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Students can not be dropped
off before 7:20 AM.
Tardy bell rings at 7:45 AM.

Must have photo ID
to check out a student.



ALL visitors are required to sign in at the office to obtain a visitor's pass. This is for the safety of our children.

Teacher Portal

Compass Odyssey is our District's newest computer program. Your student may log into this site and work on it at home!


Login information: Username= student's lunch number and Password= jcs


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Getting the Message out!

Family Focus

Backpack  Basics

...parents and students working together

EJE Student ART Work
K-6th Grades


Parental Involvement

At East Jones Elementary School, we believe parental involvement is vital for a positive educational experience for our students. We believe when parents and families are  involved in their child's education, everyone benefits. Research has conclusively shown that parent involvement in education benefits students, parents, teachers and schools, whether the program is at the preschool, elementary or high school level.

Benefits of Parent Involvement for Students

The benefits of parent involvement for students are:

  • More positive attitudes toward school

  • Higher achievement in reading

  • Higher quality and more grade appropriate homework

  • Completion of more homework on weekends

  • Observing more similarities between family and school

Involvement for Parents and Community

The benefits of parent involvement for parents and community are:

  • Receive ideas from school on how to help children

  • Learn more about educational programs and how the school works

  • Become more supportive of children

  • Become more confident about ways to help children learn

  • More positive views of teachers 

Benefits of Parent Involvement for Teachers and Schools

The benefits of parent involvement for teachers and schools are:

  • Teacher morale improves

  • Parents rate teachers higher

  • Teachers rate parents as more helpful

  • Student achievement improves ents support schools and bond issues