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Students can not be dropped
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Tardy bell rings at 7:45 AM.

Must have photo ID
to check out a student.



Glade Elementary 
           "High Performing School"          


K-6 Grades

Lisa Ishee, Principal

990 Hwy 15 South, Laurel, MS 39443

Office: 601-428-4265

Fax: 601-425-5690


January 19th: MLK Day- No School

January 23rd: District Reading Fair

January 30th: Fun Friday


Breakfast with Santa is an annual fundraiser sponsored by Glade's Junior Beta Club. Dawson Holder, president, is "taking names and checking them twice" for Santa. Ms. Ishee, principal, and Chloe Lyons, vice-president, are help Liam Mann, a first grader, make his reindeer food for Santa's reindeer. The students also enjoy donuts and milk with Beta students.


Bus Safety Poster Contest Winner

J. Zimmer, a kindergartener at Glade, won the Kindergarten division of our Bus Safety Poster Contest. J. Zimmer was awarded $100 to share with his family. Congratulations!!!


4th Grade Platinum and Gold Card Holders


5th Grade Platinum and Gold Card Holders


6th Grade Platinum and Gold Card Holders

Outstanding Achievement

Blaine Stokes, Lara Wright and Kennedy Brooks all scored ADVANCED on ALL 3 MCT2 tests last year!!! Way to Go!!!


Glade's Jr. Beta Club: Serving Others

The Glade Jr. Beta Club recently inducted new members and elected officers for the 2014-2015 school year. The Glade Jr. Beta Club participates in several service projects throughout the year. This month, the club is collecting canned foods for the Salvation Army in preparation for the upcoming holidays. In only 2 weeks, the students at Glade Elementary filled up two barrels with a variety of canned foods. Officers pictured with the barrels are Chloe Lyons (Vice President), Dawson Holder (President), Kennedy Brooks (Chaplain), and Lara Wright (Historian).


  PTO/Parent University

Glade's first PTO/Parent University was a huge success.  Teachers planned sessions to inform parents of our Common Core expections and everyday classroom lessons.  We had a variety of sessions for the parents to choose from.  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our teachers and school!!



Parent Information


     Click Here: Common Core For Parents


Attendance Trophy

Each week the grade level that has the highest         percentage% of attendance will receive the "Golden A" Trophy!!  Be at school ON TIME and NO EARLY CHECKOUTS!!!



Thank You to Jones County's Southern Baptist Association for donating much needed school supplies for the students at Glade Elementary.  You all are truly a blessing to us!!!



Ms. Ford's Class is Going Fishing

Students played "Go Fish" using math skills.  We strive to always make learning fun!!


Erica Johnson and Brooke Moore won the Junior Auxiliary Poetry Contest and were presented with awards.  Congratulations to these girls!!


Beta Students sponsor "Breakfast with Santa" at Glade!! Students who participated were served donuts and made reindeer food for Christmas. 




Ms. Roberts' Kindergarten class reading and writing during center time.


Mrs. Vicki Johnson’s sixth grade reading/language class, after reading the novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasan, completed research projects on endangered animals. The novel was about the burrowing owl, which is on the list of protected animals. Each student chose an animal to research from an abbreviated list of protected animals. Students had to write an essay describing the animal and telling about its status as a protected animal. The students also had to present a visual aid. Some students did PowerPoints, some did poster boards, and some did dioramas representing their animals. Mrs. Johnson’s students learned a lot about these animals and what makes them endangered.


Second Graders at Glade visit with a K-9 Officer

They studied community helpers and read the story "Officer Buckle and Gloria".  Officer Doug Shephard and Shadow  came to visit and discuss the importance of having a K-9 Officer and the many jobs he performs.


"Drug Free Kids" Coloring Contest Winners

Bayli Stokes, Fischer Parish, Ashley Dobbs and Jayleigh Anderson


Mrs. Buckhaults' fourth grade science students have been attempting to germinate turnip seeds. They check on their seeds twice a week. So far, just a few seeds have sprouted. They students have learned that seeds need just the right nutrients and water to germinate.



These students used their "Owl Bucks" to buy a chance on a CD boom box, an MP3 player and a mystery prize.  The lucky winners are Phillip Lopez, Gavin Wade and Kanden R. Henderson.  Way to go!!!


All students who received an "O" in citizenship, for the 1st Nine Weeks, were given an owl to decorate for the "Owlstanding" Wall!! We plan to add more owls to our wall this nine weeks.  Keep up the good work!!



