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Important Dates:

Yearbooks can still be purchased... send $40.00! Supplies are limited!

State Testing continues through May 11th
Teacher Appreciation Week- May 7th- 11th
Field Day - 4th-6th grade: May 15th
Field Day- 1st-3rd: May 16th
* T-shirts on sale soon
Teacher Lip Sync Battle- May 17th- $5.00 12:45 PM
May 21st- 6th grade Promotion Ceremony- 9:00 AM
May 22nd- Awards Day K-5th grades
May 24th- 60% Day- Last Day of School!


New Stage Theater visited Moselle and performed: The Jumiping Frog of Calavares County. The productio was sponsored by the Chisolm Foundation and they performed for all the 1st and 2nd graders. Principal, several students, and new stage theater members
new stage theater members and students helping to perform

NEw stage theater members and 3 girls from audience helping performance

Thanks to Trek Bicycle Corporation based in Wisconsin for the donation of 6 Kickster balance bikes and helmets equaling over $1,100.00.  We also thank Infinity Bicycles for delivering the bikes and helmets. Items were donated to our Pre-K program. Students were taught the importance of bicycle safety and how to begin riding their new bikes. Pre K student on a donated bike
PreK class on donated bikes PreK girl on bike

Jones County School District Launches Needs Assessment Survey
Ellisville – March 26, 2018
Jones County School District will launch its 2018 Comprehensive Needs Assessment survey on March 5, 2018. This survey is designed to seek opinions and ideas from parents and community members, as well as from faculty, staff, and students. The questions assess the status of the district in areas like family and community outreach, curriculum and instruction, and school facilities and organization. The survey is brief and will only take a few minutes to complete. It will be available until April 2, 2018.
The results of the survey will be compiled into a report that also analyzes test score trends and other school success measures. The district will then use this report for strategic planning, for administering federal programs that require an annual comprehensive needs assessment, and for examining current school and district practices.
Jones County Survey Press Release
Jones County School District would appreciate your help on this important assessment of the district. The survey is available online on the district website at, in paper format at the district central office, or by scanning this QR code.

For further information, please contact Missy Bufkin at or 601.649.5201.

Get Ready To RUN!
April 28th at 9:00 AM at USM
Running Shoe clipart
More info will be sent home at a later date!

A running program sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield that allows all students K-5th grade FREE admission to a One Mile Fun Run! All participants will also receive a FREE t-shirt, race packet, and medal!!

Students in 6th grade Star Reach have taken on the roll of Crime Scene Investigators! They have drawn a crime scene, noted evidence, and made observations on the evidence collected from the crime scene. Soon, they will learn the suspects and determine what evidence points to which suspect and will complete science stations that will test the evidence found.  

Students in Mrs. Ledlow's fifth grade class are explosive! Students read two informational texts from Scholastic on volcanoes. They had to identify cause-and-effect relationships and integrate information from both texts on the same topic in order to write about the subject knowledgeably. Students integrated information from two informational texts on Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Tambora. Content-area connections made from language arts study included science: natural disasters, climate; social studies: western migration, geography. Students focused on domain-specific vocabulary such as climate, dissipate, dormant, drought, migration, plumes, pyroclastic surge, and stratosphere. Students completed close-reading questions explaining what the families faced, what the author meant when she says “Tambora woke up”, and what happened to the island of Sumbawa and Washington State after the eruption? Students made inferences based on the text focusing on the skill and finding clues in the story even though it doesn’t say the answers directly. Students focused on the volcano’s effects using a chart to focus on the cause- Mt. Tambora erupted with tremendous force and listed six effects.  Students throughly enjoyed going outside to create a mini pumpkin volcano after their study. Materials used will in this presentation were a small pumpkin, baking soda, vinegar, dishsoap, and a tray. Students wrote down in chronological order the steps to the investigation to keep inside their writing journal before beginning the experiment. Way to go fifth graders!


Pumpkins and explosive sign Hallowed pumpkin with volcano eruption made with vinegar and baking soda Students carving out inside of pumpkins
Students line up ready to "erupt" their pumpkins Various pictures of the students completing their activities with their pumpkins! One student with a large eruption coming out of his pumpkin

Fourth grade students at Moselle Elementary were treated to a visit from Mississippi Power Company as part of their energy efficiency education program.  Students listened to a presentation on how to reduce consumption by preventing unnecessary waste, and they were given a "toolkit" to take home to share with their families.  As part of this outreach, fourth grade teachers were also given a $250.00 educational grant to share for educational supplies.

MS Power visitor talking in front of classroom MS power associate talking in front of classroom
Student pouring in vinegar to a volcano Girl pouring in vinegar into a volcano she made Students in Mrs. Odom's 5th grade class completed a study on Volcanoes. They presented information learned to the class and as a culminating activity they made "erupting" volcanoes.
Student with finished volcano Student errupting his volcano Hands-on science in the classroom makes for smiles all around!
Student Council members attended the annual Student Council Conference at JCJC where they learned what it takes to become great leaders. They also participated in many different activities on leadership and group work.

Group of student council members
Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Ledlow teacher picture Mrs. Ledlow and Mrs. Jenkins were named recipients of clasroom grants provided by MPE-Mississippi Professional Educators for 2017. Way to go teachers!!!
kindergarteners at table eating apples kindergartner girl eating apple

Mrs. Webb's Kindergarten class is studying a unit on apples/Johnny Appleseed for the next several weeks. They kicked off their unit with an apple tasting. Students tasted Red Delicious apples, Granny Smith apples, and Golden Delicious apples. After everyone had sampled the apples, the students chose which apple was their favorite. The students then graphed their results. Through the apple tasting, students were also learning about the parts of the apple.

May the FORCE be with you... or atleast the Moselle PTO! Mr. Brown promised to dress like a Jedi if there were more than 100 adults at our first PTO meeting that was held last month. Well... way to go Moselle students and parents!

Asst. principal Mark Brown in Jedi costume





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