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Hornets are: Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and Caring.......I am proud to be a Glade Hornet!!!



Glade Elementary Adopters

Country Lanes Entertainment Center, David R. Brown Foundation, Pediatric Dental Group, Petal Roller Dome, Sanderson Farms, Sheriff Alex Hodge, Space Tag, Ulmer's Roofing and Construction, and Walters Construction.

Glade Elementary Ranked #1 Nationally in JogNog Challenge

JogNog is a national standards based website design where students take quizzes to earn towers.  Each week, a new leader is named.  Glade Elementary 5th and 6th grade students topped the national leaders board for the second week of January.  This is a result of the students’ hard work and dedication to the task at hand.


Inside the Human Body

Glade Elementary 4th graders learned about the body systems and the importance of taking care of them.  They finished the unit with an informative report and model of the system.


Learning About Native Americans

Glade Elementary 4th graders built Native American home replicas as they finished their unit.  These were presented while they shared research and information that they learned as they studied about Native Americans. 


Thanking our Troops

Mrs. Dickerson's first grade class decided to spread the holiday cheer by creating and sending Christmas cards to United States soldiers across the world.  The students wanted to thank the soldiers for their service and wish them a Merry Christmas. With help from Mrs. Stutts' and Mrs. Blackledge's first grade students, Mrs. Dickerson's class sent over 140 Christmas cards to soldiers stationed in Kuwait and Afghanistan.


Polar Express Learning

The first graders at Glade Elementary took a train trip around the school.  After reading The Polar Express, the students participated in various learning centers.   They enjoyed fun activities that included reading Christmas poems, counting syllables with a bell, and making Christmas crafts.  The Polar Express unit ended with the students watching the movie while they wore their pajamas and drank hot chocolate.


The Magic of Teaching

Mrs. Christl Touchstone, Early Childhood Special Educator at Glade Elementary, offered her students a month long adventure with a thematic unit entitled:  Fairytales (Tea Parties, Castles, and Magical Magic).  The outside of the classroom was wrapped in a castle wall and adorned with rose bushes, Lemon Cypress trees, European Cypress trees, and Norfolk Pine trees.  As the children stepped inside, balloons of silver (magic) and purple (loyalty) hung from the ceiling and tablecloths decorated the tables.  Each week of the month offered multi-sensory experiences, language/reading/math centers, art/science exploration activities, and creative snacks - based upon the weekly theme within the scope of the unit.  The children created everything from glittered hand print canvas arts, fairies in a jar, sandpaper castles, and magical carpets.  What a great time had at Glade!!!


October & November Students of the Month

M. Maples, J. Johnson, A. Barber, L. Jones, M. Barnes, A. Turner, Z. Turner, A. Rayner, B. Conn, E. Driver, C. Boutwell, A. Vasquez, M. Walley, C. Hancock, T. East, A. Frazier, C. Smith, A. McQueen, N. McLain, J. Golobay, S. Lovett, K. McCree, K. Driver, P. Chandler, J. Rowland, J. Thornhill, A. Meadows, L. Evans, D. Cooley, K. Ducksworth, F. Reid, J. Garcia, T. Walters, K. West, H. Hillman, N. Cochran, J. Gonzales, A. Burge, S. Ingram, C. Ingram, K. Smith, W. Lott, N. Brabham, F. Parish, B. Tolbert, and T. Morgan



Smith’s 6th Grade Class Wins November JogNog Points Challenge

All Glade Students have won 2,114 towers so far in JogNog.  Each time a student completes a challenge with 80% or above, the student earns a tower.  The more correct answers the first time  and mini quizzes will earn the most points.  Mrs. Ashley Smith’s 6th grade class won the points challenge in November with 2406 points. 


GES Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Debbie Buckhaults was selected as the 2016-2017 Glade Elementary School Teacher of the Year. She has taught for over 28 years and is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and Scarritt College. She is married to James Buckhaults of Ellisville. She and her husband attend Fairfield United Methodist Church where she teaches Sunday School and serves as Lay Leader.


September Students of the Month


B. Shays, R. Lovett, D. Jones, D. Price, K. Smith, D. East, K. Taylor, B. Hearn, M. Guardado, C. Rayner, C. Norwood, C. Bourg, A. Odom, N. Mclain, C. Weaver, E. McElhenney, S. Weaver, V. Hinton, C. Smith, B. Cochran, K. Stewart, B. Yarbrough, and T. Singley



August Students of the Month

E. Hogg, L. Meadows, N. Walters, K. McCree, J. Anderson, J. Hicks, J. Hernandez, S. Staples, E. Jones, N. Butler, K. Van Orden, J. Johnson, A. Russell, Z. Metz, B. Ekes, K. Bustin, J. Overstreet, M. Willams, C. Branch, E. Busby, J. Garcia, C. Wilson, M. Coats, M. Lee, and R.Robinson


College Game Day
Students wore their favorite team shirt to school.


Thanksgiving Lunch
Kindergarten students put on a Thanksgiving program for their parents. Students (K-6) ate Thanksgiving lunch with their parents in the school cafeteria.


Glade Students Place in Jones County Schools "Bus Safety Poster Contest"

T. Reid (Kindergarten) received 2nd place in his grade-level. C. Smith (1st Grade) and F. Reid (2nd Grade) received 3rd place in their respective grade-levels. D. Ratcliff (3rd Grade) received 4th place in his grade level.


