Michelle Buckley

Michelle Buckley

District Mathematics Coordinator K-12 / Accountability
M. Ed. – William Carey University
AA – Mathmatics
(601) 649-5201

Math Pacing Guides

The following pacing guides were generated using the 2016 MS-CCR Standards for Mathematics. The standards are listed in numerical order by domain and are not intended to represent the order in which standards are taught during any nine weeks. These standards represent a blueprint of end-of-term standards representing what a student should be able to do by the end of each term listed.
2019-20 1st Grade Math Pacing Guide
2019-20 2nd Grade Math Pacing Guide
2019-20 3rd Grade Math Pacing Guide
2019-20 4th Grade Math Pacing Guide
2019-20 5th Grade Math Pacing Guide
2019-20 6th Grade Math Pacing Guide
2019-20 7th Grade Math Pacing Guide
2019-20 8th Grade Math Pacing Guide
2019-20 Algebra 1 Pacing Guide

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Standards & Testing Information:

2016 MS CCRS for Math K-12 Full length
2016 MS CCRS for Math 3-Algebra I Short version
MAAP-Math Blueprints 3-8
MAAP-Math Blueprints - Algebra I
MAAP-Math Reference Sheets
Calculator Use and Ruler/Protractor Policies & Instructions
Scratch Paper & Graph Paper Samples

MAAP Math Practice Tests:

MAAP Math Practice Tests Grades 3-8 and Algebra 1

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Algebra Nation for MS
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ACT.org Preparing for the ACT Test PDF
ACT.org Online Practice Items for Math
ACT.org Prep Additional Resources
Which one doesn't belong?
Open Middle: Challenging Math Problems Worth Solving
Graham Fletcher
Build Math Minds: Christina Tondevold
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MS Public School Accountability Standards, 2019
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