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graduation hornetClass of 2020

Click here to watch a special promotion presentation for our 6th grade students. Remember, once a hornet always a hornet.


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Episode 1: Click here to watch a video message from Mrs. Ishee and Mr. Brown.

Episode 2: Glade Elementary administration, faculty, and staff miss their students. Click here to watch video.

Episode 3: Glade Elementary students raised money for St. Judes Childrens Hospital through its annual Math-A-Thon. Click here to watch Mrs. Ishee complete the Cold Water Challenge as the students reward for their hard work.

Episode 4: Click here to watch Mr. Brown complete Mrs. Ishee's Cold Water Challenge.

Episode 5: Click here to watch Mrs. Johnson complete Mr. Brown's Cold Water Challenge.

Episode 6: Click here to watch Mrs. Boone complete Mrs. Johnson's Human Sundae Challenge.

Episode 7: Click on the 5th grade teacher's name to watch them complete Mrs. Boone's Pie to the Face Challenge: Mrs. Moss, Mrs. Landrum, and Mrs. Sullivan.

Episode 8: Click here to watch Mrs. Mauldin complete Mrs. Moss's Pie to the Face Challenge.

Episode 9: Click here to watch Mrs. Golobay complete Mrs. Landrum's Cold Water Challenge.

Episode 10: Click here to watch Mrs. Ashley Smith complete Mrs. Sullivan's Pie to the Face Challenge.

Episode 11: Click here to watch Mrs. Britta Smith complete Mrs. Mauldin's Pie in the Face Challenge.

Episode 12: Click here to watch Mrs. Cochran complete Mrs. Golobay's Pie in the Face Challenge.

Episode 13: Click here to watch Mrs. Culpepper complete Mrs. Ashley Smith's Cold Water Challenge.

Episode 14: Click here to watch Mrs. Williams complete Mrs. Ashley Smith's Cold Water Challenge.

Episode 15: Click here to watch Mrs. Kelley complete Mrs. Britta Smith's Tik Tok Challenge.

Episode 16: Click here to watch Mrs. Pope complete Mrs. Williams' Cold Water Challenge.

Episode 17: Click here to watch Mrs. Geddie complete Mrs. Pope's Pie in the Face Challenge.

Episode 18: Click on the 4th grade teachers name to see them complete Mrs. Cochran's Pie to the Face Challenge: Mrs. Wilkerson & Mrs. Shows.

Episode 19: Click here to watch Mrs. Bell complete Mrs. Culpepper's Pie in the Face challenge.

Episode 20: Click here to watch Mrs. Thompson complete Mrs. Kelley's Tik Tok Challenge.

Episode 21: Click here to watch Mrs. McDonald complete Mrs. Thompson's Cold Water Challenge.

Episode 22: Click here to watch Mrs. Harris complete Mrs. McDonald's Pie in the Face Challenge.





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Click on your choice of scavenger hunt activities you can do at your home: Mrs. Ishee's Rainbow Scavenger Hunt and Mr. Brown's Math Scavenger Hunt



20 Ways to Grow

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During this time away from school, Mrs. Ishee would like every student to take time to grow in 20 different ways. Please click here to see ways to grow your heart, mind, and courage!


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Distance Learning by Grade-Level

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miss mississippiSixth grade students can click here to watch a public service announcement from 2019 Miss Mississippi Margaret Hyer concerning vaping hazards, social distancing, and handwashing.

AR logo Students may access AR at home by clicking here.

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artArt Activities: Click here for new art lessons from Mr. Gatzman.

picture of starStar Reach: Click on your choice of activities from Mrs. Williams (at home learning & time capsule project).


