucker, and Anna Cate Walters.   Officers for this year are as follows: President-Chloe Lyons, Vice President-Jacob Golobay, Secretary-Kennedy Parish, Treasurer-Solomon Staples, Historian-Shea Swinney, and Chaplain-Brooke Moore.


Learning about "Air!"

In Renee Wade’s 4th grade classroom, students conducted experiments dealing with air and its physical properties. Students learned, through their findings, that air takes up space and has weight.


Kindergarten Exploring the ABC's

It has been a fun, exciting few weeks in Mrs. Hodge and Mrs. Liz’s kindergarten class at Glade Elementary.  During letter O week, the students tasted olives, graphed the results (like/dislike), and sampled octopus stew…YUM! YUM!!   At the end of letter G week, the class sorted, graphed, and ate goldfish.  On Spirit Day, the students showed support for the Bulldogs or Eagles, created a favorite team graph, and analyzed the data.  Room 109 ROCKS!!!


GES Remembers 9/11
Students and faculty, school-wide, sang the "Star-Spangled Banner" at noon in remembrance of those that lost their lives in the September 11th attacks.


Going with the Flow!

In Renee Wade's 4th grade class, students learned about the ocean's surface currents and deep water currents.


GES Star Reach "Discovering Earth"
Second graders, in Jimmie Williams' Star Reach class, examined soil, sand, and potting soil in their “Our Planet Earth” Unit.

Glade Archaeology
In Jimmie Williams Star Reach class, 5th graders during an Archaeology Unit conducted a ground survey using the coordinate system.
Glade Elementary Weather Station
The Glade weather station is up and running.  Fifth grade students set up a weather probe each morning to monitor the day’s weather.  They collect information on indoor and outdoor temperatures, the current and average wind speeds, the barometric pressure, the moon phases,  the humidity inside and outside, and the general forecast for that hour.

School Supply Donation
Glade Elementary School would like to thank Mt. Vernon Baptist Church for their generous donation of over 30 school backpacks filled with school supplies. Pictured (L-R): Ricky Cook, Davy Fenton, Diane Adcock, and Jacob Windham

Jones County Baptist Association Donates to GES
Glade Elementary School would like to thank the Jones County Baptist Association for their donation of school supplies and survival weekend backpacks. These items will be given to students in need. Pictured (L-R): Stephen Brown, Rena Register, and Dede Tala.
Chinese Students Visit Glade

Foreign Exchange Students from China recently visited Glade Elementary School. These students toured the school to experience how an American school operates. Glade students were given an opportunity to interact with Chinese students and ask questions about their culture.

New Faculty at GES
Front Row Sitting (L-R): Marleigh McAlpin, Betsy Powell, and Sharla Hodge
Back Row Standing (L-R): Stephen Brown (Assistant Principal), Jimmie Williams, Patricia Pope, Ashley Smith, Acie Hamilton, Katie Pittman, and Lisa Ishee (Supervising Principal). Not pictured: Missy Beech


Enjoy your summer!!!!

May Bash Fun at Glade!!!


Happy Retirement!!!

We will miss you both!!

Ms. Gully and Ms. Roberts

Fuel Up to Play60

Glade's nurse, Shawn Smith, and our Cafeteria Manager, Janel Panlowski, teamed up with the "Fuel Up to Play60" to work on a grant that gave our school money to help purchase items for healthy living. Glade received $3,810 to buy soccer equipment and provide healthy snack choices for our students. Students can log on to www.fueluptoplay60 to sign up and "GET ACTIVE"!!


Students of the Month for February 2015

Students of the Month for March 2015

Bus Students of the Month for February and March


Third Grade Recognizes



Parent of the Year 2014-2015: Ms. Joni Huckins

Ms. Huckins has been chosen as Glade's Parent of the Year for 2015. Gracie Mae Conrad, a second grade student at Glade, is her granddaughter. She has dedicated many hours at our school. She helps with all PTO activities and many school sponsored activities. Ms. Joni is a member of the Schoolwide Title One Committee as well as PTO. She is always available to help out in any way and she is always happy to do it. We appreciate all of her hard work and dedication.


Ollie The Otter Visits Glade

Children in Glade's kindergarten and first grade s now know about a new Mississippi booster seat law after a visit from a delightful furry mascot named Ollie Otter. The law requires that children ages 4 – 7 must be in booster seats if they are under 4’9” tall or under 65 pounds. Ollie Otter taught them that they “otter” buckle up. On Tuesday, February 24, Mississippi Safety Services brought the brain injury prevention program to Glade students.


"Jones County Schools' Teacher of the Year"


Ms. Penny Wilkerson was chosen as Glade's Teacher of the Year. She then was chosen as Jones County's Teacher of the Year for 2014-2015!! We appreciate Ms. Wilkerson's hard work and dedication to the students of Jones County!!



Breakfast with Santa is an annual fundraiser sponsored by Glade's Junior Beta Club. Dawson Holder, president, is "taking names and checking them twice" for Santa. Ms. Ishee, principal, and Chloe Lyons, vice-president, are help Liam Mann, a first grader, make his reindeer food for Santa's reindeer. The students also enjoy donuts and milk with Beta students.


November Students of the Month

December Students of the Month

Bus Students of the Month November and December




Bus Safety Poster Contest Winner

J. Zimmer, a kindergartener at Glade, won the Kindergarten division of our Bus Safety Poster Contest. J. Zimmer was awarded $100 to share with his family. Congratulations!!!

4th Grade Platinum and Gold Card Holders


5th Grade Platinum and Gold Card Holders


6th Grade Platinum and Gold Card Holders

Outstanding Achievement

Blaine Stokes, Lara Wright and Kennedy Brooks all scored ADVANCED on ALL 3 MCT2 tests last year!!! Way to Go!!!


Glade's Jr. Beta Club: Serving Others

The Glade Jr. Beta Club recently inducted new members and elected officers for the 2014-2015 school year. The Glade Jr. Beta Club participates in several service projects throughout the year. This month, the club is collecting canned foods for the Salvation Army in preparation for the upcoming holidays. In only 2 weeks, the students at Glade Elementary filled up two barrels with a variety of canned foods. Officers pictured with the barrels are Chloe Lyons (Vice President), Dawson Holder (President), Kennedy Brooks (Chaplain), and Lara Wright (Historian).


  PTO/Parent University

Glade's first PTO/Parent University was a huge success.  Teachers planned sessions to inform parents of our Common Core expections and everyday classroom lessons.  We had a variety of sessions for the parents to choose from.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our teachers and school!!



Parent Information


     Click Here: Common Core For Parents


Attendance Trophy

Each week the grade level that has the highest         percentage% of attendance will receive the "Golden A" Trophy!!  Be at school ON TIME and NO EARLY CHECKOUTS!!!



Thank You to Jones County's Southern Baptist Association for donating much needed school supplies for the students at Glade Elementary.  You all are truly a blessing to us!!





Ms. Roberts' Kindergarten class reading and writing during center time.


Mrs. Vicki Johnson’s sixth grade reading/language class, after reading the novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasan, completed research projects on endangered animals. The novel was about the burrowing owl, which is on the list of protected animals. Each student chose an animal to research from an abbreviated list of protected animals. Students had to write an essay describing the animal and telling about its status as a protected animal. The students also had to present a visual aid. Some students did PowerPoints, some did poster boards, and some did dioramas representing their animals. Mrs. Johnson’s students learned a lot about these animals and what makes them endangered.







Bus Safety is Very Important!!! Look and Listen!!!!



Please visit our district website to view our school report card.