West Jones Elementary

Title 1 School



West Jones Elementary is classified as a Title 1 School. This means the following:

  1. All students Kindergarten through sixth grade benefit from the federal money received by our school.
  2. Our test scores are analyzed and goals are set according to area of need.
  3. We also set goals in technology and parental involvement, with expenditures and goals coinciding. Our goals are as follows: · 

    • All students will reach high standards by attaining a minimum of proficiency or better in reading /language arts and mathematics. · 
    • All limited English proficient students will become proficient in English and reach high academic standards, at a minimum attaining proficiency or better in reading/language arts, and mathematics. · 
    • All students will be taught by highly qualified teachers. · 
    • All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug free, and conducive to learning.
    • Counseling services will be provided/ · 
    • New and updated equipment will be available as needed. · 
    • Community and parental involvement will be increased.


  4. We include parents, members of the business community, a teacher, and administrator, and district personnel in the planning. These people make up the School wide Committee and meet four times a year. This committee has input on parental involvement, educational programs, and other projects that involve our school. This committee also helps to develop our School Parental Involvement Plan.

Members of the School-Wide Committee for the 2016-2017 school year are: Steve Gieger , Shandra Benson, Amanda Pierce, Alnita McDonald, Heather Wade, Ignacio Figueroa, Erin Phipps, Victoria Bender, Stephanie Smith, Sabrina Harris, Leah Gray, Kerrie Sherrell, Connie Wheat, Marvin Evans, Charlotte Welch, Gepsy Garcia.

  West Jones Elementary Programs that are supported by Title 1 School Wide Plan · Arbor Day Foundation/plant a tree · Body Walk· Sullying Program · Bus Safety Program · Career Education/guest speaker · Character first · Dental plan · Fire safety program · Heart association · Health Council · Kindergarten pre-registration · Laurel jr. Auxiliary-Child Abuse Awareness · Message in a Bottle/Keep MS Beautiful · On the Bus/ Drop Out Prevention - Be Your Best Self


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