Glade Elementary School 

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Glade Elementary School Vision:

To lay a firm foundation for its students to be successful citizens by providing rigorous, diverse instruction through highly qualified teaching in a comfortable, safe learning environment

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Mississippi Department of Education Learning-at-Home Resources

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appleMarch Teacher of the Month
March Teacher of the Month
Renee Wade absolutely loves teaches 5th grade ELA at Glade Elementary. This is her 18th year teaching in Mississippi Public Schools. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Education from Mississippi University for Women and a Master's degree in Elementary Education from William Carey University. She is married to Danny Wade who is the Assistant Fire Chief in Hattiesburg.  Her hobbies include scuba diving, reading, and exercising. Disney World is her favorite place to visit.


STEAM Parent Night
Parent STEAM Night
The Star Reach students at Glade Elementary are buzzing with excitement about their new STEAM Cart and the amazing projects they have made with it. STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math. The cart contains over 15,00 components that are used to solve engineering and scientific challenges. So far, the students have created hydraulic arms that can pick up and restack cups, electric cars capable of climbing over obstacles, race cars propelled by electric motors, fans, and kinetic energy, as well as "bots" that wiggle and scribble. Their teacher, Mrs. Williams, says "The hardest thing about teaching the STEAM lessons is keeping the students quiet. They get so excited when their ideas work that they cant help but cheer out loud! Mrs. Williams can't help but get as excited as they are because what they are doing is very hard. They are truly using critical thinking skills and problem solving skills through the engineering process of investigating, proposing, creating, and evaluating. These activities have motivated kids who never thought they could be engineers, designers, or inventors." These are the kind of lessons that can change attitudes and create a lifelong love of the sciences and arts. Students showcased their projects and explained the design for each to parents and community members.


Reading in the Rotunda
Student reading in the Rotunda
In celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday and the Read-Across-America movement, Glade Elementary students volunteered to "Read in the Rotunda" during reading blocks forming a reading chain that lasted the entire school day.


Wax Museum
Student posing in wax museum
Glade Elementary 5th grade students finished up their biography study with a wax museum. The students chose a person to research and were able to dress up like their subject to present to their parents and friends. Students had so much fun and did a fantastic job!


Arbor Day
Arbor Day 2020
Forestry and Masonite Corporation officials spoke with Glade Elementary 3rd graders about the importance of tree conservation. An oak tree was planted on the school campus in celebration of Arbor Day.


Literary Learning
6th grade ELA6th grade ELA suspension game
6th grade ELA classes at Glade Elementary have been busy with determining main ideas from passages while playing a suspend game, as well as, a graffiti walk to analyze and respond to quotes from presidents.


appleFebruary Teacher of the Month
February Teacher of the Month
Sara-Claire Harris teaches Early Childhood Special Education at Glade Elementary. This is her tenth year teaching in Mississippi Public Schools. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Theater from Mississippi State University and a Master's degree in Elementary Education from William Carey University with endorsements in Special Education and Early Childhood. She has been married to Khiron Harris for nine years this April and they have three children, Archer (6), Hudson (3), and Beckett (6 months). When not teaching, she spends most of her time adventuring with her boys. Before having kids, she enjoyed reading, traveling, and sleep.


January Students of the Month
January Students of the Month
Kyzar McDonald, Rylee Clark, Penelope Holifield, Greyson Ellzey, Aubrey Gwin, Logan Nelson, Zoey Wohlscheid, John Maxey, Christian Bolton, Maggie Tucker, Mollie Coats, Trent Morgan, Rayce Holloway, Brylee Holifield, Cypress Purvis, Grayson Womack, Laylah Burge, Conner Wohlscheid, Morgan Boochie, Kole Fountain, Malaysia Marsh-Cooley, Noah Cochran, and Kade Long


December Students of the Month
December Students of the Month

Peyton Murphy, Ethan Cortez, Piper McCurley, Maddie Wilkerson, Charley Beech, Jase Myrick, Benji Evans, Bryley Rogers, Kimber Lindsey, Cagen Hankins, Gunner Reeves, Jackson Cooley, Troy Seymour, Peyton Loper, Karma Ducksworth, Cody Nichols, Britney Yarbrough, Rachel Elkins, Gabriel Wix, Logan Doggett, Zoey McRee, Lexie Holifield, Noah Walters, Makayla Walley, Haylee Ladner, and Chloe Bankston


