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K-6 Grades

Lisa Ishee, Principal

Stephen Brown, Assistant Principal

990 Hwy 15 South, Laurel, MS 39443

Office: 601-428-4265

Fax: 601-425-5690

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Hornets are: Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Caring.......I am proud to be a Glade Hornet!!!


Glade Elementary School Vision:

To lay a firm foundation for its students to be successful citizens by providing rigorous, diverse instruction through highly qualified teaching in a comfortable, safe learning environment

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April Teacher of the Month
April Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Amber Bell is a first grade teacher at Glade Elementary. This is her 2nd year teaching at Glade, totaling her 3rd year of teaching.  Mrs. Bell is married to Don Bell of the Glade community. They are living happily with their two fur babies, Honey and Roo. Mrs. Bell is looking forward to many more years teaching and learning at this wonderful school.


Solved Mysteries
students solving a literacy mystery
Mrs. Wade's class made a few inferences during boot camp this week. Students used an article from Storyworks magazine and the evidence left at the crime scene to solve the mystery.


Robot Winners
robot contest winners
Largest Robot: Landon Brewer, Smallest Robot: Piper McCurley, Creative Award: Kenzie Trevino & Caroline Smith, Animal Robot: Benson Clark, Judges Choice: Aiden Phillips, Jenna Claire Johnson, Ethan Hogg & Maggie Tucker, Hornet Award: Kobe Stewart, Grit Award: Brayden Byrd, Moveable Robot: Logan Doggett, Lego Robot: Atticus Crosby, Runner-Up (Student Vote): Caroline Brown, Overall Winner (Student Vote): Brittany Yarbrough


Glade Star Reach Hosts Jones College
jones visits glade

Sixth grade students in Mrs. Williams’ & Ms. Doherty’s Star Reach gifted classes are currently learning about colleges and careers. To kick off the unit, gifted students hosted a college and career visit for the entire 6th grade from Jones College’s Digital Media Coordinator Megan Clark. Clark presented students with the history and role of Jones College in the area, from 1911 until today. In addition, students learned about academic areas, degrees, tuition, enrollment numbers, transfers, and the college’s plans for the future. Students had a Q& A session, and the college provided students with further contact information for future questions. Star Reach students will be continuing their studies into specific colleges, universities, degree programs and professions.


3rd Nine Weeks Principal's List

1st Grade: Kiara Wynn, James Windham, Kason Williams, Jackson Walters, Alivia Upton, Natalie Touchstone, Brynleigh Norwood, Brookae McDonald, Peyton Loper, Lena Kate Fitzgerald, Jackson Cooley, Benson Clark, and Landon Brewer
2nd Grade: Makinley Warren, Kobe Stewart, Emma Kate Mckenzie, Reagan Kelley, Alisha Evans, and Aubrey Denman
3rd Grade: Chloe Wilson, Jack Johnson, Layne Jackson, Kaylen Harrison, Scarlette Decker, Brady Cochran, Neshoba Clifton, Laylah Burge, and Aleigha Barber
4th Grade: Catherine Weaver
5th Grade: Max Walley
6th Grade: Hanna Shoemake, Mary Hodges, Mireya Guardado, and Alyse Frazier


