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Moselle Elementary Parental Policy and Title I Status

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Moselle Elementary School

Parent Engagement Policy


          Parent Involvement Policy is jointly developed with, agreed upon with, and distributed to, all of the parents of participating children.  We will, to the extent possible, provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities and parents of migratory children, including providing information and school reports in a language that the parent can understand.  Furthermore, we will coordinate and integrate parental involvement programs and activities at the school level with other federal, state, and district programs.  The Parent Policy is presented for discussion and approval with parents and the community during the initial annual Title I meeting.  The policy is updated as needed and reviewed annually by a team of people – including parents, community members, school and district administrators, and school faculty and staff members – in order to continuously meet the changing needs of our parents, students, and the school.


School-Parent Compact, jointly developed with, agreed upon with and distributed to all parents, describes how parents, students, and the entire school staff, share in the responsibility for high student achievement.  A team of people-including parents, community members, school and district administrators and school faculty and staff – annually review the School Compact. 


           To ensure effective involvement of parents, and to support a partnership among the parents, community and school to improve student achievement, we will: 

1.        Assist parents in understanding Mississippi’s academic and achievement standards by disseminating information which includes and is not limited to pamphlets, hand-outs, parent-teacher conferences, parent workshops, Report Cards, Progress Reports, MCT 2 Test results, and Red Folders.

2.       Communicate and monitor a child’s progress by Weekly Red Folders, Progress Reports, Report Cards every nine weeks, IEP meetings, weekly/monthly telephone calls, parent-teacher conferences, TST meetings, Semester Test, and Checkpoint Test.

3.       Assist parents in helping them to improve achievement of their children through parenting workshops, ESL classes for parents, calendars, Red Folder newsletters that provide activities and suggestions to help their child, and Parent Teacher Conferences.

4.       Educate teachers and other staff members, with the assistance of parents, in reaching out to, communicate with, and working with parents through PTO meetings, conferences, workshops, and monthly staff development.

5.       Send information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities to the parents in a format and language they can understand through teacher generated newsletters, PTO meetings,  school calendar, parent/student handbook,  Red Folders, and the web site.

6.       Provide opportunities for parents to communicate with the school through open door policy which includes Parent Teacher Conferences, Yearly Parent Surveys, Parent workshops, Student of the Month Programs, Grandparents Day, and other activities throughout the school year.

7.       Provide other activities to promote parental involvement such as, Fall Festival,  Field Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, field trips, after school clubs, reward trips for accomplishments, Red Ribbon Week,  Book Fair,  Talent Show, parenting workshops, Volunteer and Mentoring Program, Accelerated Reader Program, Reading Fair, Spelling Bee, Thanksgiving Lunch, Student of the Month Programs, Drug Education Program, Character First Program, Junior Auxiliary Child Abuse Program,  Sammy Soil, Nutrition Education Program, and other activities offered throughout the year. 

The Parent Involvement Policy has been developed jointly with parents.  Additional activities are needed to ensure parents’ full participation in the Title I programs of each school.  These activities include: 

 Convening an annual meeting at a convenient time to inform parents of the school’s participation in the Title I program, the requirements of Title I law, and their right to be involved.

Moselle Elementary School provides information concerning Title I programs and its requirements at a Title I meeting in August/September.  This meeting outlines the supplemental academic services provided to students, additional staff, continuous staff development and other ways the funds are utilized.

 Offering a flexible number of meetings and parent trainings at convenient times for parents to participate, give suggestions, and take part in decisions regarding the instructional program of the school.

This is ongoing.  PTO, Parent Workshops, etc. give Moselle Elementary the flexibility needed to offer meetings at convenient times for parents to give their input on Title I programs. Opportunities are offered during the day and in the evening. 

 Parents are involved in an “organized, ongoing, and timely way,” in the planning, review and improvement of the Parent Involvement Policy and Title I Programs.  Parents will receive timely information about Title I programs.

The Parent Involvement Policy is reviewed throughout the year at PTO Meetings, School wide Committee Meetings, and Title I meetings.  Changes to the program, new information, as well as a review and evaluation of the policy and programs are included as an agenda item for these meetings.   

 We give opportunities for parents to submit comments on the plan and the school-wide programs to change if necessary.

Surveys and meeting evaluations are used to provide opportunities for parents to offer comments and make suggestions.




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