2nd Nine Weeks Principal's List

1st gr. : Jenna Claire Johnson, Veda Ramirez, Gunner Reeves, Zoey Wohlscheid, Stormie Burke, Cagen Hankins, Chesleigh Jones, Caroline Brown, Griffen Espinosa, Kassadee Kelley, BiJaya Milsap, Logan Nelson, Gabe Nicholson, Bryley Rogers, Kanaan Williams, Ben Ishee, Kimber Lindsey, and Ellis Wall 
2nd gr. : Landon Brewer, Jackson Walters, Lana Walters, James Israel Windham, Peyton Loper, Brynleigh Norwood, Jackson Cooley, Lena Kate Fitzgerald, and Alivia Upton
3rd gr. : Allen DeLeo
4th gr. : Laylah Burge, Trip Purvis, Brady Cochran, Kaylen Harrison, Layne Jackson, Grayson Womack, and Za’nyia Sartin
5th gr. : Kole Fountain
6th gr. : Carter Bourg and Max Walley


2nd Nine Weeks Honor Roll

1st gr. : Cayson Allen, Abbigail Donald, Kuper King, Abbey Langley, Mya McDonald, Zeriah Rodriguez, Sofie Scarbrough, Brady Donald, Cassidy Evans, Kayleigh Everett, Taliyah Harper, Ana Hernandez, Cambree Scruggs, Brantley Crawford, Caleigh Jones, Carsyn Landrum, Miracle Mozingo, Brantlee Thornton, Carlo Tucker, Rayne Boutwell, Malcolm Collins, Aubrey Gwin, Bentley Hinton, Brody Keen, Slade Knight, and Luke Smith
2nd gr. : Zachary Beech, Christian Bolton, Breanna Duong, Cameron Everett, Kamryn Hall, Reese Jackson, Jaleah Marsh-Heidelberg, Brookae McDonald, Samantha Smith, Cadie Wilkerson, Troy Seymore, Carter Stevens, Lydia Walley, Kason Williams, Natalie Touchstone, Benson Clark, Mollie Coats, Ethan Cortez, and Adaleigh Purvis
3rd gr. : Trinity Evans, Skylar Lightsey, Emma Kate McKenzie, Jennifer Morales, Dennon Pitts, Karma Ducksworth, Parker Ellzey, Allis Hanington, Carter Landrum, Kobe Stewart, Luca Braddock, Aubrey Denman, Logan Evans, Rayce Holloway, and MaKinley Warren
4th gr. : Neshoba Clifton, Logan Doggett, Jaxon McAndrew, Scarlette Decker, Jack Johnson, Eli Maxey, Emily Russell, Caroline Smith, Brooklyn Toombs, Nick Brabham, Brianna Moody, Colt Phillips, Dominik Plymale, Cypress Purvis, Logan Tuttle, Chloe Wilson, Gabriel Wix, Tristan Wix, and Ma”Kyla Thigpen
5th gr. : Garret Hodges, Izzy Scott, Cat Weaver, Emilee Neal, Lexie Holifield, Landon Golobay, Zoey McRee, Abagale Rayner, Kenzie Trevino,Raylee Kate Walley, Skylar Weaver, Brenna Conn, Ady Beech, Emilea Dearman, Mason Fitzgerald, Anquan Jackson, Kaleigh Jones, Camryn Thomas, Noah Walters, and Mason Williams
6th gr. : Atley Hughes, Zoie Metz, Caroline Myrick, Aryonna West, Dawson Brewer, Kilah Bustin, Noah Cochran, Haylee Ladner, Darwin Moody, Maylie Carroll, Ilene Cruz-Rodriguez, and Wyatt Ellzey


3D Learning
Second graders construct 3d shapes
Mrs. Britta Smith's 2nd grade class built 3D shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows. The vocabulary included vertex/vertices which were the marshmallows, edges which were the toothpicks, and faces. Students learned that the faces of 3D shapes are 2D shapes.



appleJanuary Teacher of the Month
january teacher of the month

Mrs. Penny Wilkerson teaches English Language Arts in fourth grade at Glade Elementary where she has been teaching for eight years.  This is her twenty-first year to teach.She is married with two married children and four granddaughters.  She has a Master’s degree in elementary education from William Carey University.  When not teaching, she enjoys reading and outdoor activities including camping, fishing, and watching baseball/softball.