3rd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

1st Grade: Tiara Wynn, Cannon Wilson, Cadie Wilkerson, Braxton Webb, Lana Walters, Lydia Walley, Maggie Tucker, Samantha Smith, Jaleah Marsh-Heidelberg, Ashleigh Lovett, Reese Jackson, Madden Heathcock, Kamryn Hall, Jamiiyah Hadley, Aniyah Gandy, Cameron Everett, Breanna Duong, Ian Donald, Mollie Coats, Kaylee Chancellor, and Marti Brady
2nd Grade; Britney Yarbrough, Samuel Upchurch, Christopher Smith, Michael Robinson, Griffen Price, Skylar Lightsey, Carter Landrum, Konner King, Rayce Holloway, Brylee Holifield, Jose Hernandez, Rylan Henderson, Allisandra Hanington, Logan Evans, Parker Ellzey, Karma Ducksworth, Joseph DeLeo, Luca Braddock, Jewelee Braddock, and Macie Barry
3rd Grade: Grayson Womack, Braelyn Walters, Logan Tuttle, Za’nyia Sartin, Aiden Portis, Ashlyn Poore, Brianna Moody, Jaxon McAndrew, Eli Maxey, and Logan Doggett
4th Grade: Skylar Weaver, Truvy Walters, Noah Walters, Kenzie Trevino, Benjamin Staples, Isabella Scott, Kristy Rowell, Yasmin Regalado, Abagale Rayner, Jase Pitts, Jon Oneal, Kyra Nicholson, Emilee Neal, Zoey McRee, Kaleigh Jones, Garett Hodges, Landon Golobay, Jacob Fountain, Mason Fitzgerald, Isaiah Everett, Brenna Conn, and Adalyn Beech
5th Grade: Myles Warren, Aryanna Vasquez, Dylan Ratcliff, Hayden Pool, Caroline Myrick, Darwin Moody, Zoie Metz, Haylee Ladner, Wyatt Ellzey, Ilene Cruz-Rodriguez, Noah Cochran, Maylie Carroll, Kilah Bustin, Dawson Brewer, and Carter Bourg
6th Grade: Kiefer Van Orden, Nancy Tucker, Conner Rayner, AlleyLynn Pitts, Chloe Norwood, Jaynah Morgan, Jacey McAndrew, Jett Johnson, Savannah Ingram, Paris Hicks, Brooklyn Henley, Cassidy Hancock, Jasmin Gonzales, Dawson Ellard, Gracie Mae Conrad, and Kelyse Bolton


LCS Robotics Team Visits Glade
LCS robotics teamLCS students showing off robot
Laurel Christian School Robotics Team talked with Glade Elementary students about their design of a fully-functioning robot.


Arbor Day
Masonite official planting a tree
Third grade students learned about tree conservation and the uses of trees in making commercial products. A tree was planted on the Glade Elementary campus to celebrate "Arbor Day."


Kindergarten Dental Program
Students learning about dental care
Kindergarten students learned about proper dental care and hygiene methods.


February Teacher of the Month
February Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Angela Golobay is a sixth grade reading and science teacher at Glade Elementary School where she has been teaching for thirteen years.  She is married to Paul Golobay and has three sons: Jase, Jacob, and Landon. Mrs. Golobay serves as one of the school’s Beta Club Sponsors.  She has been the Glade cheerleader coach for eighteen years.  She attends Glade Baptist Church.


January Students of the Month
January Students of the Month
Caroline Smith, Katelyn Jones, Bryer Ward, Alan Osorio, Chesleigh Jones, Maggie Tucker, Lena Kate Fitzgerald, Braxton Webb, McKinley Edwards, Sam Upchurch, Rylan Henderson, Drake Fenton, Brayden Byrd, Brianna Moody, Emma McElhenney, Kole Fountain, Kaylee Spencer, Hayden Pool, Dawson Brewer, Haden Walters, Gracie Mae Conrad, AlleyLynn Pitts, Estrella Hernandez, and Gabe Nicholson


December Students of the Month
December Students of the Month
Noah Walters, Noah McLain, Alisha Evans, Noah Sanford, Caroline Brown, Jackson Welborn, Destany Cooley, Landon Brewer, Reese Jackson, Aiden Turner, Britney Yarbrough, Jewelee Braddock, Aleigha Barber, Te'Varius McCullum, Cole Hollinghead, Brenna Conn, Skylar Weaver, Zoey McRee, Annie Odom, Bella Castro, Christopher Holland, Haley Duong, and Kiefer Van Orden


December & January Bus Students of the Month
December and January Bus Students of the Month
Peighton Carter, Lexie Holland, Noah McLain, Brayden Byrd, Bryar Ward, Natalie Proctor, Skylar Weaver, Taliyah Harper, Kiara Wynn,Tiara Wynn, Te'Varius McCullum, and Christopher Smith.