Veteran's Day Program

The 3rd and 4th graders at Glade Elementary put on the Veteran's Day program, "Americans We," on Wednesday, November 9th. The students wrote their own speaking parts and sang joyfully about their gratitude for the veterans. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to all the men and women who sacrifice so much for our great country!


November Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Megan Geddie is in her 6th year of her teaching career. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Southern Mississippi and Master’s degree from William Carey University. She lives in Ellisville and is married to Jesse Geddie.  She, along with her family, attends West Ellisville Baptist Church.


Learning About Marine Life

The Fourth Grade Star Reach students from Glade and Moselle Elementary learned about Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, marine mammals, and conservation at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.


"Saving Dolphins" at Glade Elementary

Fourth Grade Star Reach students worked hard as a team to save a mock “dummy” dolphin at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.


1st Nine Weeks Faculty & Staff Perfect Attendance

Melinda Anderson, Debbie Buckhaults, Marissa Dickerson, Vicki Green, Acie Hamilton, Sharla Hodge, Michele Landrum, Marleigh McAlpin, Katie Pittman, Britta Smith, Stephanie Spradley, and Amy Walters


Glade Star Reach Measures Acidity

4th Grade Star Reach students had a sweet time measuring the acidity of different types of candies.


Glade Star Reach Calculates Density

5th Grade Star Reach students calculated the density of several candy bars. They formed a hypothesis as to which candy bars would float in water and created an experiment to test their hypothesis.


1st Nine Weeks Principal's List and Honor Roll

Honor Roll – C. Everett, K. Landrum, B. Parker, T. Reid, and A. Turner

1st Grade: 
Principal’s List – A. Barber, L. Burge, B. Guerrero, G. Norton, J. Rowland, C. Wilson, K. Alexander, B. Cochran, K. Driver, J. Garcia, M. Herrington, L. Jackson, J. Johnson, J. McAndrew, B. Moody, A. Poore, and E. Russell
Honor Roll -  B. Byrd, R. Elkins, C. Hollinghead, E. Maxey, K. Parker, A. Wade, V. Hinton, B. Toombs, N. Brabham, E. Busby, S. Clark, and B. Harrison

2nd Grade:
Principal’s List – B. Conn, J. Guillory, E. Johnson, E. Neal, K. Forbes, K. Fountain, T. Walters, C. Myers, S. Rogers, and G. Hodges.
Honor Roll – N. Carter, I. Everett, L. Holifield, T. Jordan, J. O’Neal, J. Overstreet, C. Rowell, K. Trevino, S. Weaver, B. Williams, E. Driver, D. Brumfield, B. Dungan, I. Gray, B. Long, A. Rayner, C. Wade, C. Weaver, M. Williams, C. Bond, C. Branch, C. Brown, M. Fitzgerald, L. Golobay, A. Jackson, R. Knight, E. McElhenney, J. Pitts, F. Reid, J. Roberts, J. Smith, and R. Walley.

3rd Grade:
Principal’s List – Z. Metz, C. Bourg, K. Bustin, K. McCree and M. Walley
Honor Roll – N. Cochran, I. Rodriguez, B. Hilburn, L. Holifield, H. Ladner, E. Street, C. Wiginton, D. Ratcliff, A. Meadows, D. Moody, H. Pool, G. Rayner, A. Vasquez, A. West, K. West, C. Boutwell, B. Ekes, I. Maxey, A. Odom, M. Thagard, H. Walters, M. Warren, and M. Carroll

4th Grade:
Principal’s List – C. Hancock, K. Van Orden, M. Williamson, J. Morgan, C. Norwood, B. Hurtt, and J. McAndrew
Honor Roll – K. Bolton, A. Cruz-Rodriguez, G. Dykes, A. Frazier, S. Ingram, G. Irvin, J. Lowery, C. Rayner, D. Ellard, E. Gainey, J. Gonzales, B. Henley, A. Hodges, J. Johnson, A. Burge, M. Guardado, A. Pitts, and N. Tucker

5th Grade:
Principal’s List – K. Smith, B. Hearn, A. Belding, and M. Tullos,
Honor Roll – R. Branch, B. Byrd, E. Johnson, W. Lott, S. Mack, S. McNeil, D. Forest, P. Lopez, V. Williamson, N. Carroll, C. Ingram, A. Jordan, K. May, E. Moore, W. Rayner, S. Staples, K. Taylor, J. Roberts, and C. Rose

6th Grade:
Principal’s List – J. Golobay, P. Hall, and A. Walters
Honor Roll – L. Arrington, J. Hernandez, J. Hosey, Z. Koenigsberger, B. Moss, K. Smith, J. Hicks, J. Hinton, C. Holifield, A Jordan, C. Koenigsberger, K. McCree, F. Parish, A. Tucker, J. Anderson, N. Brabham, L. Rogers, and C. Sasser



Glade Science Teacher Gives Presentation at MSTA Conference

Glade Elementary 5th Grade teacher Debbie Buckhaults presented a program on JogNog and Quizlet Live to fellow teachers during the Mississippi Science Teachers Association held on October 23-25 in Biloxi, MS.


Glade Title I Meeting
Glade Elementary recently held its first Title I meeting for the 2016-17 school year. Thank you to all Title I members serving this year!


Pirate Day


NEJ Players Welcome Glade Students
Former Glade Students, now Northeast Jones football players, welcomed Glade students to school.


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