Glade Bus Safety Poster Winners
Glade Bus Safety Poster Contest Winners
Kindergarten: Jaselyn Perry, 1st gr: Caroline Brown, 2nd gr: Angel Sims, and 3rd gr: Skylar Lightsey


November Students of the Month
November Students of the Month
Parker Ellzey, Joyleigh Welsh, Brenna Conn, Jayce Hicks, Ady Beech, Paisley Tanner, Colt Phillips, Drake Fenton, Trinity Evans, Jose Hernandez, Dakota Kreger, Natalie Touchstone, Reese Jackson, Sofie Scarbrough, Harper Walters, Alan Osorio, Dawson Moss, Alana Cortez, Palmer Smith, Lanee Morris, Maylie Carroll, and Brian Williams


October Students of the Month
October Students of the Month
Drew Fenton, Kobe Stewart, Bert Chastang, Cat Weaver, Mason Williams, Jaxon McAndrew, Kaylen Harrison, Za'nyia Sartin, Dennon Pitts, Logan Evans, Alivia Upton, Anna Reese Price, Jack Walters, Conner Daley, Kassadee Kelley, Jenna Claire Johnson, Ana Hernandez, Molly Landrum, Baine Clark, Aiden Sherman, Kaydence Cooley, Ilene Cruz-Rodriguez, Zoie Metz, and Regan Hicks


Preparing for Success
Students learning about interview process
Local business owner, Susanne Williams, paid a visit to the sixth grade Star Reach class at Glade Elementary to talk to students about turning their passion into a career. She also interviewed the students for a position they were applying for in their entrepreneurship unit. The students gained real world experience that will help prepare them for their future and encourage them to reach for their dreams.


Season of Giving
Star Reach students donating tree
Glade Elementary lived up to its name of being the "Little School with a Big Heart" during November. The 6th grade Star Reach class has been learning about entrepreneurship. They will be making friendship bracelets and selling them in December. Students chose the Laurelwood Care Center to donate their profits to but after learning the nursing home needed a new Christmas tree, they sprang into action and raised more than enough money in one week by selling turkey grams to the student body to buy a beautiful Christmas tree. Next month, the will begin selling their bracelets in hopes of making enough money to buy bird feeders and pole to hang them on for each resident. There is no doubt, the students will reach their goal with the help of such a generous school family.


Turkey in Disguise
turkey project
Ashley Smith’s sixth grade at Glade Elementary worked hard to write a persuasive story that described turkeys in disguise. They were also to design the turkeys based on their writing. Judges then had the task of finding the most creative turkey disguises. Ed’s Burger from Hattiesburg and Karock’s Restaurant of Ellisville graciously donated the prizes for the 1st-5th place winners.

Pictured from left to right: Honorable Mentions are Peyton Walters, Hayden Walters, Noah Cochran, Piper McCurley, Dawsom Brewer, Lexie Holland, Warren Odom. 1st place: Claire Boutwell   2nd place: Makayla Walley and Aryonna West  3rd place: Carter Bourg   4th place: Chloe Bankston   5th place: Noah McLain


Dollars and Cents
5th Gr. students learning about money
Bring the community to the classroom! "A Banker for Every Classroom" lesson on allowances and spending plans was presented by Joy Ulland, Bancorp South Bank Branch Manager, to Glade Elementary 5th grade students