Wax Museum
Student dressed as Abraham LincolnStudent dressed as Jefferson DavisStiudent dressed as Neil Armstrong
Glade Elementary 5th grade students displayed a reading board on an autobiography or biography they have been studying. Students transformed themselves into living "wax figures" of people from each of their books.


January Teacher of the Month
January Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Jimmie Williams is a Star Reach teacher at Glade Elementary. She has been an educator for 23 years, and is happy to be part of the Glade Elementary family. She hopes to instill a passion for learning that will last a lifetime for her students. She is honored and grateful to be the Teacher of the Month.


Move to Learn
Coach Calhoun addresses Glade studentsCoach CalhounCoach Calhoun talks to teachersCoach Calhoun being funny
Coach Calhoun visited Glade Elementary students and talked to them about being active and healthy. He also focused on the importance of perserverance, self-worth, and appreciation of teachers shaping students into to productive adults.


2nd Nine Weeks Principal's List

1st Grade: Kiara Wynn, Landon Brewer, Benson Clark, Lena Kate Fitzgreald, Jack Walters, Israel Windham, Reese Jackson, Peyton Loper, Brynleigh Norwood, Lydia Walley, Mollie Coats, Brookae McDonald, Natalie Touchstone, Alivia Upton, Kason Williams, Cannon Wilson, and Maggie Tucker

2nd Grade: Reagan Kelley, Rayce Holloway, Carter Landrum, Makinley Warren, Karma Ducksworth, Allen Deleo, Aubrey Denman, and Parker Ellzey

3rd Grade: Laylah Burge, Brady Cochran, Kaylen Harrison, and Layne Jackson

4th Grade: Kole Fountain and Emilee Neal

5th Grade: Carter Bourg, Hayden Pool, and Max Walley

6th Grade: Dawson Ellard, Mireya Guardado, Cassidy Hancock, Jaynah Morgan, and Hanna Shoemake


2nd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

1st Grade: Madden Heathcock, Tiara Wynn, Kaylee Chancellor, Jackson Cooley, Jamiiyah Hadley, Ashleigh Lovett, Lana Walters, Breanna Duong, Cameron Everett, Kamryn Hall, Samantha Smith, Braxton Webb, Lexi Brady, Stormie Burke, Ian Donald, Cadie Wilkerson, Liam Williamson, Aniyah Gandy, Jaleah Marsh-Heidelberg, Zachary Beech

2nd Grade: Alisha Evans, Lane King, Sarah Gant, Hayley Johnson, Devon Knight, Trent Morgan, Cullen Pitts, Griffen Price, Reid Riley, Britney Yarbrough, Jewelee Braddock, Luca Braddock, Koda East, Rylan Henderson, Skylar Lightsey, Jennifer Morales, Kobe Stewart, Macie Barry, Logan Evans, Emma Kate McKenzie, Chris Smith, Aiden Turner, and Edward Vest

3rd Grade: Aleigha Barber, Michael Herrington, Jaxon McAndrew, Brianna Moody, Colt Phillips, Aiden Portis, Za'nyia Sartin, Chloe Wilson, Neshoba Clifton, Logan Doggett, Violet Hinton, Kamryn Parker, Scarlette Decker, Jack Johnson, Emily Russell, Caroline Smith, and Brooklyn Toombs

4th Grade: Noah Carter, Isaiah Everett, Zoey McRee, Jon Oneal, Cat Weaver, Ady Beech, Bryson Dungan, Mason Fitzgerald, Garret Hodges, Anquan Jackson, Brennon Long, Abagale Rayner, Joseph Smith, Kenzie Trevino, Raylee Kate Walley, Skylar Weaver, Jaxon Belding, Brenna Conn, Kaleigh Jones, Joey Overstreet, Jase Pitts, Coltin Rowell, Noah Tucker, and Truvy Walters

5th Grade: Kilah Bustin, Lexie Holland, Myles Warren, Dawson Brewer, Noah Cochran, Piper McCurley, Aryanna Vasquez, Maylie Carroll, Ilene Cruz-Rodriquez, Wyatt Ellzey, Haylee Ladner, Kade Long, Zoie Metz, Dylan Ratcliff, Aryonna West

