EJE Faculty


Pre- K

Teachers: Alethea Byrd and Karen Ishee
Assistants: Angela Kelley & Patty Foremane


Teachers: Amanda Ingram, Mandy Sullivan, Bethany Simmons, Jessica Wells, Montanna Orr and Suzanne Watts
Assistants: Jammie Manning, Kaily Watts, Cindy Cooley, Nikky Doggett,

1st Grade

Teachers: Destiny Parker, Hailey Eddy, Jessica Smith, Tammy Windham, Lindsey Cochran and Heather Pippin
Assistants: Lisa Slover, Holly Windham, Brittany Buckley, Mary Shoemake, Tara Nichols and Amy Blue

2nd Grade

Julie Guthrie, Sharon Doggett, Marley Magee, Greta Blackwell, Kimber Windham and Donna Smith

3rd Grade

Morgan Anderson, Pheobie Trisler, Megan Pitts, Emily Buchanan and Stephanie McMullan

4th Grade

Paula Reid, Tiffani Lyons, Lori Oas, Jennifer Moziong and Jennifer Holifield

5th Grade

DeeLayne Holder, Brett Stewart, Julie Walley, Sara Anderson, Paul Anderson and Ashley Fox

6th Grade

Ryan Padgett, Kristi Allred, Stacey Loper, Shai Holder, Brandi Brooks and Susie Rustin

Auxiliary Teachers

Leighan Griffin, Libray Media Specialist; Tiffany Sanford, Art Teacher; Lauri Stewart, Music Teacher and Debbie Mansell, PE Teacher

Gifted Education Teachers

Genny Walley and Jada Doherty

Special Education

Teachers: Evelyn Adams, Cassidy Hankins, Dina Martin, Terra Moore, April Davis, Jennifer Caraway, Jana Cooley, Tracey Hill, Stacey Holifield, Holly Beech, and Becky Waldrop
Assistants: Brittany Moss, Dallas Aultman, Deadra Smith, Charles Dace, Omerica Jackson and Traci Walters

Title I Staff

Lisa Hunter, Tutor; Lisa Nix, Upper Computer Lab and Sheryl Bryant, Lower Computer Lab

Speech Pathologist

Heather Milner and Lauren Clark


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