Walk Like An Egyptian
Learning about EgyptLearning about Egypt
Students in Ashley Smith’s 6th grade class at Glade Elementary School recently studied about ancient Egypt. They learned about achievements, religion, politics, economy, geography and society of this ancient civilization. The students had the opportunity to create a visual aid to represent a topic that they learned about. The kids were able to learn from reading articles, classroom discussions, and research. Then, they used hands-on methods to recreate artifacts and visual aids to teach others what they have learned over the last few weeks.
 Pictured are Myrick, Cooley, McCurley, Ellzey, Waters, Proctor, Warren, and Walters.



tractor"A" Farm-Tastic Celebration
A rating pep rallyRooster Runballoon release
Glade Elementary administration, faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members celebrated the school's A rating. Students, dressed as their favorite farm animal, enjoyed trunk-or-treating, a pizza lunch, pep rally, and "Rooster Run." The celebration concluded on the football field where students released balloons into the air.


appleNovember Teacher of the Month
November Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Britta Smith is in her 11th year of teaching. She has a Master's Degree from William Carey. She is married to John Mike Smith with two daughters, Holly and Palmer Smith.
How Sweet it is!
Star Reach studying acids and bases
The 4th grade Star Reach students at Glade Elementary celebrated Halloween by conducting experiments on candy to determine which type of candy was the most acidic. They learned about pH balance and created chemical reactions with sour candies and baking soda.


Red Ribbon Pep Rally
Red Ribbon Pep RallyRed Ribbon Pep RallyRed Ribbon Pep Rally
Northeast Jones High School cheerleaders and band conducted a pep rally emphasizing the importance of students saying "No to Drugs."


Glade 5th Graders Visit State Capital
Glade students visit JacksonGlade students visit Jackson

The 5th graders were thrilled to visit our beautiful capitol building to see the unique architecture and learn about its valuable history. Next we were able to go to the science museum where these students felt the "weight of the world" in their hands.


Fire Prevention Program
firefighter at GladeFire Truck at Glade
The Glade Volunteer Fire Department discussed fire prevention and safety procedures with students.


IPad Raffle
ipad winner

Glade Elementary Beta Club and Student Council want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our IPad Raffle and helped make it a success!
Special congratulations go to Judy Smith, the winner of the 6th Generation Apple IPad! This IPad was generously donated by Howard Industries.


1st Nine Weeks Principal's List

First Grade:  Caroline Brown, Kelton Donald, Cagen Hankins, Bentley Ishee, Jenna Claire Johnson, Chesleigh Jones, Brody Keen, Carsyn Landrum, Kimber Lindsey, Miracle Mozingo, Logan Nelson, Gabriel Nicholson, Gunner Reeves, Zeriah Rodriguez, Bryley Rogers, Sofie Scarbrough, Luke Smith, Brantlee Thornton, Carlo Tucker, Ellis Wall, Kanaan Williams, and Zoey Wohlscheid
Second Grade: Landon Brewer, Jackson Cooley, Lena Kate Fitzgerald, Madden Heathcock, Peyton Loper, Brynleigh Norwood, Samantha Smith, Alivia Upton, Jackson Walters, Lana Walters, Kason Williams, and James Windham
Third Grade: Allen DeLeo, Aubrey Denman, Logan Evans, Emma Kate McKenzie, Dennon Pitts, and Kobe Stewart
Fourth Grade: Laylah Burge, Brady Cochran, Scarlette Decker, Kaylen Harrison, Layne Jackson, and Mark Purvis
Fifth Grade:  Brenna Conn, Kole Fountain, and Emilee Neal
Sixth Grade: Carter Bourg, Dawson Brewer, Max Walley, and Myles Warren