6th Grade: Cade Harris, Addy Hodges, Jett Johnson, Chloe Norwood, AlleyLynn Pitts, Conner Rayner, Kiefer Van Orden, Alyse Frasier, Gracie Mae Conrad, Kaleigh Trevino, Kelyse Bolton, Alex Cruz-Rodriguez, Jasmin Gonzalez, Brooklyn Henley, Estrella Hernandez, Savannah Ingram, Josie Lowery, and Jacey McAndrew


Glade Star Reach Rescue Project
Glade Star Reach students working on project

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Williams’  & Ms. Doherty’s Star Reach gifted classes kicked off 2019 with kindness via a unit on animal rescue organizations and their impact on domestic animal overpopulation in our communities. Students formed teams to learn challenge vocabulary, read rescue scenarios and solve hypothetical dilemmas, and discussed personal animal rescue stories. The unit concluded with students making dog toys from old clothing and recycled water bottles. Students, in conjunction with Star Reach students at East Jones Elementary, also collected items to donate to local rescues Southern Cross Animal Rescue (SCAR) and Laurel-Jones County Animal Rescue League (ARL).


Frosty's Magical Frolic Parade
santa and frostyjack frostboxcarimpressionablemagicalelderlycurrency
Students and teachers participated in a literacy parade on terms found in the movie,"Frosty the Snowman." Students dressed to represent their "word" and enjoyed sharing it with other students.


Frosty the Snowman Day
Students dressed upo like FrostyStudents dressed up like Frosty the SnowmanStudents dressed as Frosty

Students dressed up like Frosty the Snowman.


October & November Students of the Month
October Students of the MonthNovember Students of the Month
Noah McLain, Alyse Frasier, Destany Cooley, Dylan Shoemake, Jasmin Gonzales, Hanna Shoemake, Savannah Ingram, Conner Rayner, Kade Long, Ilene Cruz-Rodriguez, Lexie Holland, Carter Bourg, Alyssa Green, Bud Walley, Gabe East, Jon O'Neal, Izaaiah Gray, Carson King Conner Wohlscheid, Brady Cochran, Jack Johnson, Nick Brabham, Micheal Herrington, Grayson Womack, Ashlyn Poore, Aiden Phillips, Aleia Cortez, Griffen Price, Rayce Holloway, Jose Hernandez, Karma Ducksworth, Brynleigh Norwood, Mollie Coats, Jackson Cooley, Jack Walters, Kuper King, Brady Donald, Jenna Claire Johnson, Luke Smith, Maisy Ball, Haylee Stevens, Bryer Ward, Kiara Wynn, Tiara Wynn, Grayson Womack, Sophie Boomer, Cat Weaver, Charley Beech, Brantley Jack, and Kentleigh Hollimon



October & November Bus Students of the Month
October and November Bus Students of the Month
John Shirley, Stormie Burke, Ethan Hogg, Shania Durr, Sariah Thomas, Cedric Jones, Aleia Cortez, Timothy East, Jett Johnson, and Katherine Abad


Here, There, and Everywhere
Students creating nonfiction book roadmap
OUR 5TH GRADERS ARE TRAVELING ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Mrs. Wade's classes read a historical nonfiction book and created a roadmap of all of the "places they visited" in November.


Trim the Tree
Student placing ornament on tree400
Glade Elementary students enjoyed the annual "Trim the Tree" activity. Students placed their handmade ornaments on the Christmas trees in the school rotunda. Students also enjoyed juice, cookies, and candy canes.


Celebration Day
Mrs. Ishee talks to news reporterTurkey Trot paradeballoons released
Glade Elementary has been designated an "A" high-performing school. To reward students and teachers for all their hard work, Glade Elementary recently had a "Celebration Day." Students attended a teacher/student council volleyball game, enjoyed complimentary coke/pizza lunch, and participated in a literacy walk around campus in the 1st annual "Turkey Trot." At the end of the day, students, teachers, and administration gathered at the football field to release over 400 balloons.


