NEJ Administration

Dr. Jennifer Lowery
Supervising Principal



P. T. Jones
11th and 12th Grade Principal
Allison Cooley
11th and 12th Grade Counselor
Dr. Will Parker
9th and 10th Grade Principal
Lea Lightsey
9th and 10th Grade Counselor

Cody Brooks
Middle School Principal
Vicki Johnson
Middle School Counselor

Keith Braddock
Athletic Administrator
Barbara Odom
County Scholarship Counselor

NEJ's principals are dedicated to providing outstanding leadership for the youth of the Northeast Jones Community. Their goal is to provide the best learning environment possible and to support NEJ faculty. Our counselors do a great job working with the student body providing support throughout the school.

Northeast Jones: In a Tiger State of Mind

Northeast Jones 2017 Administration, more information to follow

Northeast Jones Middle/High School begins the 2017-2018 school year under the leadership of a Tiger administration!! For the first time in the school's history, all Northeast Jones administrators are Northeast Jones graduates --- Northeast Jones Supervising Principal Dr. Jennifer H. Lowery (2nd from left) graduated from NEJ in 1991; Mr. Petara (P.T.) Jones (far left), 11th & 12 Grade Principal, is a 1995 NEJ graduate; Dr. William R. Parker (2nd from right), 9th & 10 Grade Principal, graduated from NEJ in 2000; Mr. Cody Brooks, 7th & 8th Grade Principal, is a 1997 graduate of NEJ!

All three Northeast Jones counselors - Allison Merritt-11th & 12th, Lea Lightsey-9th & 10th, and Vicki Johnson-7th & 8th - are NEJ graduates. NEJ Athletic Director Keith Braddock, NEJ Office Manager Christa Butler, NEJ Attendance Clerk Felecia Smith, NEJ High School Secretary Krysti Thornton, Jones County School District Scholarship Counselor Barbara Odom, and 33 of the NEJ faculty (Lisa Bolivar, Deidra Bourg, Lacy Buckhaults, Courtney Crager, Angela Culpepper, Karen Fitzgerald, Jeremy Gentry, Rebecca Green, Davey Hales, Frances Hill, Angie Hodge, Kim Hudson, Ebonie Jefferson, Rachel T. Jordan, Brandy Lightsey, Thomas Knight, Lisa Mauldin, Doug McBride, Micah Mills, Regina Milner, Keri Padgett, Jeremy Parker, Michele Pryor, Wendy Purvis, Matt Reid, Cindy O. Rice, Michelle Robinson, Carmel Savell, Clint Smith, Casey Stroo, Jessica Stroo, Amy Tisdale, Brooke Zugg) are graduates of Northeast Jones. Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger! Our hearts are in the Jungle!!



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