Lynn Lyon Supervising Principal
David Valentine 11th-12th Grade Principal
Denise Hopkins 9th-10th Grade Principal
Larry Johnson 7th-8th Grade Principal
Sabrina Mauldin 11th-12th Grade Councelor
Felicia James 9th-10th Grade Councelor
Suzi Broom 7th-8th Grade Councelor
Brandon Adcock Social Studies
Donna Adkins English
Malori Al-Suwaidi English
Debbie Bender Science/Cheerleading Coach
Mark Brown Science
Sharon Brown Special Education
Anna Bryant English/Coach
Lacy Buckhaults Foreign Language
Jonathan Clark Agriculture
Lacy Cockrell Fine Arts
Shane Cockrell Fine Arts
Randy Cooley Social Studies
Karen Deniakos Science
Karla Dixon English
Sharla Draughn Math
Linda Drennan CPE Coordinator
Megan Evans Math
Michele Flynt Special Education
Brent Freeman Social Studies/Coach
Rebecca Garick Special Education
Michael Gavin Health/Driver's Education/Coach
Alicia Genna English
Chip Gieger Agriculture
Wendy Grafton Math
Denise Graves Technology Foundations/Peer Council
Mary Margaret Graves Special Education
Courtney Hagan Math
Leslie Hand Special Education
Natasha Hayes Science/Athletic Trainer
Cindy Hill Special Education
Deana Holifield English
Mallory Hopkins Social Studies
Amanda Howe Math
Jennifer Ishee English
Kayla Johnson Math
Billy Jones Special Education
Jeremiah Keyes PE/Basketball Coach
Kody Killens Fine Arts
Melissa Kinsey Fine Arts
Brenda Kirby Social Studies
Polly Klutts Foreign Language
Mark Laird Fine Arts/Band Director
Teresa Ledlow  CPE Coordinator
Mary Loper Family and Consumer Science
Kathi Lott S.T.E.M./Technology Foundations
Connie Lowe Science/Physics
Lyndie Lyon Business Education/Coach
Shanna Matthews Social Studies
Janice McCullum Math
Sam McDonald Science/Coach
Deann McLaurin English/Flag Corps
Benji Merchant Special Education/Coach
Gwen Milsap English
Rebecca Moss English
Sharon Murray PE/Girls Basketball Coach
Rhonda Perkins Media Center
Dana Pierce English
Scott Pierson Football Coach/Athletic Director
Regina Reddoch English
Kathy Robinson Speech/Yearbook
Kelly Rounsaville English
Jessica Shoemake English
Sherry Sims Science
Erin Smith Fine Arts
Amy Spradley Special Education
Justin Stringer Science
Tripp Sumrall Social Studies/Coach
Catrina Taylor Social Studies
Denise Taylor Science
Michelle Thomas Math
Tonya Thornton Math
Melissa Thrash Social Studies
Danielle Todd Social Studies
Corey Tolbert Social Studies/Coach
Megan Tolbert Science
Kelsey Upton Math
Joey Ward Driver's Education/Baseball Coach
Natalie Wedgeworth Math
Rose West Technology Foundations
Amanda White Math
Chris White Driver's Education/Social Studies/Coach
Rita Wilson Health
Cody Windham Special Education/Coach
Craig Winship Math/Soccer Coach
Cinda Woodyard  Special Education
Chanse Yelverton  Social Studies/Coach
Jenna Yelverton English
Angela Barlow   Custodian
Lynsie Brown Career Center
Angela Bynum School Nurse
Kellie Chandler MSIS Clerk
Mallory Giovingo  Fine Arts Assistant
Karen Goodwin Attendance Clerk
Bonnie Holden Cafeteria Manager
Phil Maskew School Resource Officer
Andy McDade Custodian
Pam McDonnieal Secretary-High School
Udith Pippen Bookkeeper/Office Manager
Amanda Robinson Assistant
Darlene Shows Assistant
Linda Stringer Administrative Assistant
Melissa Tolbert Secretary-Middle School
Jan Thornton    Assistant

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