Glade Elementary Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Pope is Teacher of the Year.
Mrs. Patricia Pope is a 6th grade math teacher at Glade Elementary. She received her Bachelors and Masters of Elementary Education from Mississippi State University. This is her 18th year to teach. Mrs. Pope has been  married to Stephen Pope for 25 years. They have two children, Lindsay, 21, and Ethan, 16. They reside in Petal, MS.


November Teacher of the Month
November teacher of the month
My name is Tiffany Moss. I teach 5th grade math at Glade Elementary. This is my second year with the Glade family, totaling my sixth year of teaching. I have been married to Blake for nine years, and my daughter Ainslee is two. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Mississippi State University. When not teaching, I love to spending time with my family and serving with my church. I am so grateful and honored to be chosen for November Teacher of the Month.



Get the "Scoop" on Learning
Two students with ice creamClass with ice cream
Ice Cream Challenge: The students were challenged through the month of October to make a 100 on 5 assigned readworks tests. These students met the challenge and were rewarded with a fun ice cream party.
JFMC Rewards Students for High Academic Achievement
JFMC staff handing out medalsStudents with medalsStudents with medals
Jones Family Medicine Clinic rewarded Principal's List/Honor Roll Glade Elementary students. Students received medals for their hard work and high achievement in the classroom.


1st Nine Weeks Principal's List

1st Grade: Landon Brewer, Kaylee Chancellor, Benson Clark, Mollie Coats, Jackson Cooley, Izabella Creel, Ian Donald, Breanna Duong, Cameron Everett, Lena Kate Fitzgerald, Peyton Loper, Brookae McDonald, Brynleigh Norwood, Natalie Touchstone, Maggie Tucker, Alivia Upton, Lydia Walley, Jackson Walters, Cadie Wilkerson, Kason Wiiliams, and Cannon Wilson

2nd Grade: Jewelee Braddock, Joseph DeLeo, Aubrey Denman, Rayce Holloway, Emma Kate McKenzie, Griffen Price, and Makinley Warren

3rd Grade: Aleigha Barber, Laylah Burge, Brady Cochran, Scarlette Decker, Kaylen Harrison, Layne Jackson,  and Jaxon McAndrew

4th Grade: Brenna Conn, Jacob Fountain, Zoey McRee, and Emilee Neal

5th Grade: Carter Bourg and Max Walley

6th Grade: Dawson Ellard, Mireya Guardado, Cassidy Hancock, Hanna Shoemake, and Nancy Tucker

1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll

1st Grade: Ciara Anderson, Zachary Beech, Christian Bolton, Marti Brady, Stormie Burke, Destany Cooley, Kaleigh Dry, Aniyah Gandy, Kamryn Hall, Reese Jackson, Ashleigh Lovett, Jaleah Marsh-Heidelberg, Kayden Nicholson, Anna Price, Samantha Smith, Sariah Thomas, Lana Walters, Bentley Watts, Braxton Webb, Jordanna Welsh, Liam Williamson, James Windham, Kiara Wynn, and Tiara Wynn

2nd Grade: Luca Braddock, Karma Ducksworth, Koda East, Parker Ellzey, Alisha Evans, Logan Evans, Rylan Henderson, Jose Hernandez, Reagan Kelley, Konner King, Carter Landrum, Skylar Lightsey, Jennifer Morales, Cullen Pitts, Ivory Rios, Kobe Stewart, Aiden Turner, James Vest, and Britney Yarbrough

3rd Grade: Nicholas Brabham, Brayden Byrd, Neshoba Clifton, Logan Doggett, Michael Herrington, Jack Johnson, Brianna Moody, Kamryn Parker, Peyton Pickering, Aiden Portis, Emily Russell, Za’nyia Sartin, Caroline Smith, Chance Smith, Ma’Kyla Thigpen, Logan Tuttle, Reese Walters, and Chloe Wilson