1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll

First Grade:  Cayson Allen, Ryder Ankrom, Madeline Ball, Serenity Beal, Rayne Boutwell, Stormie Burke, Peighton Carter, Gauge Chancellor, Malcolm Collins, Joshua Crawford, Abbigail Donald, Colin Dykes, Griffin Espinosa, Casssidy Evans, Kayleigh Everett, Aubrey Gwin, Colton Hall, Taliyah Harper, Ana Hernandez, Bentley Hinton, Ethan Hogg, Jackson Hutto, Caleigh Jones, Kassadee Kelley, Kuper King, Ashtyn Knight, Abigail Langley, Mya McDonald, Bjaya Milsap, Nataleigh Sanford, Noah Sanford, Cambree Scruggs, Zayden Simmons, Kayden Stevens, James Thornhill, and Tyler Wall
Second Grade: Zachary Beech, Christian Bolton, Benson Clark, Mollie Coats, Aleia Cortez, Breanna Duong, Cameron Everett, Kamryn Hall, Reese Jackson, Jaleah Marsh-Heidelberg, Brookae McDonald, Adaleigh Purvis, Natalie Touchstone, Lydia Walley, and Cadie Wilkerson
Third Grade:  Jewelee Braddock, Karma Ducksworth, Jacelyn Edwards, Parker Ellzey,  Alissandra Hanington, Rylan Henderson, Carter Landrum, Skylar Lightsey, Jennifer Morales, Cody Nichols, Aiden Phillips, Griffen Price, Brenton Russell, Makinley Warren, and Britney Yarbrough
Fourth Grade: Nicholas Brabham, Brayden Byrd, Neshoba Clifton, Logan Doggett, Drake Fenton, Violet Hinton, Jack Johnson, Eli Maxey, Jaxon McAndrew, Brianna Moody, Kamryn Parker, Colt Phiilips, Peyton Pickering, Emily Russell, Za’nyia Sartin, Caroline Smith, Brayden Taylor, Ma’Kyla Thigpen, Brooklyn Toombs, Logan Tuttle, Braelyn Walters, Gabriel Wix, Tristan Wix, and Grayson Womack
Fifth Grade: Adalyn Beech, Emilea Dearman, Bryson Dungan, Mason Fitzgerald, Landon Golobay, Garret Hodges, Lexie Holifield, Anquan Jackson, Kaleigh Jones, Zoey McRee, Jase Pitts, Abagale Rayner, Benjamin Staples, Raylee Kate Walley, Noah Walters, Catherine Weaver, and Skylar Weaver
Sixth Grade: Kilah Bustin, Maylie Carroll, Noah Cochran, Ilene Cruz-Rodriguez, Wyatt Ellzey, Atley Hughes, Haylee Ladner, Kade Long, Kiana McCree, Zoie Metz, Darwin Moody, Hayden Pool, Michael Ratcliff, Aryanna Vasquez, Makayla Walley, Serena Waters, and Aryonna West


Band-Aids for Batson
student council and beta club membersbeta club donates band-aidsbeta club donates band-aids
The Glade Junior Beta Club and Student Council recently collected Bandaids for the Blair Batson’s Children’s hospital.  The members mailed over 70 boxes of cheerful character bandaids to the hospital in hopes of brightening the days of the children in the hospital there. The Glade Junior Beta Club and Student Council are made up of 40 members from the 5th and 6th grade.  The Beta sponsors are Angela Golobay, Ashley Smith, and Amy Walters.  Student Council sponsors are Michelle Landrum, Patricia Pope, and Brandi Sullivan.


Jr. Beta Club Induction
beta club inducteesbeta club officers
The Glade Junior Beta Club recently had their Beta induction, inviting all new beta members and officers. The new fifth grade inductees include: Ady Beech, Noah Carter, Brenna Conn, Emilea Dearman, Isaiah Everett, Mason Fitzgerald, Kole Fountan, Landon Golobay, Garret Hodges, Kaleigh Jones, Brennon Long, Zoey McRee, Emilee Neal, Jase Pitts, Abagale Rayner, Coltin Rowell, Kenzie Trevino, Noah Walters, Kat Weaver, and Skylar Weaver. The sixth grade inductees include: Atley Hughs, Darwin Moody, Dylan Ratcliff, Myles Warren, and Aryonna West. This year’s officers are President-Haylee Ladner, Vice President-Mason Fitzgerald, Secretary-Kilah Bustin, Reporter-Zoie Metz, Treasurer-Hayden Pool, and Chaplain-Atley Hughes. Beta Club Sponsors are Angela Golobay, Ashley Smith, and Amy Walters.


