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Hornets are: Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Caring.......I am proud to be a Glade Hornet!!!


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U.S. flagVeteran's Day Program

The third and fourth grade students will be putting on a Veteran's Day Program honoring all the veterans in our area on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 9:00 am in the Glade Elementary gym.  Under the direction of Alex Arnold, the students will be performing songs from the "American's We" program and "School House Rock, Live."  The students have also written all of the speaking parts themselves!  All are welcome to attend.  Please join us in showing our gratitude for the men and women who have fought bravely to preserve the freedoms we all hold so dear as Americans. 

Fire Prevention & Safety Program
Helicopter landed at football fieldStudents holding fire hoseStudents around fire truck.
The Glade and Sandersville Volunteer Fire Departments conducted a program in which students learned about fire prevention and safety measures when encountering a fire situation. The entire school experienced a thrilling sight as the LifeFlight helicopter landed at midfield of the football field.


Bell of Champions
Kindergarten students ringing the "Bell of Champions"
Every Friday, students who show growth or have a major accomplishment get the honor of ringing the "Bell of Champions."


Nerd Day
male students dressing like nerdsfemale students dressing like nerds
Students wore glasses, suspenders, pigtails, and other "intellectual" items.


October Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Odom is October Teacher of the Month
Melanie Gavin Odom is the Speech- Language Pathologist for Glade Elementary. She has been a speech pathologist  for 29 years. She is married to Chuck Odom. She enjoys spending time with her four children and two daughter-in-laws.
Mrs. Odom attends First Baptist Church of Bay Springs .Her goal is for all students to be able to communicate adequately.


Churning for Learning
1st grade students eating butter
After learning about the products we receive from various farm animals, students in Mrs. Dickerson's first grade class got to make their own butter to eat.


Super Hero Day
Students dressed up as super herosStudents dressed up as super heros
Students dressed up as their favorite super hero.


September Students of the Month
September students of the month standing

A. Chastang, D. East, G. Seawright, J. Meadows, J. Morgan, C. Norwood, A. Meadows, B. Hilburn, B. Chastang, D. Nichols, K. Spencer, N. Clifton, B. Cochran, M. Maples, K. Ducksworth, J. Hernandez, M. Lee, B. Shays, B. Clark, J. Cooley, J. Thornhill, and A. Jackson


August Students of the Month
August students of the month standing

J. Keys, C. Ingram, A. McQueen, A. Frazier, J. McAndrew, C. Hancock, A. Odom, I. Cruz-Rodriguez, S. Weaver, A. Rayner, C. Wolscheid, C. Wilson, A. Barber, S. Decker, K. Stewart, P. Ellzey, J. Roberts, A. Gandy, R. Jackson, B. Norwood, H. Thomas, P. Hendry, and Z. Wolscheid


August & September Bus Students of the Month
Bus Students of the Month for August and September

B. Boreman, J. Keys, S. Burke, B. Chastang, M. Womack, M. Heathcock, M. Guardado, J. Morales, J. Overstreet, A. Barber, D. Moody, and R. Elkins


See You at the Pole
students gathered around flag pole
Students gathered around the school flag pole to honor our great country and reflect on what it means to be an American.


Tie Dye Day
girls wearing tie dye shirtsboys wearing tie dye shirts

Students wore their favorite tie dye shirt to school.


Learning History Through Song
music students dressing up as Lewis and Clark

Students in Mrs. Beech's homeroom class learned all about Lewis, Clark and Sacajawea in Mrs. Arnold's music class this past week.  Mrs. Kennedy (student teacher) taught the students a folk song about the traveler's boats and paddles and they even got to dress up to fully experience the adventure.  


Hands on Learning
girls reaching into bucket
The 5th grade class at Glade Elementary has been busy learning the real meaning of “hands on learning” in science class. From exploring the Scientific Method by mixing different solutions and setting gummy bears inside the solutions, to eating Cell-O Jell-O while learning about plant and animals cells, the students have enjoyed their edible experiments. Most of the 5th grade students agree those experiments were awesome, but there was one that was a little “disgusting.” They had to get “elbow deep” in plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, which was a mixture of kool-aid, cheerios, marshmallows, and skittles. The 5th grade class unanimously voted that the best part of these experiments were getting to eat the ingredients at the end.  


Western Day
male students dressed up for western dayfemale students dressed up for western day
Students dressed up in their favorite cowboy boots, belts, and hats.


September Teacher of the Month
September Teacher of the Month
Jimmie S Williams is the Star Reach Gifted Education teacher for Glade Elementary.  She has been a teacher for 22 years, and 18 of those has been in the field of Gifted Education for Jones County. Mrs. Williams is a graduate of Jones County Junior College, The University of Mississippi and William Carey.  She is proud to call Laurel her hometown and resides there with her husband Glenn, and five daughters.  She enjoys boating and fishing on the coast as well as playing with her new grand daughter in her spare time. She and her family attend Salem Heights Baptist Church.  One of her goals as a teacher is to instill a love for learning that will last a lifetime.


Jr. Beta Club Induction
Beta Club OfficersBeta students being inducted
Beta students lighting candlesBeta students lighting candles

The Glade Elementary Junior Beta Club recently inducted new members.  Officers led the ceremony and challenged new members to strive to serve others, be good leaders, be of good character, and strive for academic excellence.  Officers this year that led the induction ceremony were: E. Johnson, President; S. Staples, Chaplain; A. Belding, Secretary; B. Hearn, Reporter; R. Branch, Treasurer; and K. Taylor, Historian.  Vice President, C. Norwood, were inducted at the ceremony. The Glade Junior Beta Club 6th grade inductees are C. Baucum, N. Brabham, B. Byrd, N. Carroll, A. Chastang, D. Forest, I. Howard, A. Jordan, S. Mack, N. McLain, E. Moore, C. Rose, J. Stokes, and V. Williamson.  The 5th grade inductees are K. Bolton, B. Boreman, G. Conrad, A. Cruz-Rodriquez, D. Ellard, E. Gainey, M. Guardado, C. Hancock, M. Heathcock, B. Henley, A. Hodges, J. Johnson, J. Lowery, J. McAndrew, J. Morgan, C. Norwood, K. Van Orden, C. Rayner, and M. Williamson.


College Game Day
students wearing USM shirtsstudents wearing MSU shirts
students wearing Ole Miss shirtsstudents wearing Alabama shirts
Students wore t-shirts/jerseys showing support for their favorite college team.


Text Features Surgery
students wearing surgical masks reading

The second grade classes at Glade Elementary demonstrated their knowledge of text features through an "operation" of an informational text.  Pictured above:  Ms. Ulmer's class (C. Phillips and D. Fenton) 


Magnifying Learning
Students looking through Microscopes

The 4th grade Star Reach students at Glade Elementary became junior scientists as they learned about the parts and function of a microscope as well as its history. They practiced making slides and focusing while calculating the level of magnification. They all agree that learning about science is MAGNIFICENT!

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