4th Grade: Adalyn Beech, Jaxon Belding, Colt Branch, Emilea Dearman, Bryson Dungan, Isaiah Everett, Mason Fitzgerald, Landon Golobay, Izaaiah Gray, Anquan Jackson, Kaleigh Jones, Jaxon McKenney, Abagale Rayner, Coltin Rowell, Benjamin Staples, Kenzie Trevino, Truvy Walters, Skylar Weaver, and Brooklyn Williams

5th Grade: Dawson Brewer, Kilah Bustin, Maylie Carroll, Carman Castro, Noah Cochran, Ilene Cruz-Rodriguez, Wyatt Ellzey, Kiana McCree, Zoie Metz, Darwin Moody, Aryanna Vasquez, Peyton Walters, Myles Warren, and Aryonna West

6th Grade: Brandi Boreman, Gracie Conrad, Alexander Cruz-Rodriguez, Alyse Frazier, Jasmin Gonzales, Cade Harris, Brooklynn Henley, Paris Hicks, Mary Hodges, Savannah Ingram, Jett Johnson, Jacey McAndrew, Jaynah Morgan, Chloe Norwood, AlleyLynn Pitts, Conner Rayner, Adreana Russell, and Kiefer Van Orden


Laurel Rotary Club Visits Glade Elementary
Laurel Rotary Club hands out dictionaries.

John Christian and Stover Smith of the Laurel Rotary Club handed out dictionaries to every 3rd grader at Glade Elementary.


Kindergarten Pumpkin Contest
1st place winner2nd place winner3rd place winner
Kindergarten students decorated pumpkins to represent a character in their favorite book. Students also wrote a report on their book. Pictured L-R: Denym Toombs (1st Place), Jenna Claire Johnson (2nd Place), and Caroline Brown (3rd Place)



2018 Glade Elementary 1st Place Reading Fair Winners
2108 Glade Reading Fair Winners

The first place winners for the 2018 Glade Elementary Reading Fair are as follows: Brady Donald and Benjamin Evans, Kobe Stewart, Laylah Burge, Piper McCurley, Chloe Norwood, Brooklyn Toombs, and Leland & Rylan Henderson. These students will advance to the District Reading Fair in which they will compete with winners from other Jones County schools.


2018 Glade Elementary 2nd Place Reading Fair Winners
2nd Place Winners
Lena Kate Fitzgerald, Caroline Smith, Atticus Crosby, Jett Johnson, Lacey Holifield, Haley Duong, and Estrella Jenkins


2018 Glade Elementary 3rd Place Reading Fair Winners
3rd Place Winners
Cullen Pitts, Brayden Byrd, Landon Golobay, Cade Harris, Emily Russell, Jordan Roberts, and Jarvis Roberts.



Storybook Pumpkins
Kindergarten PumpkinsKindergarten PumpkinsKindergarten Pumpkins
Glade Elementary Kindergarten students transformed pumpkins into a character from their favorite children's book. Students also created a book report on their book which they shared with their classmates.



Red Ribbon Pep Rally
NEJ Tiger mascot with Glade studentsNEJ chherleaders and band
The Northeast Jones High School band, cheerleaders, and mascots visited Glade Elementary for the annual Red Ribbon Pep Rally. NEJ students spoke about the dangers of drug use and the importance of saying "no to drugs."


Muffins for Moms
Muffins for Moms tableMrs. Thompson's classMrs. McDonald's classMrs. Kelley's class

Kindergarten moms enjoyed muffins and refreshments with their child and teachers


Laurel Kiwanis Gives Multiplication/Division Flash Cards to GES students
Laurel Kiwanis Club give flash cards to 3rd Grade students
The Laurel Kiwanis Club handed out multiplication and division flashcards to Glade Elementary 3rd grade students.


Super Hero Day
Glade students dressed as super herosGlade students dressed as super herosGlade students dressed as super heros
Glade students dressed up as their favorite super hero.



October Teacher of the Month
October Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Penny Wilkerson teaches English Language Arts in fourth grade at Glade Elementary where she has been teaching for seven years.  This is her twentieth year to teach.  She is married with two married children and four granddaughters.  She has a Master’s degree in elementary education from William Carey University.  When not teaching, she enjoys reading  and outdoor activities including camping, fishing, and watching baseball/softball.