Western Day
Western DayWestern Day
Students dressed up as cowboys during "Western Day" at Glade Elementary.


Super Hero Day
Super hero daySuper hero daySuper hero day
Super hero daySuper hero day
Students dressed up as their favorite super hero.


September Students of the Month
September Students of the Month
Tessa Phillips, Madden Heathcock, Joshua Walters, Kylan Castoe, Tripp Fenton, Sophie Boomer, Kayden Stevens, Caroline Brown, Ben Ishee, Kuper King, Israel WTindham, Lena Kate Fitzgerald, Lydia Walley, Griffen Price,McKinley Edrds, Scarlette Decker, Brianna Moody, Brayden VanOrden, Camryn Thomas, Kaylee Spencer, Bud Walley, Wyatt Ellzey, Darwin Moody, and Aryonna West


August Students of the Month
August Students of the Month
Sarah Smith, Gauge Chancellor, Denym Toombs, Wes Conn, Alina Lawrence, Archer Harris, Chesleigh Jones, Brantley Crawford. Luke Smith, Mya McDonald, Landon Brewer, Benson Clark, Brynleigh Norwood, Sarah Gant, Skylar Lightsey, Alissandra Hanington, Brady Cochran, Michael Herrington, Neshoba Clifton, Anquan Jackson, Cruz Parker, Skylar Weaver, Lexie Holland, Kilah Bustin, and Atley Hughes


appleOctober Teacher of the Month
October Teacher of the Month
Mrs. Michele Landrum is the inclusion teacher for 5th and 6th grade at Glade Elementary School. She is also a Student Council sponsor and the Ellisville Boy Scout Troop 10 Committee Chairman. She attends Journey Church.


Magnifying Learning
Star Reach learning about microscopes
Mrs. Williams' Star Reach class learned how to use a microscope as part of the science and engineering curriculum.


College Game Day
college game dayCollege  game dayCollege  game day
College game dayCollege game dayCollege game day
Students dressed up to support their favorite college or university.


appleSeptember Teacher of the Month
September teacher of the Month

Mrs. Christl Touchstone is the k-4 Preschool teacher at Glade Elementary.  She has been a teacher at Glade Elementary for six years.  She attended Jones County Junior College and Mississippi State University where she graduated with both Bachelor and Master degrees in Education.  She is married to Joel Touchstone, owner and operator of Grow in Grace Farms, and they have four children.  They attend Journey Church in Laurel, MS, where Christl is the K3-5 Sunday School teacher on Wednesday nights. 


Recipe for Success
Mrs. Harless students baking bread
The students in Mrs. Harless' and Ms. Carrie's class read and discussed "The Little Red Hen".  The students all worked together to add ingredients and mix the ingredients to make bread.  The students also made butter to eat with their bread.


2019-2020 Glade Elementary School Supply List

1 writing tablet
3 plastic 3 prong folders
1” binder
3 ring pencil pouch (clear front)
Boys- quart ziplock bags
Girls- gallon ziplock bags
Boys- paper plates
Girls- paper bags
2 (12) pack Ticonderoga pencils
2 bottles of glue
20 glue sticks
2 packs of washable Crayola Markers
6 packs of Crayola Crayons
1 pack of Play-do assorted colors
Nap mat and small blanket (needs to fit in cubby)
Extra Clothes (seasonal) in ziplock with name on outside of bag.
Regular size backpack (folders need to fit) with lunchbox (for snack)