October's Students of the Month

Carter Bourg, Aryonna West, Paris Alexander, Graison Holder, Adreana Russell, Cassidy Hancock, Braxton Byrd, Yahnish, Clifton, Zykirea Cooley, Jasmine Hinton, Gavin Massey, Madison Brownlee, Julia Blackledge, Brennen Loper, Solomon Staples, Rosah Anaya, Olivia Norwood, Tori Kelly, Jaylen Padgett, Haley Walters, Courtney Lee, Claston Welborn, Madalyn Presley and Conner Hurtt. We appreciate Elkins Electric for sponsoring our shirts this month and Eatza Pizza for the certificates. Congratulations students!



Students in Mrs. Holder's 6th grade math class enjoyed "Starbucks Day" for having the highest percentage of questions correct on Mountain Math for the week. Way to go Mrs. Johnson's homeroom!!


"Students in Mr. Uland's 5th grade Star Reach class enjoyed climbing about 80 steps to the top of the Mound in Moundville. These students learned so much about Native American customs while exploring and listening to demonstrations at the Native American Festival."

Sixth Grade Star Reach Projects

Platinum Card Holders

Students who scored Advanced in one or more areas on the MCT2 last May received a Platinum Card.  This allows them to receive goodies and surprises throughout the entire 13-14 school year.

Gold Card Holders

Students who scored Proficient on one or more areas of the MCT2 last May received a Gold Card.  This allows them to receive goodies and surprises throughout the first semester.

September's Students of the Month


Glade's 2013-2014 Title One Committee

Parents/Grandparents: Carrie Fenton, Janice Bond, Deana Green, Varina McCurley and Joseph McNeil

Teachers/staff:  Lorrie McNeil, Ann Johnson, Amanda Ford, Vicki Johnson, Lisa Ishee, Cindy Cook and Tiffani Lyons

District Personel: James Walters and Brenda Moss



Our 6th Grade Star Reach students are studying "landforms".  They used salt, flour and water to make playdough.  Then they formed their own islands and were required to create different types of landforms on their island.  The students had an awesome time!!  Mr. Greg Ulland is doing a great job with Star Reach at Glade.


"Owl Bucks" are a hot topic around Glade.  "Owl Bucks" are given for Good Behavior seen by teachers, bus drivers and other staff.  At the end of the nine weeks, students can receive additional "bucks" for perfect attendance, no tardies, no checkouts, AR goals, Honor Roll and Principal's List.  We will have an "Owl Buck" store where the students can spend their bucks on items like:  snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy and other goodies!!  The kids are super excited!!!



Glade's PTO is working  to raise money for new playground equipment.  Please participate in any fundraisers to help us reach our goal!!!   The slide is displayed to show our progress.  We have purchased one unit as of now.               Thanks for all of your help!!                                                 




 Grandparents' Day at Glade


First Grade students invited their grandparents to enjoy donuts and milk with them at school!! Thanks to all the grandparents who came out and supported your students.



Our First Grade students studied FARM LIFE.  Farm animals were brought to the school for them to pet and observe.

Students of the Month


Carson Lyons, Haylee Ladner, Kilah Bustin, Chris Ishee, Chloe Norwood, Savannah Odom, Addy Hodges, Bruce Wiliford, Brinkley Hearn, Clarissa Ingram, Mackenzie Tullos, Cristian Reyes, Carlie Holifield, Fischer Parish, Chloeigh Seawright, Destan Parker, Alex Fulgham, Laken Nicholas, Faith Byrd, Kennedy Brooks, Josie Blue, Breyanna Satcher and Jordan Burkhaulter.


Fourth Grades learns about the Japanese Culture


Fourth Grade students at Glade read the story "Grandfather's Journey".  The story is set is Japan.  Ms. Jean Byrd, teaching assistant, has lived and visited Japan.  She shared items she brought back from her trips.  She also shared information about their culture. 

The students had a great time eating "sushi" with chopsticks.  Little Debbie Swiss Rolls were cut into circles to resemble sushi.  Each student was also given a set of chopsticks to practice eating the "sushi".  This was an awesome experience for our students. 


Welcoming Our New Faculty and Staff

Christl Touchstone, Michele Landrum, Ashly Wright, Sandra Stevenson and Greg Ulland



Mr. Ulland and his 4th grade Star Reach class discovered information about gravity and static electricity!!


Bus Safety is Very Important!!! Look and Listen!!!!



Please visit our district website to view our school report card.