Fire Safety & Prevention Program
Glade Fire FightersGlade Fire Truck
The Glade Volunteer Fire Department conducted a Fire Safety & Prevention Program with Glade Elementary students on best safety practices and prevention of house fires.


September Students of the Month
September Students of the Month
Natalie Sumrall, Paisley Welborn, Dalton Nichols, Noah Corley, Denym Toombs, Mya McDonald, Brayden Tisdale, Alivia Upton, Angel Sims, Alivia Barber, Taishuna Williams, Kobe Stewart, Trent Morgan, Layla Burge, Emily Russell, Chloe Wilson, Kloie Duong, Abagale Rayner, Jayce Hicks, Wyatt Ellzey, Noah Cochran, Kilah Bustin, Paris Hicks, Mireya Guardado, and Alex Cruz-Rodriguez


August Students of the Month
August Students of the Month
Kentleigh Hollimon, Laykely Walker, Samore Cooley, Reagan Kelley, Veda Ramirez, Kayden Stevens, Dakota Wilson, Cannon Wilson, Kayden Nicholson, Benson Clark, Devon Knight, Parker Ellzey, Skylar Lightsey, Neshoba Clifton, Scarlette Decker, Joanna Garcia, Joey Overstreet, Atticus Crosby, Cruz Parker, Haylee Ladner, Hope Holland, Max Walley, Timothy East, Gage Allen, and Jacey McAndrew


August & September Bus Students of the Month
August and September Bus Students of the Month
Brandi Boreman, Alyse Frazier, Landon Brewer, Ciera Anderson, Serena Waters, John Maxey, Brooklyn Harrison, H. Holland, H. Shoemake, Shakeem Smith, and Shania Durr


Disney Day
Students dressed in Disney attirePre-School students wearing Disney t-shirts.
Students dressed up in their favorite Disney shirts.


College Gameday
Students wearing Mississippi State t-shirtsStudents wearing Ole Miss t-shirts.Students wearing USM tshirts.
Students dressed up in their favorite college t-shirt.


September Teacher of the Month
September teacher of the month
Amber Cochran started her journey as an educator at William Carey University, where she earned a Bachelor’s in General Studies, a Master’s in Secondary Education, and a Specialist in Educational Leadership. She spent several years teaching 6th grade Language Arts, but she feels that she has found her true passion in the Special Education Department here at Glade Elementary. She absolutely loves her job! When she is not at work, She enjoys spending time with her husband Josh and amazing children: Noah, Brady, and Charlee Kay. 


Jr. Beta Club Induction
Jr. Beta OfficersJr. Beta Inductees
The Glade Junior Beta Club held its first official meeting for the 2018-2019 school year. The Beta Club discussed upcoming events and elected officers. The officers for the 2018-2019 school year are: C. Norwood-President ,H. Ladner-Vice President, A. Cruz-Rodriguez–Chaplain, J. Johnson-Secretary, M. Heathcock-Reporter, and A. Frasier-Treasurer. The Glade Junior Beta Club made plans to do many things throughout this school year including service projects and fundraisers for State Beta Convention. On August 30, an induction was held at Glade Elementary for new members.  The following students were inducted into the Beta Club this year: C. Harris, S. Ingram, D. Brewer, C. Bourg, K. Bustin, M. Carroll, N. Cochran, I. Cruz-Rodriguez, W. Ellzey, H. Ladner, Z. Metz, H. Pool, A. Stokes, and M. Walley.



Bridging the Gap
Star Reach students builds bridge
The 5th grade Star Reach class at Glade Elementary discovered how Leonardo Da Vinci created a self-supporting portable bridge to help the military cross water barriers quickly and safely.