3 plastic folders w/ pockets on bottom
1 regular size backpack (without wheels)
1 coloring book
1 THIN, PLASTIC rest mat (thick mats are difficult to store)
  -no blankets, pillows, or cloth mats
8 boxes of 24 ct. Crayola crayons (true colors – not off brand)
1 box of colored pencils
1 pack of construction paper
20 Elmer’s washable school glue sticks
1 pair of scissors – Fiskars (rounded tip metal blade)
24 - #2 pencils (Ticonderoga)
1 box of washable markers (primary colors)
2  lined primary writing tablets (5/8 “ ruling – Pacon or Mead)
2 canvas pouches with zippers (no plastic)
1 pack cap erasers
Extra set of seasonal clothes for emergencies (put in Ziploc bag with child’s name on bag)
2 packs of thin dry erase markers – for student use
2 boxes of Ziploc bags (quart or gallon)
1 pack of 9 inch paper plates

First Grade
1 heavy duty pencil bag (not a box)
3 packs of #2 wooden pencils (24 ct.)
3 packs of Crayola crayons (24 ct.)
5 packs of Elmer’s glue sticks
1 pack of Crayola markers
1 pair of Fiskar scissors
1 packs of pencil top erasers & 3 big flat erasers
2 composition notebooks/K-2 primary journals (not spiral)
2 primary tablets
2 packs of wide-rule notebook paper
3 pocket folders with brads
1 pack of construction paper
1 pack of index cards
1 box of Ziploc bags (quart or gallon)

Second Grade
1 large heavy duty bag
2 packs of Crayola markers
4 packs of Crayola crayons
1 packs of 3x5 index cards
1 bottle of liquid glue
4 packs of Elmer’s glue sticks
2 pair of Fiskar’s scissors (blunt 5”)
5 packs of #2 Ticonderoga pencils (24 ct.)
3 packs of pencil top erasers
4 packs of wide rule notebook paper
6 pocket folders with brads (red, blue, green, 2 yellow, 1 any color)
1 pack of construction paper
1 box of Ziploc bags (boys – gallon, girls- quart)
I pack of highlighters
1 spiral notebook
1 composition notebook

Third Grade
4 large pks. wooden #2 pencils (NO mechanical pencils)
1 large pencil bag/pouch
4 pks. pencil top erasers
4 pks. notebook paper
2 pks. crayons (24 ct.)
1 pk. markers
2 pair student scissors
4 plastic pocket folders w/3 prongs (for notebook paper)
10 glue sticks
4 hi-lighters (yellow)

Fourth Grade
1 pack of pencil top erasers
scissors (Fiskar blunt tip)
6 packs of wide ruled notebook paper
4 (24 pk.) No. 2 pencils
Crayola crayons (24 pk.)
1 pack of colored pencils
heavy duty pencil bag
2 pocket folder with brads
4 glue sticks
2 inch binder (not necessarily zip)
1 pack of dividers (5)
3 composition books
ruled index cards
1 pack of Ziploc bags (qt. or gal.)

Fifth Grade
2- 3 subject notebooks w/dividers between
1 pack of college ruled notebook paper
2 packs of graph paper
1 folder w/ prongs
1- 2” binder – prefer D ring binders (no zip)
1 pk. of dividers w/tabs
6 pks. of wide-ruled loose leaf notebook
1 large pack of colored sticky tabs
(not post-it notes)
1 pk. of jumbo erasers
1 box of Ziploc bags (gallon)
1 pk. of Crayola markers
6 glue sticks
4 pks. of mechanical pencils
2 pks. of colored pencils
Scissors (Fiskars – 5” blunt tip)
6 highlighters

Sixth Grade
flash drive                                                            
(8) 1 subject notebooks                                        
(6) vinyl folders with prongs and pockets         
(pack of 25) sheet protectors
glue sticks
color pencils
Crayola markers
index cards
hand held basic calculator
pencil pouch
handheld pencil sharpener w/ case
pencils (not Dixon-brand) Mechanical pencils are acceptable.
cap erasers and block eraser
dividers w/ pockets
2” binder  
red pens




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