New Faculty and Staff at Glade Elementary
new faculty at Glade
Pictured (L-R): M. Adcock, H. Kelley, H. Kelly, B. Walters, B. Jefcoat, B. Upchurch, K. Beech, S. Harris, J. Baucum, and M. Rogers


2018-2019 Glade Elementary School Supply List

3 plastic folders w/ pockets on bottom and brads
1 regular size backpack (without wheels)
1 coloring book
1 plastic rest mat (blue and red)
4 boxes of 24 ct. Crayola crayons
1 box of colored pencils
1 pack of construction paper
20 Elmer’s washable school glue sticks
1 pair of scissors – Fiskars
24 - #2 pencils (Ticonderoga)
1 box of Crayola washable markers
2  lined primary writing tablets (5/8 “ ruling – Pacon or Mead)
2 canvas pouches with zippers (no plastic or boxes)
1 pack cap erasers
Extra set of seasonal clothes for emergencies (put in Ziploc bag with child’s name on bag)

 First Grade
1 heavy duty pencil bag (not a box)
3 packs of #2 wooden pencils (24 ct.)
3 packs of Crayola crayons (24 ct.)
4 packs of Elmer’s glue sticks
1 pack of Crayola markers
1 pair of Fiskar scissors
2 packs of pencil top erasers & 2 big flat erasers
2 marble composition notebooks/K-2 primary journals (not spiral)
2 primary tablets
2 packs of wide-rule notebook paper
3 pocket folders with brads
1 pack of construction paper
1 pack of index cards
1 box of Ziploc bags (quart or gallon)
1 wide-ruled spiral notebook

Second Grade
1 large heavy duty pencil bag
2 packs of Crayola markers
4 packs of Crayola crayons
2 packs of 3x5 index cards
1 bottle of liquid glue
4 packs of Elmer’s glue sticks
2 pair of Fiskar’s scissors (blunt 5”)
5 packs of #2 wooden pencils (24 ct.)
3 packs of pencil top erasers
3 packs of wide rule notebook paper
6 pocket folders with brads (red, blue, green, 2 yellow, 1 any color)
1 pack of construction paper
1 box of Ziploc bags (boys – gallon, girls- quart)
I pack of highlighters
3 - 70 pg. or more spiral notebooks
Third Grade
4 large pks. wooden #2 pencils (NO mechanical pencils)
1 large pencil bag/pouch
4 pks. pencil top erasers
4 pks. notebook paper
2 pks. crayons (24 ct.)
1 pk. markers
2 pair student scissors
2 1-subject spiral notebooks (with wire)
6 plastic pocket folders w/3 prongs (for notebook paper)
10 glue sticks
1 50 ct. pack sheet protectors
2 pks. Ziploc bags (quart size only)
4 hi-lighters (yellow)
Fourth Grade
1 pack of pencil top erasers
Scissors (Fiskar blunt tip)
6 packs of wide ruled notebook paper
4 (24 pk.) No. 2 pencils
Crayola crayons (24 pk.)
1 pack of colored pencils
Heavy duty pencil bag
2 pocket folder with brads
2 glue sticks
3-ring binder (2”)
1 pack of dividers
2 composition books
small pencil sharpener

Fifth Grade
2- 3 subject notebooks w/dividers between
2 packs of college ruled notebook paper
2 packs of graph paper
1 folder w/ prongs
1- 2” binder (not a Trapper Keeper)
1 pk. of dividers
6 pks. of wide-ruled loose leaf notebook
1 large pack of colored sticky tabs
1 spiral bound index card set
1 pk. of green writing pens
1 box of Ziploc bags (gallon)
1 pk. of Crayola markers
4 glue sticks
4 pks. of mechanical pencils
2 pks. of colored pencils
Scissors (Fiskars – 5” blunt tip)
6 yellow highlighters

Sixth Grade
flash drive                                                            highlighter
(4) 1 subject notebooks                                       basic handheld
(6) vinyl folders with prongs and pockets           calculator
(pack of 25) sheet protectors
glue sticks
retractable color pencils
Crayola markers
index cards
pencil pouch
handheld pencil sharpener w/ case
pencils (not Dixon-brand) Mechanical pencils are acceptable.
cap erasers and block eraser
dividers w/ pockets
2” binder   
red pen



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